Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Guide


The campaign is single player only. There are 13 levels total with three selectable difficulties. Easy, Normal, and Hard. In the campaign you can find collectibles on either multiple or certain levels. Once you have these collectibles you can find them in supply drops later on in the game. This time in Bad Company 2 you have regenerative health. If you get killed you have to reload a previous checkpoint. There are also ammo crates scattered throughout missions that allow you to refill on ammo. Along with ammo crates you can find supply crates on select missions. With supply crates you can get any weapon you have found throughout the campaign.

Operation Aurora
October 6, 1944. Find a Japanese scientist with critical information on a special weapon.
(Weapons Found: M1 Garand, Type 100, TNT, Team Mates use M1A1 Thompson)

Cold War
Bad Company is in Russian territory to back up a US counter intelligence agency.
(Weapons Found: TOZ-194, AN 94-R, XM8 S, T88 LMG)

Heart of Darkness
Travel to Bolivia as Special Activities Division. Find Aguire. 2 M-COM Stations.
(Weapons Found: XM8 S, SPAS-12, AEK-971, M2 CG, T88 LMG, TOZ-194, T88 SR, SCAR-L, C4, TOZ-194S)

Continue in Bolivia searching for NS Operative Aguire. 2 M-COM Stations.
(Weapons Found: T88 S, T88 LMG, AEK-971, TOS-194, AEK-971R, T88 R LMG, SPAS-12S, MP-443, C4)

Crack The Sky
Destroy Sattelite Controls in the Andes. 2 M-COM Stations.
(Weapons Found: XM8 S, USAS-12S, T88 LMG, AEK-971, AEK-971R, SCAR-L, TOS-194, M95, C4, SCAR-LS, M2 CG)

Retrieve data server from the crashed satellite and decent the mountain. 2 M-COM Stations.
(Weapons Found: USAS-12, C4, SCAR-L, M2 CG)

Heavy Metal
Chile, find Kirilenko with help from Aguire’s soldiers in tanks in UAVs. 2 M-COM Stations.
(Weapons Found: MG 3, AN 94-R)

High Value Target
Locate Kirilenko with your soldiers in Humvees. 2 M-COM Stations.
(Weapons Found: XM8, TOZ-194, AN 94-R, MG 3, T88 LMG)

Sangre Del Toro
Find the Sangre Del Toro before Kirilenko’s men. 4 M-COM Stations.
(Weapons Found: M60, F2000, AN 94-R, TOZ-194, USAS-12, AN 94-S, MG 3R, M2 CG, T88 LMG, M60S)

No One Gets Left Behind
Find your missing squad members, rescue your pilot, and rendezvous with Aguire. 4 M-Com Stations.
(Weapons Found: MP-443, M95,M2 CG, C4, TOZ-194, AEK-971, F2000-R, F2000, USAS-12, T88 LMG, M95S)

Zero Dark Thirty
Escape through town and get Kirilenko. 4 M-COM Stations.
(Weapons Found: AN 94-R, TOZ-194, AEK-971, M2 CG, M95, MG 3, USAS-12, SCAR-L, F2000-R)

Force Multiplier
Make your way through the blast zone and find Kirilenko.
(Weapons Found: AN 94-R, SCAR-L, AN 94-S, T88 S-R, USAS-12)

Stop the Scalar Weapon and take down Kirilenko.
(Weapons Found: AKS-74U R, AKS-74U, USAS-12, MG-3R, TOZ-194, MP-443)