Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Guide

Game Modes

When choosing a multiplayer game mode you can choose the game mode, level, and whether it has hardcore or not. All game modes have no time limit but instead are won by other means. The following tells you all you need to know about each game mode:


Rush is an objective game mode with two teams of up to 12 players face each other. At the beginning of the round one team is assigned to be attackers and the other defenders. There will be two sites that need defending or attacking at a time. Defenders defend the site until the other team runs out of respawn tickets. This means the defenders must kill the attacker’s players 75 times to win the round. The attackers need to blow up both sites and then move forward to the next site and do it again three or four more times depending on the map. You can destroy the objectives by planting timed bombs on them, blowing them up with their own explosives, or bringing down the house the objective is located in. If the attackers plant a timed bomb on the objective the defenders have the opportunity to defuse the bomb. They are given about 30 seconds.

Squad Rush

Squad Rush is just like Rush with a few exceptions. It’s smaller version with only one M-COM Station being fought over. There are two teams of 4 players. There are only 20 spawn tickets this time. The maps are built smaller for the game modes and there are no vehicles, just stationary guns.


Teams fight to gain control of 3-4 flags. When a team is in control of a flag, you and your team can respawn in that area and have access to those vehicles. After capturing flags, eliminate the enemies. There will be a little meter next to team scores showing how long until you capture a flag. The more team mates you have on a flag the faster you can capture it. You cannot capture flags if there are enemies around it. Just like with Rush you have to eliminate the spawn tickets the enemies have. Now they boosted up the spawn tickets and the more flags you have the faster the spawn tickets “bleed out.” Before it was basically a Deathmatch and deaths used up the spawn tickets. Now, if your team is in control of more bases, then the other team will start losing spawn tickets. I think it’s at a rate of 1 Spawn Ticket every 5 Seconds. Up to 24 players, 12 vs 12.

Squad Deathmatch

In squad deathmatch, 4 teams of up to 4 players fight. The first team to 50 kills wins. There is only one vehicle in each map. Fight for control over it, or destroy it.


You can choose hardcore mode on any of the game modes. In hardcore you have less HUD (meaning you can’t see how much ammo and grenades etc you have, you won’t see the radar, there are no red triangles for spotting enemies, no cross hairs, and it won’t show the ammo and med kit symbols), health is lowered to around 60% (meaning no sniper rifle will be one hit kill at long range UNLESS you have magnum ammo) even though it says raised weapon damage (you can get killed inside a vehicle but the vehicle won’t be destroyed), and your health doesn’t regenerate unless you have a med kit nearby. Friendly Fire is on and you lose points when killing or hurting your team mates. Damage you do to your team mates and yourself seems to be lessened. When you die it doesn’t show the enemy that killed you, but it still shows their name, weapon, rank, and specializations.