Nightmare Difficulty Walkthrough


This section is a quick walkthrough for Nightmare difficulty. It mostly covers tips on boss battles and where to find the manuscript pages that are only available on Nightmare difficulty.

Before you start here’s a little notes. The enemies will be much harder to take down with 100% more health and shields. Don’t stock up on supplies since they disappear after awhile, at the same time don’t waste all of them because you will need it! Save flares for when you’re surrounded by Taken or if flocks of birds come at you. Same goes with the flare gun. Don’t use any ammo until the taken’s shields are down and don’t use any on poltergeist objects or birds! Remember to dodge as much as you can with LB, and remember you can aim without using the flashlight by softly pressing LT. And remember to tap x when reloading to reload faster. Flashbangs are extremely powerful tools. Only use them when there are tons of Taken or if you’re facing bosses. If you’re out of ammo or there’s too many Taken to face you can try and run to a light source. If you see a generator but there’s taken around throw down a flare and then use the generator.

Episode 1 – Nightmare

Most of this first section is just tutorial. You would have had to played through the game once to get nightmare mode so I won’t be too heavy on details. Follow your compass to the lighthouse. You may notice things a second time through like Thomas Zane’s diver’s suit and pictures here and there. Then there’s “Tom the Poet” poster on the door in the cabin. After the tutorials you’ll face the hitchhiker a few times. The first time there will be two. You can defeat one or neither, and run to the street light for safety, and supplies. Grab the flare gun because the next time you see him there will be three of them. Launch a flare at them and they’ll die quick. After them run to the lighthouse and watch for falling stuff. Don’t get hit by the tornado either. In the lighthouse you’ll get a cutscene.

Bright Falls
Not much to do in town. Do what Alice tells you on the ferry. Once inside the cafe play coconut in the jukebox and head to the bathrooms to find stucky. Once you’re at Diver’s Isle head inside the cabin real quick and exit out to the back to turn on the generator in the shack. After a cutscene head upstairs in the cabin to your study. Another cutscene and you’ll be outside. Head back to the cabin and birds will attack you. Just use your flashlight and head inside for a cutscene.

The Forest to the Gas Station
Wake up from the car crash and head down the path for a short cut scene about the manuscript. Continue on the path until it says something about the lights up ahead being a good sign and it allows you to focus on it. Not too far up ahead is a log on a fence that you have to jump over. Next to the log is a Manuscript Page entitled, “Rose is a Fan.” Head to the trailer when you see stucky. Don’t even try and face him. Inside get all the supplies. When you face your first taken you can use the search light to help you take them down. Don’t forget about the hidden chests around to get more supplies if you need them. Continue down the path crossing logs and the water. When you reach the area with a cabinet near the river with lithium batteries and revolver ammo on the ground there will be, on some rocks directly in the middle of the path, a Manuscript Page entitled, “The Dark Presence Wakes Up.” Enter another logging area and you’ll see broken stairs. Use a generator in the back to turn on the power. With the power on head towards this green button that showed when you turned on the generator to move some logs to make a bridge. Climb a ladder to get on one set of logs and cross the logs to the other side. Once you reach the tractor that moves on it’s on get the hidden chest for another flare gun. You’ll need them for the boss battle coming up. Head to the next logging area to face Stucky, the boss, and some other lower level taken. Don’t defeat the other taken because more will come. Use your flare gun, if you picked it up, directly on stucky and he’ll die in one shot. Do it quickly and he won’t run around. The other taken may get caught up in the blast too. Don’t be afraid to use all you have because that’s the last battle of the episode. Next episode your items will be gone. Head to the gas station and go around back for a Manuscript Page entitled, “Toby the Dog.” Head inside the station and use the phone to end the episode.

Episode 2 – Taken

The Police Station and Elderwood Visitor’s Center
The flashback scene will go by real quick. Just do the objectives shown under the compass. During your second visit to the visitor’s center to check on rusty you have to check on the fuse box. Grab the extra ammo and batteries from the room right before the fuse box. Head to rusty and pick up any more ammo in the ammo box in the back of the area where you fight him. When facing Rusty he’ll zoom around. Don’t worry he’ll have to slow down to hit you. Just keep your light on him as much as you can and boost it when he slows down at any point. Once his shield is down put 18 rounds into him with your revolver and he’ll die. Don’t let him get too close while reloading. After you face him you’ll have to fast two more taken. After them don’t forget to refill on ammo from the ammo box.

The Park to Lover’s Peak
Follow your compass to reach your destination. When you reach the tree you can walk under a strong taken will come out from there and two taken will be with him. Take out the strong one first by keeping your light on him and backing away. Next take out the other two. On the way forward three more regular taken will come at you. You can try and fight them or run to the street light not too far off, but once you get their the light will die and you have to start the generator again. If you can get there before them you’ll be safe and get a checkpoint! Not too far you’ll face another strong taken and two regular taken. The two others will keep throwing sickles at you so walking backwards while keeping a light on them won’t always work. Make sure to dodge the things being thrown and try to keep your light on multiple enemies so you can take a few out at once. If you run out of power and batteries keep your light on an enemy but don’t boost until they’re really close. It’ll blind them a bit and stop them. Don’t be afraid to use everything you have because you’ll lose your weapons and get 9 batteries and 5 flares after the cable car. Continue on to lover peak and you’ll reach the cable car.

Alan and the Kidnapper
This part can get a bit frustrating. You have to shine the light on the enemies while the kidnapper shoots. Thing is the kidnapper can be a bit of a bad shot or shoot taken that still have shields up. Do your best to lower all the Taken’s shields and dodge their attacks. Whichever taken you have the light on is usually the taken the kidnapper will shoot at. If you get surrounded or they get too close then pop a flare. When the kidnapper opens up the door to get the lover’s peak you’ll have to defend him. Get more flares from the red emergency box and hold them off. When he opens the door head up to the light so they disappear. Next head to the top of the peak for the last stand. Use the same tactics as before. The Taken will surround you plenty of times. Sometimes the kidnapper’s aim will shift on someone else. Make sure the kidnapper takes out the taken who’s shields are down first and then aim at the others. You can drop a flare AND boost your flashlight on a taken to make their shields go down faster if they’re around the flare. After you defeat all the taken (including a strong one) you’ll watch another cutscene.

The Forest to Your Cabin
On your way through the woods be sure to watch out for the bear traps on the ground. While traveling through the forest you may find some generators that can make safe havens. If taken are around you run to the generator, drop a flare, and start the generator up. Later when you face the strong taken that says “Beware of widowmakers” head to the left shack and make sure to pick up the hunting rifle! Not too far later you’ll face a boss Taken with a chainsaw. You can take out the two weaker taken around him real quick with a revolver. If the boss gets too close use a flare and he’ll back away. Use your batteries and flashlight to take down his shield and use your rifle. It’ll take three shots to take him out. Then you can move on. At the very last road up to the cabin, after you get the call from the kidnapper, you’ll see a Manuscript Page entitled, “Wake at the Dark Presence’s Mercy” right in the middle of the road. Head up to the cabin and fight the birds. When fighting the birds use the flare gun and all your batteries. Don’t worry about using everything. Guns won’t harm them. If you get hurt then drop a flare right on you or hold a flare and you should be fine. Make sure to pick up all the ammo and batteries around the house and at the foot of the stairs up to the house.

Episode 3 – Ransom

Trailer Park to the Forest
Do the usual stuff. Get to rose, cutscene, exit to the front of the park, cutscene, evade the police. After all that you’ll have to start a generator under a shed to power up a search light to destroy a gate. You have to get from the generator to the searchlight fast because it’ll die out quickly and you’ll have to restart it. After that you have to head to the radio station. After awhile you’ll pick up some flashbangs and a flashlight. Use them right! Wait till a few taken are close enough and then throw a flashbang so all of them will die off of one. If one gets to close and the others are far back then use the flashlight on the closer taken so he’ll slow down. Run from checkpoint to checkpoint and if you can make it to a street light/safe haven then run instead of using your flashbangs. One flash bang kills regular taken and two kills a strong taken, unless his shield is down. Do as I say and you’ll have no problem getting to the radio station.

The Forest to the Train Depot
First thing you should do when you encounter taken is run to the generator in front of you, drop a flare, start the generator, pick up the new flare, and run to the safe haven. Head to the train depot! When you reach the part with the old wooden houses and a shotgun inside make sure you turn on as many search lights around the house as you can. Head inside and grab the shotgun and the lights will weaken all the taken around you. If they get to close use a flare. Use your own flashlight and all the shields will lower. If they’re close enough you can use a flashbang to take out a bunch at once. Or if you want to save them use your guns, but there will be a lot. Continue towards the train depot. Cross the bridge with the train above you and you’ll run into some poltergeist objects. Use your flashlight and batteries on them and if your health gets too low then use a flashbang. Try to dodge them if they come flying at you. If they’re on the floor don’t touch them because they’ll still hurt you. After the bridge head up to a fence with a water tower. Go to the right along the fence and on the cliff on a tree stump is a Manuscript Page entitled, “Wake and Nightsprings.” Head back to the left and up a ladder. Make sure you pick up the heavy duty flashlight and supplies. When you jump down you’ll see some red tanks. When taken come here and any time later on make sure to shoot those once and they’ll blow up either weakening or killing the taken around them. Just like flashbangs! The next area is like a boss, after you make it through the building. There will be a poltergeist bulldozer and a few taken. Don’t worry about using your flares and batteries because there are three emergency red boxes around this area with 3 flares, batteries, and some revolver ammo. Use flares and your batteries for your flashlight on the bulldozer. It will still come at you so dodge it as much as you can. It shouldn’t take too much and the taken will stay away since you pop flares. When it’s destroyed focus your attention on the taken. Use a flashbang or whatever weapon you want to destroy them. Then head to the car in the next area and you’ll get a cutscene to the next section of episode 3.

To the Coal Mine Museum
Drive to the coal Mine Museum making sure not to drive off a cliff. After a cutscene you’ll have all your stuff back. Head to Mirror Peak next and grab all the supplies along the way. Head to mirror peak through the mining and train looking area. There will be more red propane tanks you can shoot to help you. There will also be more poltergeist objects. Try and dodge them or stand in areas where they can’t get you and use your flashlight or flares if you need to. When you get to the train that you have to climb up on and jump down the hatch to get inside, drop a flare inside before dropping in. It will kill one of the objects and stop the other. Then destroy the second with your flashlight. In the next area there will be a car. If you want you can use it to get back and forth between the objectives to shut off the power to get passed the electrified fence. Remember to boost the headlights to take down their shields. When you head through buildings in doors make sure to equip your shotgun. When you get their shields down it’s best to take them out quick with one or two shots.

Continue towards Mirror Peak picking up whatever supplies you see. When you get to the section with searchlights circling a lake or whatever take the left path. The right path will take you longer and make you go through more taken. Make sure you use the search lights to your advantage. And remember if you’re in trouble to pop a flare. Once you reach the last search light, tons of taken will come after you. Turn on the light and pop a flare if they get close which they most likely will fast. If you still have a flashbang you can use one. Use your flashlight if any of them still have shields. There will be a few strong taken who have stronger shields than the rest. If the search light starts to go out you can just press the button again. After you face that horde you’ll face a quick taken with two weak taken. Take the two weak taken out real quick and move on. If the quick taken tries to come for you just flash him with the light until he runs off again. You can make it to the next check point without worrying about him. Turn on a safe haven light in a little shack not far from those three. As you continue on you’ll find a ghost town. Or at least a path heading to the ghost town. If you take the path to the right it’ll lead to it. If you turn left you’ll see a Manuscript Page entitled, “Wake Reads a Page.” It’s a pretty stupid one but one you must collect. Now head towards the ghost town. Make your way through the ghost town. Get to the area where there’s a train car to your right, a wooden structure in front of you, and a red shed to your left. Go left to the shed and on some logs you’ll find another Manuscript Page entitled, “Doc Examines Barry and Rose.” Continue through the ghost town and you’ll face a few more poltergiest object including a “boss” poltergeist object. An old steam engine. Try and hide partially behind things like trees or structures to keep shining light on the objects but at the same time be protected from them. If you need to you can pop a flare and it’ll stop the objects like usual. If you still have flashbangs or flares for your flare gun you can use them.

Keep going to mirror peak and you’ll find more flare guns and flare gun ammo. You’ll see some birds but don’t use the flare gun on them! Just use your flashlight and keep running along the side of the cliff. Head inside the mine and you’ll find flares before you jump down into a room. In the room is a little more ammo. You should have picked up a hunting rifle awhile back as well. This is another horde type area. You can use your flare gun here when the taken rush you. If they surround you then use a flare, or if you still have one a flashbang. Exit the mine and continue through the woods. You’ll face more birds and taken. When you reach the long bridge where you get surrounded by taken on both sides use a flare to keep them off you. Kill the weaker taken on one side and then shift your attention on the strong taken on the other side. Use your hunting rifle to take them out quick because there’s two more taken on one side that will throw axes at you. After that you’ll have to cross the mountain ruins. When you get to the top floor of the old building you’ll fall through to the second floor. Use all you have here! This is your last chance. Flashbangs, flare gun, hunting rifle, whatever. You will get surrounded by taken so you’ll need to use it all. After that head to mountain peak for the end of episode 3.

Episode 4 – The Truth

The Clinic
You’ll do the same old bs in the beginning. Just follow objectives and listen to what you have to. You have no real control right now. After all the scenes you’ll have to actually be careful of the darkness. Don’t touch anything that has shadow on it or it will hurt you. Pretty bad too on Nightmare Mode. Use the generator on the second floor to get through the first doors. After that you’ll have to get through bear statues. In the room before the statues are two flares. Grab them and use them to get past the bears. After that a poltergeist ball will break through the doors. If it still blocks your way let it come after you but run to the end of the hall and make it inside the alcove with the lamp to protect you. Then run past it and head into the next room. Hopefully it’ll follow you because it needs to smash the next set of doors. You’ll have to dodge it at just the right time so it’ll break through without hurting you. Exit the building and grab the flashlight from barry. The statues in the front will come to life and throw themselves at you. Use the same tactics of dodging and standing behind something to use your flashlight to destroy them. If you use your batteries you’ll most likely still run out of batteries while all 4 are still alive. Don’t panic, just dodge and let your flashlight recharge on it’s on. Then head through the garden maze. If you want to get through the quickest just do this on every corner/turn you see. Be sure to pick up any supplies you see. Right, Left, Left, Right, Right (Taken), Left, Left (Taken), Left, Left, First right (taken), right (taken), right, quick right, left, left left, right and you’ll see a door. After making your way through the little path you’ll have to face doctor hartman and flocks of birds with relatively little ammo. Use your batteries to weaken hartman and flares to both weaken hartman and keep the birds off you. When the doctor leaves the little gazebo thing he start on, run up there for supplies and a flare gun. Use the flare gun to take down hartman’s shields and keep the birds off you for a bit. Try and kill hartman quickly with your revolver and keep your flashlight on so the birds don’t attack you too badly. Or if you want you could keep your flashlight on the doc and the birds while dodging the docs attacks. When his shield is low enough blast him with the flare gun to kill him. After you take out the doc you’ll still have to deal with the birds. It shouldn’t be too hard. If your health is low make sure your flashlight isn’t dead and keep aiming at them (not boosting unless they’re close enough). Let your health and flashlight recover and head around the gazebo to face a weak and strong taken. If you’re out of batteries just keep backing forward with your flashlight on them, non boosted, and their shields should come off soon. Pass by them and grab a shotgun in a wooden shed and head under a street light for a checkpoint! Continue on grabbing all supplies you can including the hidden chests with flare gun ammo not far from the street light. You’ll need it for the upcoming battle. Reach the gate with barry and hordes of Taken will come at you. Right before the gate there’s tons of supplies. Dodge anything thrown and if they get close use a flare. If they’re grouped together use your flare gun. Don’t be afraid to use everything because you won’t have it later. When Barry says the door is unlocked head out for a cutscene.

The Forest to Valhalla
Head through the forest by walking. You’ll want to save your energy. The second the poltergeist objects start moving RUN. Head down the left path towards a searchlight and turn it on. Stand either inside the light or next to it so the objects can fly at you but explode once they touch the light. Continue on and you’ll encounter a few more objects. You can either run back to the search light to have them destroyed or dodge them and keep going on. I recommend dodging them and going on because not too far ahead they won’t be able to get you. When you grab your flashlight and head on you’ll run into tons of taken. You can try and start the generator in the forest but I doubt you’ll be able to since they throw stuff. Just run ahead, dodge their attacks, and if they get close shine them with the light a bit. Keep running until you get to the safe haven. On the way to the next safe haven watch out for bear traps. Remember if you get stuck in one you’ll lose a little health and a taken will come. Head towards the farm and you’ll encounter more taken here and there. You can try shooting them or running to the next safe haven. When you get a car just use the car to kill them. Head to the farm and you’ll fight a poltergeist construction vehicle. After you take it down you’ll jump down a hill. Head left for a hidden chest and a Manuscript Page entitled, “Hartman During the Missing Week.”

Head towards the stage and quickly get all the supplies from around. You’ll face tons of Taken. At times a spotlight will come up on stage where the singer should be. Stand in the spotlight to get health and a checkpoint, it should also drive off taken. If too many taken are around you use a flashbang or flare. Don’t forget to switch to the heavy-duty lantern. Personally I think it’s best to grab the flares and flashbangs at the front of the stage first. Then drop a flare when you pick up the other supplies on the sides because the taken will be all over you quick. Try and take them out while getting the checkpoints and health boosts. Stay on stage! When the big pyro finale hits then you’re finished. Continue on towards the farm. You shouldn’t have any trouble going through the first barn. After that you may find it hard to face a few taken on the other side when the poltergeist car comes alive. If you have a flare or flashbang it’ll be best to use it now. You can run past the power lines that are dangling and some taken may hit them and die instantly. Just hope and weave by them. After them, a little later on, you’ll come to the giant tractor. Get the supplies out of the red emergency box to the side of it and leave the barn. You’ll face it as a poltergeist object. Destroy it with your lantern and use your batteries! If you need to, with a few taken around, pop a flare. Don’t be afraid to use everything you have on these taken and the last strong taken that comes after them. It’ll be the last time you get to use it. Get to the farm and do the objectives for the end of the episode.

Episode 5 – The Clicker

Bright Falls Night time
Do the quick objectives in and around the police station. Pick up your supplies and some extra flares in the station and head out. Watch for black goo on the outside of the station. On the rooftops you’ll face flocks of birds coming at you from different directions. Try and turn around as fast as you can and use your batteries and flashlight to destroy them. If you get in trouble use a flare from the police station or rooftops. You should have four by now. While going through the streets stick close to Sheriff Breaker. She’ll help you out in defeating the taken you come across. Again if you get in trouble drop a flare AND use your flashlight to take out enemy shields faster. If you run out of power and you want to save batteries keep your light on an enemy along with the sheriff’s light and don’t boost. It’ll still get the job done. Pick up supplies around town especially in the cafe where rose works. You’ll find a HD-Flashlight. There’s also a flare gun in a hidden chest to the right when you get on the main street and the float tries to run you over. When you get to the part where the sheriff has to open the fence, pick up supplies from the red emergency box right next to you. There will be more flares. This will also be a good time to use the flare gun, at least one shot from it if they’re in a group or on the boss taken with the chainsaw. Use flares if you get in trouble and double team the taken. Continue going through town until you reach the church. Before you go up the steps get all the supplies around the bottom. I suggest picking up the hunting rifle in exchange for the shotgun. Also switch the HD Flashlight for the lantern. It’s stronger but holds less batteries so stay on top of the batteries. Then head up the stairs for a replay taken assault. This time there will be quick taken instead of chainsaws so watch your back and keep your light on them as much as you can! After all that the rest should be pretty easy with two and even three people. Once you reach the helipad at the fire station then it’ll get really hard. Grab all the supplies you want around. When you got everything turn on the search lights and head to the helicopter and you’ll get thrown into action. Quickly grab the flares and flashbangs near the helicopter. Throw down some flares to keep protected and shoot the red propane tanks to help. Keep the lights on as much as you can and throw all you have at them. After this you’ll lose EVERYTHING!

To the Power Plant
You’ll start out with a HD-Flashlight with two batteries. Head to the left in the little wooden building/shed for a revolver and ammo. Use it to shoot the garage door open and taken will come at you. Since you don’t have much supplies dodge their attacks and shoot the propane tanks when they’re by them. Once they’re dead go back for more ammo and then continue on and use the same tactics in the warehouse. There are tons of propane tanks to use to your advantage so use them! In the areas up ahead you can use the power lines and propane tanks to your advantage. Be creative. When you reach the bridge head to the left along the road to find a Manuscript Page entitled, “Children of the Elder God Lyrics 1” on the floor amongst the cars. Head inside the little house next to the bridge for the bridge controls. Jump on and protect yourself against the birds that come after you but don’t head to the end of the bridge because it’ll keep spinning until you reach the other side. I suggest only using your flashlight and batteries until you reach the other side to conserve any supplies. When you make it to the last stretch towards the power plant you can use the helicopter’s light for support and take out taken easier. But there are sometimes when it’s better to just run to a safe haven. Once you reach the power plant head inside for a cutscene.

The Power Plant
After the scene pick up all supplies around especially the HD-Lantern. Head back outside and through the gate to the right. Go down the stairs and to the left around the corner. You’ll face a few taken, but at the end of the path is a Manuscript Page entitled, “The Poet and the Muse Lyrics 4.” Now head towards your objective to turn off the power. When you reach the bridges hit the buttons in this order: 1, 3, 2, 1. The bridges will all be there to shut off the power. Head back and face some taken on the way. When you face the horde of taken, one with a chainsaw, just drop a flare by the fence controls and open the fence so you can run inside the power plant without facing one taken. Inside you’ll be taken to the well lit room. Pick up supplies on the way and don’t stay too close to cynthia when you reach the tunnel. You’ll want to pick up a hunting rifle near it. Another cutscene will play.

The Forest to the Dam
Head to the crash site and you’ll get attacked by birds. Just use your flashlight and you’ll be good. When you get close to a safe haven and red box you may or may not see a log extending to the other side. You can circle around and head back up the log or turn back and head down the log. Either way there’s a Manuscript Page entitled, “Children of the Elder Gods Lyrics 2” on the log you’ll need to get. Continue on towards the crash site. Not far from the crash site you’ll find your two buddies. They will help out a lot when fighting the taken. If you still get hurt pop a flare if you have one or use a flare gun. There should be some in the area. Get to the dam and you’ll get separated again. You’ll face a few more poltergeist objects which shouldn’t be too hard if you got the hang of it by now. When you reach the top of the dam you’ll have to face a ton of taken. Try using the giant search light the best you can. Don’t let it overheat because it can still do damage when it’s cooling off and not fully overheated. If they hit you or get around the search light use all you got because this is the last point to use it. When you defeat them all you’ll have to run from the darkness tornado to the inside of the dam. You won’t face any taken but some areas will fall and keep you from reaching your destination. That’s the end of episode 5!

>Episode 6 – Departure

To Cauldron Lake
This is a pretty short episode, mostly story. You start off in new york, just do your objectives quick if you want to move on. When that’s done get in your car and head to Cauldron Lake. I’d recommend stopping to the side of the road on the first viewpoint and in the back of the construction area for some supplies. After that head to the tunnel and exit your car. You’ll have to go on foot. It’ll turn to dark and you’ll face some taken. You can wait till they’re close by and use a flashbang destroying them all in one shot or you can risk it and use flares, flashlights, and your gun. After those three get in the first car you see and use that as a weapon. But don’t destroy the car too much or you’ll have to get out. When you reach the motel get out and enter the check in office place. You’ll find a Manuscript Page entitled, “The Poet and the Muse Lyrics 1.” You can also find some supplies in there and in Agent Nightingale’s Room. Or you can just head out and continue on. Drive to the bridge next pass taken and poltergeist objects. When you reach it you’ll have to exit again. On the bridge you’ll face more poltergeist objects. Dodge them and use your light. If you need to, use a flare or flashbang to save you. At the end of the bridge you’ll face a crane or some type of construction vehicle. It will try and smash you. Just dodge it’s long arm and use your flashlight and batteries to take it down. It’s not hard at all. After that get in the car and drive ahead. Going forward you’ll see some taken and a monster truck that’s possessed. Try and destroy the truck with your headlights. If it destroys your car you’ll have to walk. You’ll eventually see a barn with tons of light shining out of it. If your car gets destroyed or close to being destroyed stick around the barn for protection and another vehicle. Inside is a truck. On the second floor is a Manuscript Page entitled, “The Poet and the Muse Lyrics 2.”

After all the keep driving until you reach another tunnel, or at least the front of it. You’ll have to go on foot AGAIN to get inside the tunnel. Pick up supplies when you first go out on foot. Inside the tunnel are tons of propane tanks so use those to your advantage! With the close quarters and tons of taken I’d suggest using your shotgun and flares if you have the skill. If you feel outnumbered use your flashbangs instead. Towards the end of the tunnel if you see the safe haven in sight you should race to the end. Then get in the car and drive on to the scrapyard.

The Scrapyard
When you reach the warehouse where you have to exit out of the car by a fence head inside and get to the second floor for supplies and another Manuscript Page entitled, “The Poet and the Muse Lyrics 3.” Click the green button in the same room to open the gate. Exit the warehouse and go through the gate up to the scrapyard. Try and keep your car in good enough shape so you can use it. Head to the generator in the scrapyard on a little platform to turn on the power. When you get down and head towards the green light to lift a crate to get through you’ll get attacked by a bulldozer and a few taken. This is why I said save the car. Use the car’s headlights to weaken it if not destroy it and the taken. If you didn’t destroy it with the car then you can use your flashlight and a flare gun. After they’re done go under the crate that you lift when you press the button. At the end is a safe haven and another car. Drive to the ghost town ahead.

The Ghost Town
Head through the ghost town and in some buildings you’ll find supplies. At the end is a giant search light. You’ll need it to face the tons of taken coming for you. There will be a few boss takens with chainsaws. If you can’t kill them with the search light (some will come from the side) then THOSE are the ones to use your flare gun on. Don’t forget about your flashbangs too. Drop a flare if they surround you. After you defeat them keep moving on. You’ll reach an area with mine carts and tracks. After you ride in one you’ll hit ground. Go down the hill and you’ll find a hidden chest you’ll need. Keep going on and you’ll face some birds. Nothing hard just use your flashlight. At the end of that you’ll face a few more taken. Instead of actually fighting them you can just run inside the little house next to them. There’s a safe haven inside. Continue up the hills and you’ll encounter a few quick taken zooming around. Every now and then you’ll see the regular and strong taken. If you have to stop to face them you might want to drop a flare because the quick taken will come up on you and stab you to death. If you can see the quick taken long enough hit them with a flare gun or flashbang. At the end you’ll finally reach a safe haven that leads to another ghost town. In the ghost town you’ll see a blinking light for an elevator but there’s no power. Find the generator but don’t start it yet. Pick up the supplies next to it and go around the back. There you’ll find a Manuscript Page entitled, “Zane’s Poem.”

Start the generator and be ready to fight some taken. Use everything you got and head to the elevator. When you press the button to call it you can stand in the safe haven light it produces to be protected by the taken. Ride up the elevator and you’ll reach the last stretch. You’ll have to destroy a bunch of objects to get to a tunnel. There may be two taken but they shouldn’t be too difficult by now. If you still are stocked up on supplies then use them all here except for one flare. This is the last time to use them. Continue through the tunnel to the tornado. You’ll find a bunch of flare gun ammo right before the tornado. Grab all you can hold and head to the next platform, but watch out for the vehicles in the air that might knock you over and kill you! Use your flare gun on the tornado a few times. After a few hits birds will come at you. This is when you drop the flare at your feet to protect you from birds and shoot the tornado some more. That’s all there is to the game. There’s more little stuff but nothing needed in this quick guide, especially if you already played through once. The End.