Special 1 – The Signal

You start at the Oh Deer Diner yet again. Almost like Episode 1 but different. You can see an Alarm Clock in the kitchen but you can’t reach it yet. You’ll need to collect those for an achievement. Head to the back and enter the bathroom. The mirror will play something like a TV. Zane will give you a flashlight and gun. Try to exit the diner and you’ll see TVs all over. Go to the front door and some Taken will appear behind you. There will be one strong Taken and two regular ones. Take them out with your flashlight, batteries, and revolver. Now you have access to the kitchen area where you can pick up the first alarm clock. Now turn around and kick the wooden door down. You’ll now be outside. You’ll see two regular taken and a quick one. Try heading for the light because there will be more coming for you. Run into the house at the end and head to the back to get to the living room. In the living room you’ll find a manuscript page on the floor. Pick it up and you’ll get a little cut scene.

After the scene Zane will tell you to follow the GPS Signal. Go back to the front of the house and you’ll see a big word that says “flashlight” floating in mid air. Use your flashlight on it and a Heavy Duty Flashlight will fall on the ground. Switch it with the flashlight you have now. Then turn left to the next room and you’ll see another word that says “flaregun.” Use your flashlight on that to receive a flare gun and flare gun ammo. Next to that will be another word that says “recharge.” You’ll get a few batteries from that one. Now go out the front door and you’ll see TVs on the street. Head to the right down the street and some poltergeist cars will start flying at you. Use your boosted flashlight to blow them up. Try and hide behind other cars that aren’t moving for cover while you use your flashlight. There will be 4 cars total that try to fly at you. After those you’ll see a shop at the end of the street. The door is possessed too but won’t come at you. Use your flashlight to destroy it and you’ll see another word that says “tools.” Use your flashlight on it to receive a Shotgun, Shotgun Ammo, Revolver Ammo, a Flare, and Batteries. Go to the next room on the other side of the shop and two regular taken will be behind you and one regular and one strong taken will be in front of you. You can use that flare you just picked up if you like. Try to head behind the counter to get a little protection and take them all out. After those guys head out the back door and you’ll get another call from Zane.

Keep following the signal is all he says. First turn right and go to the gate where it overlooks the front street and you’ll find a cardboard standee of Odin Anderson. After that head to the end of the yard and jump over the fence. You’ll see tons of chunks missing out of the streets. The first thing you’ll want to do is head left. You’ll see the word “Tools” for two battery packs, shotgun ammo, and two packs of revolver ammo. But some of it may roll off into the street holes. Keep going and you’ll see the words flare, flash, and flare again. From those you’ll get two flares and a flashbang. Next to those is a cardboard standee of Sheriff Breaker. Read it and go back to the street which leads to the park. At the park you’ll see 3 regular taken and some crows. Soon after two more regular taken and a strong taken will come after you in the same area. Here you’ll want to use a flare. After you beat them head up the stairs and to the right you’ll see a word that says “Tools” again. Use your flashlight on it to get revolver ammo, shotgun ammo, two flares, and a battery pack. Exit the park and you’ll get another call from Zane.

After the call head down the street. On the right side of the street you’ll see a dumpster and some wooden pallets. Jump on top of them to go over the fence. Move forward and 5 regular takens will come after you. Two behind and three in front. You can use a flare here since it’s a tight area. Take them out and go up the stairs to the far right so you can jump over a chain link fence. To the left you’ll find a small shack with the words flaregun and recharge in it. You’ll get a flare gun, flare gun ammo, and batteries from those. Exit out and you’ll see the word “Memory.” Use your flashlight on it to see a little memory and flare. Now your objective is to investigate the flare. To your right is a playground. A TV will play with Alan Wake in it. As you move forward the slide, merry go round, rocking horse, and the thing the TV was on will all fly at you. Use your flashlight or flare gun to destroy all these things. They can do a lot of damage if they hit you. Before exiting the playground you’ll want to turn around from looking at the gate. You’ll see another alarm clock on the bench. Now use your flashlight on the gate to exit. In the next area you’ll see the church. Run to the front door and you’ll see it’s locked. The giant deer float will become possessed and fly at you in pieces. You can use your flare gun again but I suggest using just one flare from the gun. The rest you can use your flashlight. There will also be a word “key” that allows Sheriff Breaker to open the door like a memory. Inside the church to the left is a cardboard standee of Barry Wheeler. Read it and move to the front of the church. You’ll see the word “tools.” Use your light on it to get two boxes or revolver ammo, two flares, batteries, and shotgun ammo. Head to the back through a door and you’ll see another TV. Kick the wooden door down to head downstairs.

At the bottom you’ll see words all over that say “Blast.” There are tons of them all over, some will set others off. A few Taken will start appearing around corners and you can use these blasts to kill them off, but be careful because they can hurt you. Destroy all them for an achievement. From the starting point go forward, head right, then take another right which will take you to a chair at the end with an alarm clock. Once you destroy all of them you can head up some stairs. At the top of the stairs is another word that says “climb.” Destroy the word to make a ladder appear. Exit the basement and you’ll see a manuscript page in the parking lot. Pick it up and words will fly everywhere. Destroy the word “Friend” for an achievement and you can talk to Barry for a bit. You can destroy the other words for fun but it doesn’t give you anything. Head up the next set of stairs and kick down a wooden leg on a deck to climb up. You’ll see the word flashlight at the top. Destroy it to get a lantern you can exchange for your heavy duty flashlight. Not far from it you’ll see the word “recharge” which will give you a battery pack. Keep going and you’ll have a new objective which is “Reach the sawmill.”

Head down some rocks and you’ll see the word “boom.” Destroy it and it will blow up like a flashbang. Go around the cliffs and you’ll see another “boom” with two taken near it. When they get close enough destroy the word to kill both of them. Keep going and you’ll see another “tools.” Destroy it to get two flares, revolver ammo, shotgun ammo, and batteries. Go forward and you’ll find a TV. After it finishes talking 4 Taken will come at you. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem. As you head on you’ll find more words around. There’s “boom,” “fireworks,” “tools,” and “pump.” Boom and Fireworks will blow up and kill any taken that come after you. They’re all around since it’s a big area with no specific small road to take. Tools gives you more ammo and batteries. Pump gives you a pump action shotgun you can exchange for your double barreled shotgun. The area ends up at the same place. You’ll reach a train not too far. The very first train car you find next to some “boom” words will have an alarm clock in a small corner showing. The other train cars next to it you’ll find a flare gun and flashbang. Follow the train tracks and you’ll keep running into more taken. Not too far you’ll see the word “Turret.” Destroy the word to find a small searchlight. It will blow up a few “booms” in a tent. Inside the tent is also an alarm clock. Next to the tent is a safe haven. More Taken will keep spawning so run to the safe haven if you collected everything. Next you’ll see another “turret” which will give you the giant searchlight. You’ll need to use it to destroy the three “bridge” words flying around. Once you destroy all three then train cars will fall from the sky. Go inside the nearest one and fall through the open door. First head to the right and you’ll find a cardboard standee of Cynthia Weaver. Next head to the left and you’ll find “tools.” Destroy it to get two batter packs and two revolver ammo boxes. Continue to the TV. To the left of it is another train car with a flaregun inside. Keep going towards the sawmill. Your books will start falling from the sky. Once you reach the bridge some crows will come at you….well they should be crows but they look like your books. Kill them with your flashlight. On the other side are tons of words that can bring enemies to life. Try not to destroy them or you could be in trouble. As you make your way around them more flying books will come at you and you could accidentally destroy the bad works making more enemies appear. Just try not to go overboard with the light. There are a few good words here and there like tools and boom. At the end of all of it is a safe haven which connects to a cave.

Inside the little cave is a TV. Behind the TV is a wooden door. Break it down and you’ll see tons of electric polls all over. Barry will talk to you a bit more. You will have to navigate around this big area with lights turning on and off like safe havens and taken spawning almost at random. There will be regular and strong taken here and there. If they get caught in the light they die instantly. You can try running to the end and letting them get caught up in the light but they may catch up to you. About half way down is another alarm clock. To be more specific from the top after you break down the wooden door you go to the right, down the hill, to the left, down the hill all the way to a wooden fence. Go around the wooden fence and it will be on a rock in there. At the end there will be about 4 strong taken but more lights. Kill them or just run to the last light. Once you get a checkpoint look around the rocks to the right to find a cardboard standee of Tor Anderson. Next head up the crane and over the fence. Barry will talk to you for a second. You’ll see the words “Wheels” and “red box.” The Red Box is the emergency red box that gives you batteries and revolver ammo. Wheels makes a car appear. DO NOT GET INSIDE OF THE CAR if you want the achievement where you don’t ever drive a car in this episode. Two Monster Trucks will come out of nowhere and try to kill you. This is where you’ll want to use your flare gun if you’re not using a car! Destroy them and head towards the other end of the junk yard. You’ll see more “wheels” on the way. To the left of where you started is a “wheel” and to the right of where you started is a “wheel” and an alarm clock. You’ll also encounter a few Taken here or there. At the other end you’ll find a red box with supplies, a pump action shotgun (pump), and a car (wheels). You’ll also see a safe haven with a green button inside of it. Press the green button to open the door at the other end where you started at. It will also turn off the light that created the safe haven. You’ll see two taken on your way back and a few poltergeist objects here and there. They shouldn’t be too hard to destroy. Once you reach the house you’ll see tons of taken inside. There will also be propane tanks. Use the tanks to set off a little chain reaction and kill almost everything inside. Now head through one of the doors in the chain link fence to climb up the stairs and exit the little warehouse.

On the outside jump down to the right and you’ll find a few more words. You should also get the achievement for not ever entering a vehicle. These words are red box, flare, and hunt. You’ll get a flare, hunting rifle, and some supplies in the red box. You should also get the achievement for not ever entering a vehicle. Now turn around and you’ll see the word “memory” floating in the air. Destroy it for a little audio. Now go left under the dock. A TV will play and you’ll see Taken in front of you and one strong taken behind you. Use a flare if you like or a flashbang. Kill them off whichever way you like. After that continue to the other end and you’ll see the word “climb.” Destroy the word to create a ladder to climb up. At the top you’ll see the words recharge (Batteries) and flashlight (heavy duty lantern). Now go on top of the dock that you walked under to get to this place to find another alarm clock. Next head back and take a left to find a flare. After all that head the direction your compass is pointing and you’ll hear a chainsaw. The guy with the chainsaw isn’t too tough if you picked up the hunting rifle. Just lower his shield with the lantern and take two shots. There is also another regular taken around. After you defeat them you’ll see a house. To the left of the house in the bushes is an alarm clock. Go back and you’ll see a safe haven. To the right of the safe haven is the word “red box.” I guess there will be nothing but these words instead of actual items. Destroy it to get the red box and the supplies. Now enter the safe haven and kick down the door. Inside the house are a few taken. You’ll also find some propane tanks that you can set off to help you out. Navigate around the wood and you’ll find two flares at the end near some stairs. Climb the stairs and you’ll find another red box with supplies inside. The next room will have a few taken inside surrounding you. Use the propane tanks to help you out. At the other end you’ll exit out and drop down. You’ll find another audio memory There will also “bridge” words. One will give you a plank and the other will give you a button. Behind the button down an alley is a cardboard standee of Alice Wake. Now go to the plank and push it over. Head to the button and press it but you have to run up the plank and to the bridge or it will move back on it’s own. Be careful not to fall off into the water or you will die. At the other end are two regular and a strong Taken. Take them out quick and don’t fall in the water. Climb the ladder near you to find another memory. Climb another ladder up to the top of the roof and jump down the hole. At the bottom you’ll find another little memory scene.

After the scene head in the door behind the photo shoot area. Go through the next door and you’ll find yourself in your apartment. Pick up the batteries and flare on your bookshelf. Exit out of your room and enter the room to the right in the hall. Pick up the last alarm clock and head to the living room picking up the batteries and flare along the way. Inside the living room you’ll find Zane. He’ll tell you what’s going on. You can pick up some hunting rifle ammo too. The TV will play and then start to float. You’ll have to destroy it. It will open up a new area to jump down to.

This is the final battle. You have to beat the TV monster in a minute and a half to get an achievement. There are poltergeist objects flying around that will hurt you pretty badly. They will completely surround you so using flares and your flare gun will help out a lot. Use all weapons you have here! The main thing you have to destroy is the TV. Actually there will be a few TVs around the big TV. You need to destroy those and it will move back and more will come out. Use all the batteries you can. You’ll find more around you with some ammo. You may face a taken or two but the objects do the most damage. Use flares and the flashlight and the TV will break through the wall. Go near it and a ship will fly down from the sky. Destroy it and watch out for the flying books that are like crows. This is where you’ll get the achievement if you destroyed all these things within a minute and a half. Destroy the TV and you’ll come across a cut scene.

….To be continued.