Episode 4 – The Truth

Another recap and a small cutscene, is it all a dream?

The Clinic

Follow Doctor Hartman around. You can check the rooms but won’t find anything useful. Follow Hartman until you see a giant sun dial on a patio. Read the sign under the sun dial. Once you get into the room where Hartman shows you his hunting trophies, go around the fire place to read a sign called The Creator’s Dilemma and get the coffee thermos on the table behind you. Head up stairs for a coffee thermos on the balcony. You can also look at the generator on the other side but it’s nothing special. Head back down and follow Hartman. Once you reach the room with the Anderson brothers turn around and look at another sign entitled Welcome to Cauldron Lake Lodge. A cutscene will play. After the scene you’ll have a new Manuscript Page entitled, “Thomas Zane’s Writing and Assistant.” Leave the room and head back to the living room and up the stairs where you got the coffee thermos on the balcony. Once you head up the stairs a TV will play. Head back to your room and another cutscene will play. Head out of your room and you’ll find a Manuscript Page by the stairs entitled, “Barry in the Lodge.” Head down stairs and take the keys on the floor next to the Anderson brothers. Unlock the door across the room and examine the picture to the right. To the left is a room with an audio tape, listen to it 3 times for an achievement. In the same room is a Manuscript Page entitled, “Mott Fails Hartman.” At the end of the Hall unlock the other door to find Barry. There’s a coffee thermos behind him. Unlock the door next to Barry to get another cutscene.

After the scene you have another Manuscript Page entitled, “Hartman Watches Wake Fall.” Now you must escape the clinic. You have a revolver with 6 rounds in it. If the possessed object touch you they’ll hurt you. Head upstairs and start up the generator. Start it a few times to kill off most of the object, one time is only needed to open the doors. Head through the doors and to the room at the left to get a flare. Head into the next room and use your flare to get through more objects. In the room after that is a TV, use it and you’ll get the achievement “Boob Tube,” and there’s a Manuscript Page on the floor to the right entitled, “Hartman’s Mission.”Head down the hall way and you’ll see you’re trapped. A giant metallic ball rams the door trying to get to you. Head back to the little alcove with a lamp flickering once the door is smashed (should be two hits). Wait till the ball breaks through and rushes past you. Run out and through the door. You’re still trapped! All the doors are locked. You’ll have to become a matador yet again. If it hits you three times you’re dead. Stand in front of the exit and wait for the ball to come at you. Move at the last second and the ball will break open the door for you to escape! If it ever gets stuck then you have to get close to it and bait it. Once outside head around the right side of the stone patio for a coffee thermos. Next go into the parking lot towards the statue in the middle. On the floor attached to the statue is a sign that says suspended. Then head towards Berry. He’ll give you a flashlight with 5 batteries. Turn around and four sections of the house will come flying at you! Destroy them with your flashlight. Now you’ll have to go through the garden maze to get to Barry.

The Garden Maze

Before you can get to the garden the gates will become shadowed. Quickly destroy both of them and head forward under a street light. There will be a two flares and some batteries under a shed. Now into the maze! Go right, take a left, and another left and you’ll find batteries and revolver ammo. Take a right and you’ll find batteries at the end of the path on a bench. Two Taken will come from both sides. Take them out quickly and head right. You can take another right for a dead end to see some text on a rock. It says “Don’t Trust Emil.” Okay? Head back and take the other path and you’ll find a Manuscript Page on a rock next to a tree in the middle of the pathway entitled, “Wake Sees the Old Gods Stage.” In that little square are some batteries and revolver ammo on a bench. Keep moving forward until you come to another fork in the path next to a bench. Take the right path and watch out for the weak Taken. After that take the right path and you’ll come on two weak Taken and a strong one. Don’t forget you still have a flare, if you need to use it. After fighting them take the left path and at the end you’ll find a Manuscript Page entitled, “Hartman and the Power Failure.”Head back and take the other path and you’ll start to hear voices. The last fork is hardly a fork. Take the left path and exit. Head down a few stone stairs and pick up the revolver ammo at the end on the bench. Head to the left around a corner or two. At the end is Dr. Hartman! He’s now a Taken, a strong one, and has birds flying around to help him. Behind him is a coffee thermos, flare gun, and a red emergency box with batteries and revolver ammo. Use the flares to help take out the birds and weaken Hartman and heal yourself if you’re hurt. The Flare gun will help even more take out all the birds and Hartman’s shield entirely. Take a few more shots at him with the revolver and he should be gone!

The Garden

Take the path around the platform that Dr. Hartman stood to continue on through the garden. Two more taken will come after you, a weak and a strong one. So make sure your health is up before facing them just in case. Follow your compass and it’ll lead you to a gate on one side and a small house/shed on the other. Inside the shed is a shotgun, shotgun ammo, and a Manuscript Page entitled, “Mott In Charge.” Head through the gate and move forward to fight three regular Taken. You can make quick work of them with your new shotgun. Head up the stair case and to the right is a flare on the bench. To the left is a possessed wheelbarrow and a gate. Defeat them quickly with light and make your way through. Before you head down the next set of stairs look on the ground to the right side of the stairs for a Manuscript Page entitled, “Barry Attacked by a Taken.” Walk down the stairs and head to the street light to the right. Under it is a red emergency box with some supplies: lithium batteries and two boxes of revolver ammo. Move forward and you may see a yellow arrow on the brick pointing left, three regular Taken will come at you through the pushes. When you defeat them head in the direction they came from. To the right is a hidden chest containing a flare gun and flare gun ammo. Go back where you came from and head up the stone staircase. At the top you’ll find two flares on a table, lithium batteries, revolver ammo, shotgun ammo, and a shotgun at another table. Next to it is a coffee thermos. Head left up a path to a stone area for a Manuscript Page entitled, “Hartman Sedates Wake.” Turn around and go all the way to the other end to find Barry. He’ll try and open the door, meanwhile you have to take on a Taken assault. Tons of strong and weak Taken will come at you. If you get surrounded, like at the start, use a flare to help you out. The revolver can be used for weak taken, if you run out of ammo and can’t reload and you are weak then pop a flare and switch to your shotgun. If you still have a flare gun be sure to use that. Eventually Barry will open the door and you gotta run towards him for a cutscene.

The Forest – To the Farm

You wake up and your objective is to find Barry, unfortunately you have no supplies. Head to the left and follow the path. You’ll be talking with Barry for a bit and your next objective is to find the farm the Andersons were talking about. Continue on the path and you’ll see some objects start flying at you. Without any light you can’t destroy them. Run to the left path and find the search light in front of a mine and turn it on to destroy them instantly if they’re in the light’s beam. Inside the mine is a Manuscript Page entitled, “Walter at the Anderson Farm.” Exit out of the mine and head directly across the wooden structure to find a coffee thermos. More objects will come at you so be quick and get out of there. Head towards the objective on your compass. You’ll reach a shadowy gate. Across from the gate is a street light that you can use to move over the gate, but there’s still no power. Head up the stairs next to the light and across the platform. Next to the generator you’ll find a Manuscript Page entitled, “Nightingale Arrests Wake.” Head through the path way where the gates were destroyed and you’ll see a flashlight to your left without any batteries. It still works, just no extra batteries. Head down the stairs and follow the compass to the farm. About 6 or so Taken will come at you. You’ll find a generator half way through the woods, but they’ll be on you too quick. Just dodge their attacks and run to the street light in the distance. If they get close and you get tired from running, then flash a light on them. Once you get to the street light they’ll disappear and you’ll regain all your health. Head around the mountain path and you’ll find a camp ground with an Heavy-Duty Flashlight, lithium batteries, and a coffee thermos. Continue on your path and you’ll find a shadowed gate. Destroy it and move on. A bright light will appear and speak to you. It’ll drop a Manuscript Page entitled, “The Dark Presence at Large.” Next to it will be three flares on a log. Continue on your path but watch out for bear traps that you see shining in the light. After the traps you’ll reach a house and a generator. Next to the generator is a Manuscript Page entitled, “The Patients Escape the Lodge.” Turn on the generator and a light will turn on; underneath the light is a shotgun. Head in the door for three more boxes of shotgun ammo. Exit and make a right around the house to reach a set of stairs into another area of the house. A Taken will come up from a hole in the ground. Don’t waste your shotgun ammo on him. Take his shield down first then shoot him once. On a window to the right is a coffee thermos. Leave the house and continue on towards the farm, just watch out for bear traps. A few sets of Taken will come for you on your path in sets of three. Remember to use your batteries and aim your shots right. If you get surrounded use your flares. If you run out of ammo then run towards your objective. There will be a street light at the end. Now head inside the Cabin.

The Cabin

Inside the cabin you’ll hear voices. To the right are lithium batteries and a flare. To the left is shotgun ammo and a coffee thermos. Head upstairs and break down the door. Pick up the revolver and two boxes of ammo. Head out the door and the room across the hall will turn on a TV. Head downstairs and a strong Taken will bust through the window. Defeat him with the revolver or shotgun after weakening him. Then head out the window and look on the porch of the back door for a Manuscript Page entitled, “Hartman Considers Mott and Wake.” Head into the basement for a hidden chest with a flare and flashbang inside.

The Forest – To the Farm

Get in the car and drive down the street. You’ll come up on a rusty old tractor with a coffee thermos right in front of it, it shouldn’t be hard to miss. When you come to a fork in the road make a right BEFORE the roads. Ahead of you, maybe 100 feet, in the grass and trees is a coffee thermos. Head back to the fork and go straight. You’ll see a house on your right. Go inside and there will be lithium batteries to your left and a hidden chest to your right with two flashbangs. There will also be revolver ammo on a table next to it. Exit the house and drive up the road to an observation tower. You can trade your shotgun for a hunting rifle. There’s three boxes of hunting rifle ammo next to it and a radio. When you leave you’ll encounter a few Taken. Shouldn’t be too hard to handle. After that drive down the road towards the Farm, don’t get crushed by the falling tower and run over any Taken you may see. Once you reach a truck and fenced off area you have to get out and walk. A tractor type thing will come alive and try and hurt you, don’t get close to it and you’ll be fine but watch your back because two Taken will come. Defeat the Taken first and then keep your light on the tractor to destroy it. Once you come into the break in the fence jump down and head left to a barn past a windmill. Inside you’ll find a hidden chest containing revolver ammo and a flashbang. Once you leave you’ll fight two Taken, a weak and a strong one. Head towards the stage by first get thecoffee thermos on the left set of seats. Get them fast because a cutscene will take place putting you on the stage, but after the stage you could run back if you remember.

The Farm/Stage

Right after the cutscene take the coffee thermos from Barry and there will be some supplies on the stage. At this part you can achieve another achievement, “Child of the Elder God.” To do this defeat all the Taken while on stage without dropping to a low state of health (when the screen turns black and white). There will be a Lantern, Lithium batteries, two flashbangs, six flares, a pump action shotgun, two boxes of shotgun ammo, and two red emergency box full of ammo. Right when Barry turns on the pyro tons of Taken will flood to you. With all the ammo and guns you have it shouldn’t be too hard to take them out. Use flares and flashbangs when surrounded. Once you finished defending the stage go around the back and find another Manuscript Page entitled, “Mulligan Questions Nightingale’s Orders.” Then head to the farm. Head all the way to the right in the corn fields. On a wheelbarrow you’ll find a Manuscript Page entitled, “Nightingale Finds the Manuscript.” Head back to the farm house and climb the ladder on the side. Jump over the small gap and head to the green button around the side. Use it to lift the junk blocking the door. Head inside and you’ll find ammo all over (Lithium batteries, hunting rifle ammo, flares, shotgun ammo, and revolver ammo) and a TV to the right next to some stairs. In the right back corner you’ll find a coffee thermos. Head upstairs and you’ll find a Manuscript Page entitled, “The Anderson Brothers in the 70s.”Around the corner click the green button to crash through the door in the barn. If you keep going past the button you’ll see a sign that says the Old Gods of Asguard tour dates. On the way back down you’ll face about 4 normal taken. It shouldn’t be too tough with all the supplies you have. When you get to the door there will be a fast and strong Taken. He teleports around and has a big shield. He carries around a knife for melee attacks. Still shouldn’t be too hard. Make your way around the power lines, be sure not to touch them. When you make a left around the corner you’ll face 5 Taken, 4 regular and one strong. Use your flares if you get surrounded. Don’t forget about your batteries. If you still care about the can pyramids after your achievement you’ll see another on a wooden wheel. Head all the way around and meet back up with Barry. You’ll see the door is locked and you’ll have to find a way through. Turn around and you’ll find a door inside the room that you can kick down. Through the doorway will be stairs to the second floor. On the second floor there are two boxes of shotgun ammo. Continue up to the third floor a strong Taken will burst through some hay at you. Take him out and take the coffee thermos behind him. Head up to the fourth floor and find a ladder that take you up to the fifth floor where there’s a heavy-duty lantern, lithium batteries, and the final radio. Head up to the last floor for some lithium batteries and a generator. Once you start it get into the elevator that takes you back down. You’ll have to kick the door to exit. In the barn you’ll see a red emergency box with some supplies in it: batteries, 3 flares, revolver ammo, hunting rifle ammo, and shotgun ammo. Exit the barn and the huge tractor you just stepped around will come alive! Use your light and any supplies to take it out quick before the Taken come. About 4 regular Taken will come and later a strong Taken from far off. You could take them out since they’re far off and they walk slow. Head through the shack that the strong Taken came from and climb the ladder to go over the fence. Enter the barn straight ahead and you’ll find the Silo keys. Get Barry and head to Anderson’s house.


Head inside the house and go to the door directly to your right. You’ll find a coffee thermos inside. Head into the kitchen area for another coffee thermos. Next go upstairs and you’ll find a Manuscript Page entitled, “The Mystery of the Missing Week” on the floor in the hall. Go to the room at the end of the hall and you’ll find a fuse box in the closet. Fix the lights and head down stairs to the living room. Play the record and a cutscene will play. Next you have a dream/out of body experience where you just move around and watch what happened. Then you’ll watch another cut scene. Episode 4 Ends.