Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Guide

Onslaught Mode

Onslaught Mode is a new edition to Battlefield Bad Company 2. It places 1-4 players against waves of AI enemies. The objective is to clear out areas and capture the flags like Conquest Mode. Once you capture a flag you spawn at that flag. Makes you cleared it out or you will respawn next to enemies. You can use all your unlockables from the multiplayer mode, but you cannot unlock more things in this mode. The enemy AI use kits just like you that you can pick up if they die. Some maps have vehicles that both you and the enemy AI can use so be prepared. You can do three things to play Onslaught Mode:

Find a Game – Find a game already in progress
Create a Private Game – Play Alone or with friends on Onslaught
Create a Public Game – Start up a game that others online can join in on.

If you play alone you have infinite lives but it takes 14 seconds to respawn each time. Beat your best time! If you play in a squad then the game ends when everyone is dead. You can respawn but it takes 14 seconds. When playing with friends you can respawn at the last flag captured or on a team mate. At the end of the round your score is matched up against your teams and it shows if you beat your best time. Then you load up a new map or the same map on the same difficulty with your same team.

There are four maps to choose from:

Atacama Desert: A desert map close to night fall. Lots of vehicle war far. At the start you can use an Apache Helo, Abrahms Tank, or HMMWV with a TOW Missile Mounted on the back. 3 Flags
Isla Inocentes: An island type map close to night fall. At the start you can use two 4 wheelers, a Blackhawk, or two Patrol Boats. 3 Flags
Nelson Bay: A snowy forest map. Lots of snipers. No vehicles. 3 Flags
Valparaiso: A jungle island map at night. At the start you can use a M3A3 Bradley or two 4 Wheelers. 4 Flags.

And there are four difficulties to choose from:

Easy: Enemy AI has decent aim.
Normal: Enemy AI has almost the same aim as Easy but bullets do more damage.
Hard: Enemy AI has a lot better aim and damage.
Hardcore: Hardcore rules. No Radar, No HUD, No Crosshairs, 50% health, and friendly fire is on!

The health of enemies in Easy, Normal, Hard, and Hardcore seems to be weird. Sometimes it seems close to 33% and sometimes it’s closer to 66%. However, headshots with any weapon seem to always take the enemy down with one bullet.