Episode 2 – Taken

A quick recap cut scene and you’re back re living a memory from three years ago.

The Memory

You need to turn on the coffee, that is your objective. But before you do that you can get a coffee thermos in the same room Alice is in and two Manuscript Pages in the second room to the right of Alice’s room entitled, “The Sudden Stop” 1 and 2. Turn on the coffee pot, talk to Alice, and you could listen to a small radio broadcast in your room but I don’t believe it counts towards your achievement, lastly check out the cover mock-ups on your desk. The power then goes out and you have to check the fuse box which is right next to the door you came into the apartment from. There you’ll get a flashlight. A cutscene appears and you flash forward to the present day.

The Present Day/Police Station

A small cutscene with you and the Doc, head out of the room and down the hall to see Ms. Weaver again. Head to the room at the other end of the hall to find a coffee thermos and Manuscript Page entitled, “Alice Sees a Shadow.” You can also examine a green light/button in the same room. Head back down the hall and to the right to see the Sheriff. On the wall you’ll see a sign about missing people. Pick up your phone from the Sheriff’s office and watch/listen to a cut scene. Head out back to the lot. To get there you have to go through the cell corridor. You can turn on the lights to talk with a man in the cell. The next cell has a Manuscript Page entitled, “The Dark Presence in the Diner.” Exit the door and go straight for a coffee thermos and a radio. Now head to the old fence and find a hole in the chain link fence to kick a wooden fence down. On the rock next to the truck is a Manuscript Page entitled, “Wake and Lover’s Peak.” In the truck is Alice’s Driver’s license. Take it and head back into the cell corridor. The TV comes to life and thickens the plot! Go inside the station for a cutscene.

Elderwood National Park

After the cutscene you wind up in Elderwood National Park with Barry. Directly to your left is a sign about a woolly mammoth. If you go next to Barry and to the right next to the kitchen you’ll find another coffee thermos. Head out back and talk to Rusty. Go back inside and find a Form for Rusty on the desk across from the woolly mammoth. Head back to Rusty and get the keys for your cabin and head to your car for a cut scene. After the scene you have a flashlight with 7 batteries. You can turn off the lights downstairs in the cabin three times for a little dialogue from Barry. There’s some batteries next to the stove and a coffee thermos next to the fridge. Head out the door to find another coffee thermos next to the spa on the porch. Head down the stairs and Barry locks the cabin doors and you get a revolver with 12 rounds. At the bottom of the stairs, next to a shack and yellow truck, there’s a Manuscript Page entitled, “Barry Doubts Wake’s Sanity.” Follow the path down to a log cabin. In the closet are revolver rounds. On the table is a radio. Head down the path past a tire swing, if you hit it then everything will vibrate. The next log cabin has it’s windows broken in and you can kick in the door. Inside you can find a TV to switch on. Leave the cabin and head down the path, then to the right up a small trail to a deck on a hill. Here you’ll find a Manuscript Page entitled, “Rose and Rusty.” Head back down the trail and to the same path again to find an abandoned car with a Manuscript Page entitled, “Rusty Dying.” Head down more and you’ll have a flash of visions, down the path is the Visitor’s center.

The Visitor’s Center

Follow the main road to the visitor center, before you get to any of the buildings take a right behind the first building and there will be a coffee thermos in the grass by the second or third tree. Head back to the main road you were just on. Again if you’re following the road into the parking lot look inside the first building to your left to find a coffee thermos on a table. Exit out of the building and go straight under the broken tree to find a Manuscript Page entitled, “Rusty Attacked by the Dark Presence.” Head across the parking lot to the visitor’s center to find Rusty with a cutscene. After the scene you can pick up a revolver, which is really just 6 more rounds since you already have one and you now have the key to the ranger’s office. Head outside across the parking lot again to unlock the door. Inside at the end of the hall you can find a Manuscript Page entitled, “Wake Reaches a Safe Haven of Light.” Enter the door to the right. Inside will be a cabinet with revolver ammo and batteries. Walk through the next door to trigger a small real time scene. Then head back to Rusty. Two Taken will come out the front door of the Visitor’s center. You’ll find a hole in the side of the center. Exit through there to face Rusty as a Taken. Rusty is a lot faster and stronger than the average Taken. He will teleport from place to place and carries an axe. Most average Taken take 2 shots to kill without a shadowy shield, Rusty takes about 9 (Revolver shots). After you defeat him you get an achievement and two more Taken come after you. After you defeat them turn around from where they entered to find an ammo box full of revolver ammo. Head out the door the Taken came from and down the path to a set of wooden stairs, go down the stairs.

The Park

Keep heading down the path until you reach a street light and a Manuscript Page entitled, “Rusty’s Final Thoughts” on a wooden table. Follow the sign to lover’s peak and you’ll find a red box at the top of some stairs. Open it to find batteries and revolver ammo. Go down the stairs and find another sign pointing towards Lover’s Peak, next to it is a rock with a glowing arrow pointing the other direction (left). Follow the arrows through a wooden fence into moonshine cave. You’ll find assign that says Moonshine Cave that you need to examine. At the end of the cave you find a shotgun and a hidden chest with lithium batteries. Head back out the cave to the sign and in the direction of Lover’s Peak. Once you reach a phone you’ll find some batteries on it and become surrounded by three Taken. Defeat them quickly and head across the bridge. Once on the other side head right to a picnic area where there’s a Manuscript Page entitled, “Barry Meet’s Rose.” Next head towards the compass location which is towards Lover’s Peak. You’ll come across a strong taken, which has twice the health of a regular taken, and two weaker/regular Taken. If you turn around you may see a light on a hill near by. It’s on a deck with bear carvings. A Safe Haven with a shotgun and some shotgun ammo. Head back down the path and you’ll find a big tree with a sign next to it that says “The Great Old One.” Not far from it if you’re following the same path you’ll encounter three more regular Taken. Take them out and continue down the path to encounter two more. After them you’ll cross a wooden bridge. At the other side of the bridge you can start up a generator for a street light, find a red box not far from it holding revolver ammo and batteries. Head to the right and you’ll see a phone booth with an axe in it. Head behind it and jump over the logs to find a coffee thermos.

Go back to the main path and then find a Manuscript Page entitled, “Wake Sees the Torch Symbol.” Follow the path towards Lover’s Peak and it’ll start getting foggy. You’ll encounter a few regular Taken and one strong one with a sledge hammer. Don’t be afraid to use your batteries, also with the tight space and multiple weak taken this could be a good place to get two kills with one shotgun shot. After the enemies head through the tree where they came from and you’ll see a fork in the road. Left is Lover’s Peak, so go right to find a sign about a tree ring. There is also a coffee thermos on the table across from the tree ring. Now head back to the wood fence door towards Lover’s Peak. It’s blocked off so you’ll have to jump the broken fence to the left of the door. Right after you jump it there will be a big rock with a Manuscript Page entitled, “Nightingale’s Arrival.” Keep moving until you come to a green light. Press the button for a cable car to come to transport you across the area, you must press the green button inside of the cage to get it moving. A cutscene will progress afterwords.

Lover’s Peak

After the scene a man helps you up and gives you 5 flares. You have no other guns and 5 batteries. There’s also a little red box to the left with another flare and lithium batteries. Follow the man Wake believes to be the kidnapper while Taken come for you two. Aim the lights at them to weaken them and the kidnapper will shoot them. If he’s not doing a good enough job shooting hold a flare in your hand by holding RB to keep them back and regenerate a little health. The kidnapper will open the door to lover’s peak so you have to hold off the Taken. There will be a little red box to the left of the door (if you’re looking directly at the door) in the dark that holds three flares. Use the flares and your flashlight to hold them off. Once you two reach the top of Lover’s Peak go to the right of the viewing platform for a coffee thermos then step onto the platform, there will be another red box under a street light that contains 4 Flares and a Lithium Battery Pack. Defend yourselves against a few taken and one strong Taken, when that’s complete then a cutscene will take place.

The Woods

At the end of the scene you will have a revolver with 6 rounds and you can pick up two boxes of revolver ammo, batteries, and a flare. Turn around and you’ll see some yellow marking on the trees. Find a rock path down into a cave by the waterfall for a hidden chest containing flares. Go back to the main path to find a Manuscript Page entitled, “Alice’s Fear of the Dark.” Your next objective is to make it through the woods. Start by crossing the river via the large tree trunk. Once on the other side take the next tree trunk across. Once on the other side you’ll find a tree with bear traps on it as a warning of bear traps ahead. You can shoot the traps to close them, if you step in one you will get hurt and you have to pry yourself out. Make your way through a bunch of them until you come to an area with some supplies. Stay on the trail or you may get lost. There will be two boxes of revolver ammo, batteries, a pyramid of cans, and on the edge of the cliff is a Manuscript Page entitled, “Sarah Thinks About Wake.” Follow the objective on the compass to reach another fallen tree that bridges across to another area. On the other side three regular taken will attack you. Nothing special just make sure one doesn’t sneak up on you. Keep following your compass or more sets of three Taken may come on you. Once you reach a small area with a trunk another Taken will come alone with a knife that your camera zooms onto. After move up a fallen tree to another level with a two wooden sheds and a generator. A regular taken and a strong taken with a sledgehammer will come at you. If you need to you can use your flares here. There is also revolver ammo and batteries next to a tree with bear traps on it. Search a shed for a Manuscript Page entitled, “Wake Hears a Chainsaw.” There’s also a hunting rifle in the same shed. Look inside the other shed for a coffee thermos. Follow the compass some more and you will find a downed plane with black goo on it just like at the Visitor’s Center. Under the plane you’ll find an arrow on a rock pointing to the right. There are more arrows to the left pointing upwards. Go inside the body of the plane and make it fall forward. Then go to the back of the plane and look from the tail to the cockpit. There will be a rock under the right wing. Jump on the rock and onto the wing and follow it to the end. There will be a hidden chest with two flares on the cliff side. You can then jump down and head towards the objective on the compass and pick up another flare on the way. Jump down some rocks and make your way towards a camp area it looks like. Fight three regular Taken and move forward towards the generator. There you will fight two more Taken and you can start the generator for a Safe Haven. In the light is hunting rifle ammo and revolver ammo. Move forward towards the cliffs and right along the cliffs towards a mill and you’ll find a coffee thermos. Make your way towards the mill and before you reach it three more taken will attack. Take care of them and reach the bridge.

The Mill

Your next objective is to reach the top of the mill. Climb the ladder to the right and make your way around. The base will start to move so jump off of it and onto the next ground level. Make your way inside of the door and there will be more black goo on the floor. You can pick up revolver ammo next to the first pile of goo. Climb up the stairs and go into the room on the next floor. There will be more goo around and on the balcony will be a Manuscript Page entitled, “Deputies at the Logging Site.” Head up the next set of stairs and kick a weight down to make a bridge to the next floor. On the other side is yet another Manuscript Page entitled, “Barry in Elderwood.” Head into the room to your right, watch out for the good and pick up two flares and a coffee thermos. After that head up the ladder to the next floor. At the top of the ladder is more goo and the exit to the cliffs.

The Woods

Now you have to continue through the woods. But first you have to defeat a strong Taken with a sledgehammer! If you still have the rifle you can make quick work of him. If not then directly to the left is a broken down house with another hunting rifle inside. Jump on and over the boxes in the house to find a Manuscript Page entitled, “Wake Feels the Dark Presence.” Jump back over the boxes and make your way towards the objective. There will be a big wooden fence in your way now. Go to the left side and climb over walking a plank. On the other side is a short bridge and a red box at the end of that. Inside are batteries and revolver ammo. Make your way up and to the left path and two strong taken will come with shovels, careful they can charge you. One shot with a rifle after their shield is taken down and they’re gone. Move forward to where they came from. At the top next to the cliff you’ll find a flare and a red box. Inside the red box are lithium batteries and two boxes of Revolver ammo. Continue through the fence onto the campgrounds. In this next area many taken will come at you and a boss taken with a chainsaw. This boss is probably the strongest guy you’ve faced yet. But still pretty weak in normal. After you get his shield off using the flashlight and flares it only takes two shots with the hunting rifle to take him out. Follow the path upwards to a Safe Haven. There will be carved bears and wooden log benches around a light. You’ll then get a call from Barry. Your next objective is to return to him.


Follow the path to the campgrounds. You’ll see tents and mobile trailers. On one of the picnic tables you’ll find a coffee thermos which is also next to a red emergency box with revolver ammo and batteries. Head next to the bathrooms to find a Manuscript Page entitled, “Nightingale Fires at Wake.” Head inside the girl’s side for some hunting rifle ammo. Head inside the boy’s side for the garage keys. Once you pick them up a TV will play. Exit the bathroom and enter the car across the street. The controls are as follows:

RT = Accelerate
LT = Reverse
LS = Directions
A = Hold to Boost the light (you have a certain amount of battery to use)
B = Exit and Enter Car

You can run over taken but they won’t die instantly unless their shield is down. Once you reach the main street head right for a coffee thermos, then head back the other direction. Once you reach a logging truck in the road you’ll see a fork. To the right is an arrow that points right. Take that path. You’ll find a small wooden shack with a hidden chest inside containing two flares. Be quick because the taken will get you if you’re not. Head back to the main road and follow the left fork. Quickly you’ll see a safe Haven with a hunting rifle and another can pyramid. Keep heading down the main road towards your objective until you reach a logging truck in the road with it’s lights on. Take out the Taken and then exit the car and go behind the truck into a tunnel. Inside you’ll find a Manuscript Page entitled, “Wake’s Despair.” Head back towards the logging truck and you’ll find a picnic table on the other side of it with a coffee thermos. Head back up the road to The Elderwood National Park Visitors center and more so up the road until you have to leave your vehicle. Once on foot you’ll see a car with lights on top. Next to it is revolver ammo, a flare gun, a two flare gun ammo. While heading up to the cabin you’ll face two regular Taken and one strong one that can charge you. Defeat them and you can enter a street light to recover health. Head to the cabin and you’ll find a flare, flare gun, and flare gun ammo. In the back of the cabin on a picnic table are batteries and more flare gun ammo. On the porch is another flare. Go around the other side of the cabin to find a hidden chest with two more flare gun rounds. Defeat the bird to enter the cabin. To defeat them you need light. Flares and flashlights work the best. The guns won’t do much against them. Burn a few hordes of them and Barry will let you in. A cutscene will play. Episode 2 Ends.