Episode 6 – The Departure

A quick recap and we move on to the last episode.

Your Apartment, 2 Years Ago

You wake up with a hangover. Head to the other side of the bed and pick up your sunglasses on the night stand. After that go to the bathroom and pick up some painkillers. Drinking is bad! Leave your room and check your answering machine. Next head to your living room and click the remote to turn on the TV. This should be your last TV for the achievement! After you watch the show a cutscene will play, then fast forward to the present.

The Forest, Present Day

First a little note, if you’re going for the gunless wonder achievement make sure not to fire a single shot of any gun until the achievement pops up! You start with a lantern, a few flares and flashbangs, and a revolver. After the scene turn around after the scene and you’ll see a coffee thermos on a table right next to you. Drive down to the next area with cars that looks like the area you started at, you’ll find some lithium batteries. There’s also a big sign about the majestic hotel. The next stop will be by some tractors and cars. Head to the back to find a shed with a hunting rifle, hunting rifle ammo, and some batteries. Keep going back into the darker corner and you’ll find an old house with a hidden chest containing flashbangs and flares. Get back to the car and drive until you see an old wooden barn. Exit out and head around the left side for a coffee thermos on the floor. Get back in the car and drive to the tunnel. There will be cars blocking the area so you have to get out and walk. A small scene will take place and it is now night time!

The Dark Roads – To Cauldron Lake

Exit the tunnel and there will be three taken in front of you. You now have a lantern with the rest of your supplies. If you don’t want to shoot them take them out with a flashbang. Then walk forward for a Manuscript Page entitled, “The Dark Presence Wants to Stop Wake.” Find a car and drive hitting all the Taken in your path. Once you come to a dead end with the logging trucks in your path make a left up the road to a motel. Examine the sign in sheet and then enter the small bathroom behind you to find a coffee thermos. Exit the bathroom and look to your right for a sign about the Majestic Hotel. Behind the counter is a shotgun and shotgun ammo. Head into room 2 for 2 flashbangs, revolver ammo, and a jacket you can examine. Exit the room and two Taken, strong and weak, will come after you. Use a flashbang or shoot them. Go to the end of the parking lot for another car, just in case you run into more Taken. Drive down the road to the bridge and you’ll encounter a few more taken and some possessed objects. Take them out quickly with the car and get to the bridge. On the bridge you’ll enter a safe zone with the street light but you have to get out of the car. Go on foot around the other cars on the bridge and you’ll find a flare a little ahead. Take a few more steps and more possessed objects will come flying at you, car wheels, refrigerators, and some barrels. Destroy them with your flashlight and move on. More of the same objects will keep coming to life down the bridge. If you can’t handle too many at once pop a flare. At the end is a possessed crane. It will try and smash you so move around a bit and keep your flashlight on it. At the end get inside the car and move on. Drive down to the area with the burning cars in the fields. You’ll need to get around the obstructions on the road. There will be lots of Taken here and there and a Monster Truck. This Monster Truck is possessed by the darkness so you’ll need to destroy it with light. It will run into your car and if your car dies (you’ll get out automatically) it will start to run into you. Destroy it as fast as you can. If your car dies you can try and run to a barn not too far that has light shining from inside. In there is a truck and the light serves as a safe haven. On the second floor is a flare. If you’re looking directly at the barn, then the house right next to it, to the right, has a coffee thermos on the porch. If you’re in the car in the barn and are driving out of the barn then the house is to the left. Keep driving down the road and the darkness will try and get you here and there with it’s objects. At the end you’ll have to get out of the car again. You’ll find a street light with some supplies on the floor. There are batteries, a flare, a pump action shotgun, and shotgun ammo. Look out for black goo on the ground. Once you reach the tunnel, Taken will surround you. There are about 6 Taken. If you don’t want to shoot then wait till they come by and hit them with a flashbang. You’ll also pick up some flares and ammo here and there. At the end of the tunnel more taken will come before you can reach the street light. A light at the end of the tunnel…heh. Anyways if you want you can just run towards the light and see if you make it before they come and get you. RIGHT BEFORE the light on the floor is a Manuscript Page entitled, “The Trail of the Dark Presence.”Under the light is a red emergency box with lithium batteries and some ammo. Get in the truck and drive forward even through the stop signs. At the end you’ll see a truck blocking a tunnel. On the truck is a Manuscript Page entitled, “Sarah and Barry in the Well-Lit Room.” Head back and this time take the dirt road on the right. Before you pass the first gate on the dirt road on the right exit the car and read the sign on the left of the gate. It’s a sign about opening hours for the scrapyard. Once you get to the top you may notice some yellow arrows. Follow them to the left of the warehouse. You’ll find a hidden chest containing 3 flares and a flashbang. If you don’t want to fight then run to the spotlight in the front of the warehouse. On the outside of the warehouse to the left of the door is the very last sign saying All visitors must see the yard manager. Inside is a coffee thermos and two taken. Up on the second floor are two flashbangs and a flare gun. Make sure to click the green button that opens the gate before you exit the second floor. Go back outside and enter one of the trucks. Drive towards the scrapyard and you’ll see a ramp up to it BUT BEFORE YOU GO UP look to the right, right before the ramp. There will be a little yard to the right with a coffee thermos.

The Scrapyard

There’s not much in the scrapyard. You can try and drive your truck into it but it’ll get damaged pretty badly. Make your way around the old broken cars to the end to find some ammo, 3 flares, batteries, and a Manuscript Page entitled, “Thomas Zane’s Last Drive.” In the street light next to all this is a ladder. Climb the ladder and at the top is a flare, flashbang, flare gun, and generator. Take the three items and start the generator. Once the generator is on you’ll see a green light go on in a fuse box. Head down and go to the button, but before you get there a poltergeist bulldozer and one taken will come after you. Use the light sources you got, flashlights, flares, flashbangs, to take it out and press the button. Once you press it a giant blue crate will lift and you can go under it to a car on the outside.

The Ghost Town

Drive up the road until you reach a street light with a red emergency box under it with supplies. Exit your car and enter the little shed on the left side of the road for a hidden chest containing a flare gun and flashbang. Exit the shack and head upstairs to the wooden house. Follow the yellow arrows that say follow and jump down a hole in the floor. At the bottom you can find revolver ammo and batteries. Turn around and get to the corner with the big cart in the way. Interact with it to push it out of the way. Exit the house and you’ll see a power company car with searchlights around it. There’s also a pump action shotgun with ammo and two flashbangs. Move forward and one Taken will come after you. Take him out quickly and find an old house that looks like a store. It says repair and maintenance on the front. Inside is a shotgun, revolver, hunting rifle, and coffee thermos. Move on to the giant search light and get on it to destroy all the taken in front of you. There’s also some flares and flare gun ammo to the side of it. After those taken are destroyed two big taken with chainsaws will come from behind you. If you’re trying not to shoot, use flares and the flashlight to take their shields down. Once they’re down use a flashbang on them. Once everybody’s dead head to the mining cart blocking the entrance of a doorway behind the searchlight and push it out of the way. Inside the old house is a Manuscript Page entitled, “The Dark Place.” At the other door is another mine cart. Push it out of the way to proceed. Head around the trail to a mine cart that’s still on the tracks.

The Forest – To Cauldron Lake

At the top of the cart are some supplies. Two sticks of flare gun ammo and a red emergency box full of batteries and ammo. Jump down into the cart and release the break. The cart will roll down the tracks and a few birds will try and attack you. Flash them with your light and they’ll leave you alone. At the end the cart will get stuck in a hole. Jump out of it and move down the rest of the track. At the end you’ll see a street light. Keep going to the very end to find a hidden chest containing 2 flashbangs, 2 sticks of flare gun ammo, and 3 flares. Go back to the tracks and you’ll see a ladder heading up. Climb the ladder up and at the top a few more birds will try and get you. Flash them and they’ll leave you alone. Walk over to the mine cart that’s still on the tracks and push it out of the way. The cart will fall down a hole so make sure you jump over the hole and on to the next platform. More birds will try to attack you. At the end of the platform before you turn right there’s a coffee thermos. Go right and more birds will continue to attack you until you make it onto land. Once on land there will be some patches of black goo here and there. Head up the hill and you’ll find 4 taken, three regular and one strong. Shouldn’t take much to kill them. Enter the house with the light shining. Inside there’s some lithium batteries and ammo. Exit the house and under the shed is a revolver and more revolver ammo. Continue on to Cauldron Lake. In the forest a truck will fall out of the sky covered in black goo. A quick Taken will come around you, if you move forward a few more regular taken will come for you. You can try and hold them off with a flare and move on. Not too far is a generator attacked to a street light to create a safe haven. Next to it is a few supplies like ammo and flares. Continue on through the forest and another car or something will fall out of the sky. More quick and strong taken will come at you. If you keep going on you’ll see what looks like a long train car or something like it in the middle of the forest. Inside there are two flashbangs and a coffee thermos. Continue towards your objective following your compass and more taken will come after you. If you’re trying not to fire a shot, use all the flares you can and run from light to light. Eventually you’ll come on another generator to make a safe haven, but this won’t doesn’t last long. The light busts and you’ll have to keep moving. There’s few supplies like one flare and some ammo around this area. Head up the hills and more vehicles will fly at you from the sky. Climb the wooden steps at the top of the mountain to find another ghost town.

Another Ghost Town

Head inside the first house for a hidden chest containing three flares and two flashbangs. Upstairs is a pump action shotgun and ammo. It’s also the only way to proceed. There will be a hole in the wall on the second floor for you to jump down into the town. Watch out for the power lines. Turn left and you should see an old rusty lighthouse looking thing. Go around the back and you’ll find a coffee thermos. Head all the way to the right for some flashbangs, flare gun ammo, and a generator. Once you start it three chainsaw taken and two quick taken will come after you. If you’re lucky some of them will run into power lines. When they’re dead quickly run to the elevator. You can run under it as a safe haven. Click the green button to call the elevator, get in, go to the top floor, and grab the last Manuscript Page entitled, “The Way through the Dark Place.” On the other side of the elevator are flares, flare gun ammo, and lithium batteries.

To Cauldron Lake

You’re almost there. Head up the mountain path and tons of objects will come from the sky, only a few will fly at you and most just stand in your way. Use light to destroy them. Taken will also come for you from behind. Use all you got and get through to the tunnel. When going through the tunnel, metal beams will come through the walls. If you touch them they’ll hurt you. Some might go directly in your way so use your flashlight to destroy them. Now you must face the tornado! Get closer and closer, dodging all the poltergeist objects. Once you get close enough the “Gunless Wonder” achievement will pop up! You’ll find a flare gun and infinite rounds. Pick those up if you need them and get closer, as close as you can. Fire flares inside of the tornado until it’s defeated. A little cutscene will play but it’s not over yet. You’ll wake up in your apartment and you have to find your clicker. Go into the living room and you’ll get a flashlight. Use it on the floating words and on Alice. Pick up the clicker for another scene. After the scene you’ll still have your flashlight and there will be words all over. Use the flashlight to destroy the words. Use it on the word “THERMOS” next to the couch and a coffee thermos will appear. Use the flashlight on the word PATH and you’ll move on. Move forward and use the flashlight on the word BRIDGE and a bridge will appear. Move forward, use your flashlight on the words “BIRD LEG CABIN” and enter the cabin for the final cutscene…..THE END.