Episode 1 – Nightmare

A brief cut scene will play setting up the story and your character.

The Dream/Nightmare

You start out with a little tutorial of the buttons. Your objective is to get to the light house. You will come to a small fork in the road. To the left is a collapsed bridge with a coffee thermos. To the right is a continuing path down towards the lighthouse. You will then encounter the hitchhiker and practice dodges. Cross the long wooden bridge for another cut scene. After the short scene you will be in a cabin. Find the exit fast or you will start losing health with each rumble that hits Alan Wake. You then exit the cabin and listen to a light in the sky. He will give you more tutorial things such as a flashlight, revolver and taking down the hitchhiker.

To the right of where the hitchhiker stood, on the fence, is a can pyramid. Continue down the path to the lighthouse and fight the hitchhiker two more times. Reach a street light with a red box attached to it, inside is a flare gun and two flares. To the right of the box is a cement bunker. Head down the stairs into it and you’ll find a coffee thermos.. Keep going down the path and a huge tornado like shadow will be shown down the street. Run from it or it will throw giant objects at you and kill you real fast. Make your way down to the lighthouse and before you turn left to the lighthouse door there will be another coffee thermos. Pick it up and get into the lighthouse for a cutscene and the end of the nightmare.

The Ferry

You wake up next to your Wife and she asks you to pose for a picture. Here you meet Pat Maine, the voice of a local radio station show. Leave the ferry and a small cutscene will take you to the diner.

The Diner

There you meet another fan named Rose. You need to find the landlord Carl Stucky. In the back of the room is another coffee thermos. To the left back area of the room are two old men. One asks you to choose a song for the juke box. It gets stuck so you have to smack it a few times by tapping A over and over to fill up the circle. Do it again later in the game for an achievement. Head to the very back down a dark hall to find Carl Stucky. Knock on the men’s room door and a cutscene will appear. A creepy lady gives you a key and map saying Mr. Stucky is ill and couldn’t meet you. Head out of the diner and another cut scene appears.

The Cabin

You end up at the cabin, but before going in head all the way up the hill to your car and find another coffee thermos. You can also view the cabin and the little island it’s on. Enter the cabin and go into the kitchen to find yet another coffee thermos. There’s also a shoebox you can examine in the living room. Go up stairs to check out the rooms and here more commentary. In one of the rooms you can examine a picture. Exit out the back door to find a Radio to listen to. You can go down to the docks to get more dialogue, but your objective is to power the lights in the house. To do this go to the back of the cabin and find the generator in a small shack. Next to the shack is a tree stump with a carving on it you can examine. Now go inside the shack and turn on the generator. Press B to interact with it and then click A each time the indicator reaches the green zone. You also get an achievement for doing so! A short cut scene takes place; next head into the cabin. Go upstairs for another cut scene which takes you outside. After the scene run back to the cabin for yet another scene!

The Forest and Lumber Yards

You wake up in a crashed car. What happened? Examine the back of the car for a book. Now your objective is to reach the gas station at the other side of the forest. Go through the forest and reach a bright light. There you will find a Manuscript Page entitled, “Wake Attacked by a Shadowy Murderer.” Click BACK to read it. Continue on until you reach a fence. You have to climb a log that broke the fence to get to the other side. You’re now in a logging area where you meet Carl Stucky. He runs off, follow him to the right and forward through a tractor where there’s a pick up truck. Next to it (to the right back of the truck) is another coffee thermos. Turn right again to follow a small area which leads straight and to the left. You’ll find another Manuscript Page entitled, “Wake Fights a Taken With Light.” Run ahead dodging Stucky and his axe until you reach the house with shining light. In there you will find a Flashlight with 6 batteries and a revolver with 24 rounds. Try and use the phone and see what happens. Next move to the area where the fence door opens. Two more taken come at you. There’s 12 more revolver rounds directly to your right after going through the fence. There’s also search light to the right that you can turn on for a short time which exposes an arrow pointing to the left. Follow the arrow to more arrows on the walls and rocks. Once you find the big picture of a torch on a rock, there’s a hidden chest to the left of it with a flare gun with one round. Return to the area where the first arrow was and look for a fuse box. It’ll have a green light on it. Interact with it to kick it and shut off the power lines. Climb over the log that was once the power line that broke the fence to continue into the forest.

Continue forward just a few steps and you’ll see a red box with 12 more rounds of revolver ammo and 2 more batteries for your flashlight. Directly ahead will be another Taken. To the left of the giant tractor/cherry picker thing is a small wooden cover with an old red tractor. Inside the wooden cover area is another Manuscript Page entitled, “Rose Daydreams About Wake.” Make your way down the cliffs and through the forest next to the river. Cross the river using the giant tree trunk that fall from one cliff to another and go directly left. After a few steps you’ll find another coffee thermos. Head back to the tree trunk and go right this time. When you come to another fork in the road, or rocks and tree trunks, then go right. You’ll see a big metal box with a Manuscript Page on it entitled, “Barry’s Arrival.” Head back to the fork and take the left path this time. You’ll hear Stucky speak and see him for a second but not much more. Head down the path to find Lithium Batteries (worth 4 batteries) and more Revolver Ammo on the left side of the straight road next to an old cupboard. Go forward and a bit to the left over the rocks that are almost level with the river. At the other end you’ll find two more taken that are easy to take down like all the rest. Take off their shadowy shield and put two bullets into them. When they’re gone climb the rocks to the next leveled area.

Another lumber yard. If you look at some logs in front of you, you’ll noticed a yellow arrow painted on the log pointing left to more hidden treasure! Follow the arrow to a ladder which you can climb to the top, go right to a little shack with a message written on it. Go inside the shack for a hidden chest containing two lithium batteries (4 total). Head back down and to the right side of the lumber yard. It will tell you the staircase is broken and you need to find a way up. There’s a red box to the left that holds lithium batteries and two more packs of revolver ammo (12 each making it 24). Head to the right next to the broken stairs and go around the giant logs. On the other side you’ll find another coffee thermos. Now head to the left around all the tractors to find a wooden trailer and a generator with a green light surrounded by three construction worker taken. Take them out easily and go inside the shack for a shotgun with two rounds and a Manuscript Page entitled, “Wake Attacked by Birds.” Start the generator which puts the camera on a box with a small light. Head to that box and interact with it. Now you have to move the logs to make a bridge from one side to the other. Look at the left set of logs to find a ladder and climb to the top. Then cross the bridge to the other side.

Head to the right once on the other side to find a can pyramid. Shoot it to count towards another achievement. Head up the little cliff to find a shack and street light. Inside the shack is shotgun ammo (4 rounds) and a radio. At the back side of the shack you can see marking of what would be illuminated arrows but aren’t completely arrows. Just continue to the wall and you’ll find the torch sign with a hidden chest. Inside is another flare gun. If you got the first one then you’ll just get one more round. Head to the left and up the cliffs following your compass and you’ll find another manuscript page entitled, “Wake Finds Pages.” Head straight to the edge of the cliffs to find another coffee thermos then head down the path and listen to Stucky. Head down the path and a bit to the left and things will go dark. Enemies will come at you two at a time with axes and pick axes. Kill them and head down to a generator you may notice by the green light. Create a safe haven and restore your health. There you can pick up revolver ammo and batteries. If you’re looking directly at the Safe Haven you can see illuminated text that says “Safe Haven.” Turn around 180 degree and make your way to the edge of the cliffs. Make your way left and not far from the Safe Haven you’ll find a coffee thermos. Head up to the objective using your compass and you’ll find another Manuscript Page entitled, “TV in the Gas Station.” Head up the path to find a street light on one side and a red box on the other. Inside is revolver ammo and more batteries. Jump down off the cliff to see a tractor come alive and hear Stucky’s voice yet again. You may or may not notice more arrows pointing left. Head left to a back corner to find another hidden chest with a flare gun inside. Head down the road and prepare to fight three more Taken at the second tractor. Shouldn’t be too hard. At the bottom of the road is a fenced off area with another Manuscript Page entitled, “Wake Lies to the Sheriff.” To the right of the page is a little trailer. Inside is a shotgun, shotgun ammo, lithium batteries, a TV and a green button to open the fence.

Lumber Yard and Stucky

Proceed through the gate and click a little machine to the left to stop making all that noise. Head down the path to an area where there are swinging logs above your head. There will be a box full of revolver ammo and two lithium batteries. You will hear Stucky’s voice yet again. Head forward and face about 3 regular Taken and Stucky the boss Taken who has about 10 times as much health. Which really isn’t that much on Normal. Defeat him and his men and head straight to the back to find a coffee thermos on a crane which holds the logs in the air. Head to the left to find a metallic box with a green light that opens the fence to proceed on. Head through the fence and up to the gas station.

The Gas Station

Once there go next to the giant deer float to find another Manuscript Page entitled, “Stucky Taken.” Keep going forward to the gas station prices up ahead to find another coffee thermos. Now before heading into the gas station go to the main road and take it to the left. All the way at the end is a dead end tunnel. A few Taken may come on you so be prepared. At the end is a coffee thermos. Once you have it head back to the gas station. Enter the gas station through the garage and find a TV that comes to life. Inside the store section you’ll find a sign about the 68th annual Deerfest. Interact with the phone to end episode 1.