Episode 3 – Ransom

A quick recap like the last episode in a cutscene. And you start with Barry in a trailer park looking for Rose.

The Trailer Park

Go straight ahead until you can Focus on the crashed boat. Turn right and on a picnic table you’ll see a coffee thermos. Follow Randolph to Rose’s trailer. Knock on the door and a cut scene will take place. When the scene ends a TV will turn on. Head to the kitchen area before leaving and pick up another coffee thermos. Leave the trailer and pick up a Manuscript Page on the floor entitled, “Randolph Calls the Police.” Head to the left next to the crashed boat again and make a right into a white picket fence area. Go straight and you’ll find a radio. on the left side on someone’s doorstep. Head to the car for a cutscene.

The Forest – To the Radio Station

Evade the police by running through the trail in the forest. They will shine flashlights at you and shoot flares to find you. Run through the trail and make your way up a rock at the end and down another rock. Not far from that place is a Manuscript Page entitled, “The Dark Presence Sleeps.” Head towards the compass and a police car will come out of nowhere. A fork is now in the road. Head to the right to find a Manuscript Page entitled, “Rose Visited by the Dark Presence.” Head back to the police car and to the left fork this time up some wooden stairs. Follow the path over a bridge and by another cop car. You can listen to the radio, they think you took out the cops when it was the Taken. Follow the compass up to a viewing station thing. Inside is a coffee thermos and a police radio. You can also use the binoculars mounted to the edges. After using both sets of binoculars head down the stairs and look left. There will be an open door in the chainlink fence. Follow your compass to a strange gate. You need light to get through it as Wake says. Head up the hill to your left to find a search light and a coffee thermos. The light doesn’t work so you’ll need to start the generator next to it under a wooden shed. You have to be quick to the search light to destroy the gate or the generator will die and you’ll have to restart it. Head through the gate and down the stairs to find another gate just like the first. To the right is a flashlight you can pick up to destroy the gate and head on. You’ll find a cop car with 6 flashbang grenades next to it. Once you get to an area where you find the polic car hood on the floor, two taken will come at you. Since you have no real weapons just use a flashbang to kill them instantly. No need to lower their shields with your flashlight. Continue following your compass and three more Taken will come at you, then later two. They’ll die easily with your flashbangs. Head to a lit area to find batteries, 4 flashbangs, and a radio. Head across the wooden bridge from your safe zone and 4 enemies will come at you. Kill all 4 with one flashbang and you’ll get an achievement! To the right on the cliff is a Manuscript Page entitled, “Rose Touched by the Dark Presence.” In the distance you’ll see some red and blue lights (a cop car). If you can see the ground and notice the path you’ll see there’s a path that goes right before you reach those lights. Not far is a cave. Inside the cave is a generator for a light and a hidden chest containing 3 flares. Continue towards the radio station and you’ll find yet another cop car. In the trunk are 3 flashbangs and groups of Taken will keep coming after you in the forest every few seconds. Sometimes groups of two and sometimes groups of three. Head to the radio station right ahead and before you go in check the parking lot under the billboard to find a coffee thermos. Head inside and talk to Pat for a quick cutscene.

The Forest – To the Train Depot

After the scene you’re back in the forest. This time your destination is the mine. On the trail to the mine you’ll find another Manuscript Page entitled, “Nightingale in the Radio Station” stuck to the fence. Not far from it to the right is an open emergency red box with two flares on the floor. Since the flares and flashbangs use the same button to use (RB) then you’ll have to switch between the two with the D-Pad. Continue on towards the train depot. Not far is a generator with two Taken around it. There’s also a flare next to the generator on a box. When you get the light going you can pick up shotgun ammo, revolver ammo, and a revolver with 6 rounds in it. Not too far you’ll come to a little fork. To the left will be the direction of your objective marker in your compass. To the right is a path upward. You go up and up and up all the way to the radio tower. There you will find two flares and a Manuscript Page entitled, “Walter Fights Danny.” On the way down you’ll see birds start attacking you. You can hold a flare so they’ll die by the time they get to you or use your flashlight to burn them. At one corner of the path/road down to the bottom, right around when the birds start attacking you, you’ll find a coffee thermos hiding in the grass. It’s a bit hard to see and close to an edge. Head ALL the way back down and you’ll see the power companies trucks and some more supplies like a flashbang, revolver, and some search lights. Next to the car is an old wooden house. Inside the house is a shotgun and some shotgun ammo. Once you pick them up tons of Taken will surround the house, regular and strong. So BEFORE you pick those up go around the back to find lithium batteries, revolver ammo, and another can pyramid. You can also turn on the search lights to help you out, but they only last a few seconds so hurry up. It may be a little tough, I found that turning on the two lights next to the shack helps. Then run inside, pick up the shotgun, drop a flare, and use your flashlight and revolver/shotgun as much as you want. The stronger Taken may come at you so throw a flashbang if you get grouped up or can’t take them out. It won’t kill the stronger taken instantly but it weakens them a lot. In one direction is the objective, but if you go and face the opposite direction you may see a glow off in the distance. This is a Manuscript Page stuck to a fence entitled, “Wake Attacked by a Bulldozer.” Head back on the path towards the objective and not far from the house where you fought all the taken you’ll find a little wooden overhead shed type thing with a coffee thermos. On the way to the objective, not far from the shed, you’ll see a street light. Before it to the right on some rocks in the grass is another Manuscript Page entitled, “Sarah Distrusts Nightingale.” Head over to the light and you’ll see another emergency red box containing batteries, lithium batteries, revolver ammo, and shotgun ammo. Head down and you’ll get a phone call. As you head down more you’ll see another Manuscript Page to the right on a log entitled, “Wake Attacked by a Possessed Object.” Before heading to the right towards the objective head to the left. You may see some arrows on the rocks pointing left. You’ll reach a wooden house with two revolver ammo boxes, shotgun ammo and a hidden chest containing batteries and three flares. A Taken or two may attack you. Head down back to the objective. Climb up the bridge and head through it. Objects may come to life now, you can destroy them by boosting your light on them or using any other light source. If you don’t destroy them then they’ll just keep flying at you. After the bridge you have to head around the cliffs to a ladder. Next to the ladder on the floor is a Manuscript Page entitled, “Wake and the Dark Presence in the Lodge.”

Train Depot

At the top of the ladder under the light you’ll find a revolver, batteries, and you can switch your flashlight for a heavy-duty flashlight. Your next objective is to find a car. Jump down and head forward and right to grab a coffee thermos. To the left is an emergency red box with revolver ammo, shotgun ammo, and batteries. To the right of the box is a flare on a box. To the left of both things is a green button to open the gate, but before the gate opens you have to fight some Taken, Strong and weak. They shouldn’t be too tough considering the items you have. You can use a flare or your flashlight and revolver. Just reload your flashlight and revolver while taking them out. If you find it too tough you can also shoot the red propane tanks around the area. They explode and do some damage. Head to the next area and inside the warehouse. You’ll find a strong and weak Taken. Take them out real quick and walk up the stairs to the next floor. At the second floor you’ll find two flares, revolver ammo, and a lithium battery pack. You’ll also find another TV. Head out the door and you’ll find a Manuscript Page entitled, “Wake Attacked by the Dark Presence” on the balcony. Head down the stairs and around the corner for a red emergency box holding 3 flares, batteries, and revolver ammo. There will be a few more boxes around with the same contents. Out of no where Taken come and a bulldozer comes after you. If the bulldozer hits you it does a lot of damage but it won’t kill you in one shot, maybe three. It can also back into you. Flares will not stop it from charging you like it stops the Taken. The bulldozer may run over and kill the Taken to help you. Just run away from it and use flares, flashbangs if you still have any, your flashlight, and any weapons. It can take a lot of damage but you can’t so use flares to keep the Taken off you and dodge the bulldozer like….a bull. Once you defeat it click the green button on the gate to open it. Once you’re through the gate look to the right for a coffee thermos. Get in the car for a cutscene.

The Forest – To the Coal Mine

You start out with a car but not inside it. You can get inside and drive all the way until stop/caution signs where the bridge broke apart. You’ll have to go to the right and down into the area under the bridge. Before you go under the bridge exit out of the car and head right to the cliffs. You’ll see a red chair. On it is a coffee thermos. After that you can head left (if looking at the gorge) and cross the street. Inside a old wood house is a radio.. Right outside the house is a car. Drive it towards the Coal Mine on the compass until you reach an observation tower. Up there is another radio. Go down the road a bit further to the Red Building. Inside at the very top is a Manuscript Page entitled, “Mott on the Ferry.” Head out and further down the road to the Coal Mine Museum.

The Coal Mine Museum

To the left of the entrance are two signs about the coal mine museum. To the left of the signs is a little dead end of what would be a mine. Nestled in the left corner of that dead end is a coffee thermos. Head to the museum and you’ll find a Manuscript Page on the wooden deck next to the red building entitled, “Sarah in the Radio Station.” Head forward and to the right to go inside the building and a cutscene will play.

The Coal Mine Museum – to Mirror Peak

It’s now dark and you have to get to Mirror Peak. I believe you have the same weapons you had from the last time it was dark. If you want you can try for the achievement “Meet the Deadline” for getting to the coal mine to Cauldron Lake in 30 minutes or less. Jump over the chain and go down stairs all the way to the end and to the left. You’ll see some supplies on the shelves. A flare, lithium batteries, shotgun ammo, revolver ammo and a coffee thermos. Head to the glowing green light on the wall to open a hatch in the floor. Jump down and head into the grass for another Manuscript Page entitled, “Thomas Zane in Love with Barbara Jagger.” Keep going forward around the trains to find a revolver and a box full of revolver ammo. Head around the corner and three regular taken and a strong taken will attack you. If you still have flares use them to protect you when your health gets low or if they surround you. Use your flashlight, batteries, and whatever weapons you have to take them out. When they’re done the crate in the middle will fly at you. If you’re weak make sure to dodge it and take it out with light. Then a huge cog wheel, it looks like, will come flying at you. Do the same as the crate and you can progress. Before you go forward you can head back to restock on some revolver ammo. Head through the doorway the giant cog wheel came from and there will be two flashbangs directly to the left. Head right and you’ll face two weak taken, take down their shields and pop them once with the revolver. Move forward and you’ll see a possessed cog wheel inside of a train car. Head to the left of it and climb the ladder. You have to open the trap door on the top of the car and drop some flares or flashbangs inside to kill it off. Then jump down into the car and head out through the door. On the other side you’ll see some kind of darkness tornado going on. Head all the way to the right to turn off the power to make it through the fence. You’ll encounter about 4 or 5 regular Taken. You can shoot the red propane tanks to help you destroy them quickly. Or just use your regular methods. Once they’re through head to your objective marker and you’ll see a flare gun and some flare gun ammo next to the street light. Turn off the power generator and head back to the fence. Two inanimate possessed object will fly at you. Don’t head too much forward without destroying them because about 10 more Taken will be at the end. One is strong and the other are regular. They’ll surround you quickly so use any flares you have and if you saved the flashbangs you can use them here or use the flare gun. If you go a bit more forward two more possessed objects will fly towards you. If you have a flare they’ll stop flying at you if they’re in a close enough vicinity. After they’ll all destroyed head back to the fence and up the wooden stairs on the other side. Head upstairs and to the right end for some supplies. There’s revolver ammo, and batteries. Head to the left side of the room and prepare for a fight! The door will bust down and there will be a strong taken and a weak one behind him. A third one appears directly to your right. Use whatever tactics you like. I still have a flashbang so I used that while I was weak and then used my flashlight and shotgun to take them out. Head through the door for more supplies on the shelves: lithium batteries, revolver ammo, and a flare. Head up stairs and into a room with propane tanks all around. About 4 taken will jump through the ceiling, take them out quick and easily by firing at the propane tanks and letting them explode. Then climb up the ladder where they dropped from and you’ll find a coffee thermos sitting in a red chair. At the other side of the room is a Manuscript Page entitled, “Wake Touched by the Dark Presence.” Leave the room and go downstairs outside and you’ll see a little trailer/shack. Go inside to find revolver ammo and some batteries and the green lit up button to open the fence.

The Forest – to Mirror Peak

Through the gate you’ll find 3 flashbangs and some black goo to your right. Destroy the goo with your flashlight and move forward towards a set of wooden stairs to find 3 more taken on the other side. Make quick work of them and move a bit forward to find 3 more regular taken coming at you and 2 strong Taken. You can use one of your flashbangs here or your flare gun. Continue on around the path, not far from the fight is a Manuscript Page entitled, “Wake and Barry in the Cell.”Continue on a bit and you’ll come to a fork in the road. Right is the direction towards your objective and left is up to a mine shaft. On some mine carts you’ll see some yellow arrows pointing towards the mine. Head inside to find a hidden chest with three flashbangs inside. Turn around and you’ll find three Taken! Two regular and one strong. Just use your flashlight and gun to take them out, and if you get in trouble then use a flare if you have one or a flashbang you just picked up. Leave the mine, but before going back down the stairs move just to the right of them and onto the wooden deck like thing. You’ll find a coffee thermos at the end. At the bottom of the stairs is a street light with an emergency box. Inside is 2 boxes of revolver ammo and some lithium batteries. To the left of it on a little tow-able trailer is some more lithium batteries and 2 boxes of shotgun ammo. Cross the bridge to find a search light and a pump action shotgun. You have to switch out your shotgun with the pump action one. Next will be a bit of a fork in the road. Either way will bring you to the same destination, but the left path has some goodies. Also on both paths are the search lights that take away enemy’s shields fast. And there will be tons of enemies coming in groups in the dark. Some with strong Taken and some just with regular. Head to the left and you’ll see another search light. Head more to the left instead of straight and you’ll find a red barn like house. Inside are lots of supplies: two boxes of shotgun ammo, a flash bang, two sticks of flare gun ammo, and a coffee thermos. Once you reach the top you’ll have to fight a lot of Taken at once. Quickly press the search light to weaken a bunch at once. Then take them out at once with a flashbang/flare gun or individually with a shotgun/revolver. Head up towards the objective and three Taken will come at you. Two are regular and the third is a speedy one. He’ll zoom around so you can either use a flashbang or flare gun to weaken him or just keep your flashlight on him as much as you can. Once his shield is gone pump him full of lead (two shotgun shells will do) and he’s done. Continue on towards Mirror’s Peak and you’ll find a little shack with lithium batteries and a light switch to make a safe haven. Go around the right corner and you’ll find a ghost town.

The Ghost Town

The town has things that pop up but nothing seems to hurt you….yet. Take a few steps and the old broken down car will come flying at you! Use your flashlight to quickly destroy it. No big deal. Head to the old wooden bridge and on the right of it will be a Manuscript Page entitled, “Wake and Casey.” Cross the bridge and you’ll find a sign about Grey Peak Gorge. Continue forward and to the left, inside an old rusty car will be some batteries. Cross the road into a red barn and you’ll find a coffee thermos. At the end of the ghost town more possessed objects will come to life! First two boxes and then two more boxes and an old tractor. Flashbangs will get rid of them very quickly. If you don’t have anymore you can use your flare gun. And if you don’t have that it’ll take awhile but using your flashlight boosted will do the job. Cross the bridge and go around some train cars to find a train tear apart and become possessed. There are two pieces that will come after you with big shields. If they hit you they do massive damage. On normal if you get hit once by both of them (twice total) they will kill you. Use the same methods I just explained for the last objects and you’ll get through them easily. Enter the small shack behind the train to find some keys. Then go behind the shack to find a coffee thermos. Head inside the old wooden house to find flare gun ammo, batteries, and a TV in one room. In the next room there’s a hunting rifle with two boxes of hunting rifle ammo; however, if you pick it up you have to swap it with your shotgun! Head out the door and continue on your way to Mirror Peak.

The Forest – To Mirror Peak

Climb up some ladders. You may notice some yellow arrows or would be arrows on some rocks at the top. Head forward to the cliff and go left to find a hidden chest containing flare gun ammo and a flare gun. Now head back and take the other path up the mountain. Birds will come at you. You can use your flashlight at first and it should be no problem. Make your way across some planks to the next ground area and the birds will come at you again. You could use a flare gun or your flashlight now since they’ll be a bit closer. They’ll back off and you can make your way across another set of planks to another ground area where more birds will attack you! Flare gun or flashlight should take them out. Run around the corner into a mine.

The Silver Mine

Make your way through the silver mine. It may seem like there’s many ways to go but there’s really only one. The others leave to very quick dead ends. The only real fork is when you get to a tunnel area where you hear Alice call for Alan. You’ll see some writing on a wall that says “Tunnels Go To Cauldron Lake.” Go that way first. At the end is a Manuscript Page entitled, “Hunters Taken.”Head back up and go to the other fork this time. Before you jump down you’ll see three flares. Jump down for another Manuscript Page entitled, “Nightingale in the Majestic.” To the right of the page on the floor is hunting rifle ammo and revolver ammo. In one direction will be a cave in, in another direction a strong Taken will come through a door, but that’s not the only Taken. About 4 others will surround you from out of no where! Use your flares to keep them away if you get hurt and to take their shields down. If you still have flashbangs this may be the time to use them! If not then use your flare gun if you have that. After they’re defeated head through the door and down the hall to the left. You’ll see a coffee thermos. Head up through the tunnels to find tons of machinery. Head to the first platform and use the machine to lower some steal beams to you to walk across as a bridge. On the other side climb up the ladder and use the machine again to bring the steal beams back up to you. Make your way across to find another machine to bring the same steel beams up to the next level to make another bridge. Don’t put them at the top, but the next level down. Climb the ladder that’s kind of away from the machine you just pressed. At the top go over the bridge and up a ramp to kick down a ladder. Then climb down the ladder to use the same machine you just used to raise the steel beams to the top level. Climb up the ladder you just went down and cross the steel beam bridge to find another ladder that takes you to a wooden wall you kick down to take you out of the mine.

The Forest – To Mirror Peak

Now that you’re outside first head up the stairs and up the mountain. You’ll find three flares at the top. Climb up the wooden structure to find a Manuscript Page entitled, “Tor Hits Nurse Sinclair.”Head back down the mountain and some birds will start to attack you. A few boosts from your HD-Flashlight and you should be good. Around the corner you’ll find a generator. Next to the generator is a box on the ground with batteries, a flare, flare gun ammo, and a flare gun. You can start up the generator to turn on a street light and call forth a cable car, press the button inside to start it. Birds will start to attack you on the way over. You can use the flare gun and flares you just received to take them down. Once on the other side two regular Taken will come at you, should be easy work like the rest. Head up the mountain until you get to a street light. Under it will be a red emergency box with supplies: lithium batteries and two boxes of revolver ammo. Behind the box on the wooden structure where the cable car was supposed to go is another can pyramid. If you have been reading this guide this will be the last one you need for the achievement. Head up the mountain and you’ll find remnant of a burned down house. Inside is a hunting rifle with hunting rifle ammo. Once you take it three regular Taken will come for you. Lay waste to them with a revolver or with the rifle. Continue on the path and you’ll encounter a few more regular taken, nothing you can’t handle. You’ll soon reach a street light with a red emergency box under it containing hunting rifle ammo, batteries, 3 flares, and revolver ammo. Step a few feet away from it and you’ll find a sign about Cauldron Lake. Head on and cross a giant rickety bridge. Half way through you’ll get sandwiched by Taken, three regulars on one side and a strong one behind you. One regular Taken will throw pick axes as you and the others will melee you. You can use your flares or flashlight to take them out. I took out two regular ones, turned around for the strong one, and then turned back around for the final regular Taken. Once you cross the bridge look to the left area up a small hill and you’ll find a coffee thermos on the edge of the cliff. Head on and you may see some arrows on the rocks pointing left. Follow them around a corner, not far at all, and you’ll find a hidden chest containing a flare gun and flare gun ammo. Go back on trail and follow the compass to Mirror’s Peak. Careful there will be a broken bridge, don’t fall off. Take the left path right next to the side of the mountain and you’ll see a Manuscript Page on the right side of the path on a rock entitled, “Mott at Cauldron Lake.”

Mountain Ruins

Head up the mountain path and then turn around to climb some rocks to find a wooden plank. Push the plank to make a bridge. Once you cross it you’ll have to kick the leg of another wooden plank to make a ramp. Head to the old warehouse like structure and go into the basement. You’ll have to kick the door in. Once inside you’ll see tons of writing all over the walls, head to the left and up the stone to get to the second floor. On that floor you’ll find in the corners: shotgun ammo, revolver ammo, rifle ammo, lithium batteries, and three flares on a desk. Head up the stairs to the next level. When you move around to the exit you’ll fall through the floor and get surrounded by about 6 regular Taken and one Strong one. You can take them out pretty fast with a flare gun or you can use some flares to weaken them and shoot them. If you’re getting injured then use a flare! Once they’re taken out head back up stair, jump across the gap all the way to the left, and jump down the hole in the side of the building on the other side of the gap. Head down but follow the building around to find a coffee thermos on the side.

The Forest – To Mirror Peak Lookout

At the top of the mountain Alan will say “I could see Cauldron Lake.” At this time, if you were trying, your achievement will unlock for “Meet The Deadline.” It’s an achievement for getting to the coal mines to cauldron lake in 30 minutes or less. Head to your objective by following the compass. Head down some wooden stairs and about half way down you’ll find the last Manuscript Page of Episode 3 entitled, “Wake Wakes Up in the Lodge.” Head around the mountain path to hear your kidnapper and see a cutscene. Episode 3 complete.