Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Guide


Specializations are attachments or improved stats on weapons or vehicles. You can choose up to three specializations per class.
However, some specializations fall under certain categories. All vehicle specializations fall under Specialization slot 3. Some specializations can only be used with certain guns which are obvious. Shotgun Extended mags can only be used on shotguns and Assault Rifle Marksman Training can only be used on the Assault class with Assault Rifles.

Specialization 1 Slot

  • Red Dot Sight(RED DOT) – An optical red dot sight that helps player’s aiming. 14000 Assault Score, 11000 Engineer Score, 15000 Medic Score, 12500 Recon Score to Unlock.
  • 4x Rifle Scope(4X OPT) – 4x magnification scope for aiming at medium ranges. 17000 Assault Score, 13500 Engineer Score, 18000 Medic Score, 8000 Recon Score to Unlock.
  • 12x High Power Scope(12X OPT) – 12x magnification scope for aiming at long ranges. It looks like the regular sniper scope (varies on the sniper) but actually zooms in more. Regular sniper scope is 10x zoom. 10000 Recon Score to Unlock.
  • Lightweight Combat Equipment(LW PACK) – Allows you to move faster by 10%. Unlocked at Rank 5.
  • Ammo Hip Bandolier(AM UPGR) – Allows you to have double the amount of extra magazines/ammo. So if you have 12 rounds in your gun and 24 extra you now have 48 extra. Unlocked at Rank 6.
  • Grenade Vest(GR UPGR) – Allows you to have double the amount of Hand Grenades and 40MM Grenades. Unlocked at Rank 7.
  • Medic Kit Improved Health(MEDK H+) – Increases the rate in which your Medic Kit heals team mates by 50%. 12000 Medic Score to Unlock.
  • Explosives Leg Pouch(EX UPGR) – Allows you to have double the amount of explosives (C4/Anti Tank Mine) and rockets. Unlocked at Rank 8.
  • 12 Gauge Slugs(12G.SGN) – Increases range and accuracy, but lowers power on shotguns. With this specialization your shotgun shells no longer spread out with each burst but is one slug that is as accurate as other bullets in the game. Your cross hair also changes from a circle to a tight +. Unlocked at Rank 16.

Specialization 2 Slot

  • Ceramic Body Armor(BODY AR) – Increases the amount of damage you can take by about 25%. Unlocked at Rank 14.
  • Magnum Ammunition(MGNM AM) – Increases the damage and range of your bullets by about 25%. Unlocked at Rank 15.
  • Improved Demolitions(EXPLMK2) – Increases the destructive power of explosives by 25%. Unlocked at Rank 17
  • Sniper Spotting Scope(SPOT) – Spots enemies within view for you and your team instead of pressing the spot button. 17000 Recon Score to Unlock.
  • Marksman Assault Rifle Training(MMN AR) – Increases hip fire accuracy on ARs. Makes bullet grouping closer by 23%. 24000 Assault Score to Unlock.
  • Marksman SMG Training(MMN SMG) – Increases hip fire accuracy on SMGs. Makes bullet grouping closer by 23%. 21500 Engineer Score to Unlock.
  • Marksman LMG Training(MMN LMG) – Increases hip fire accuracy on LMGs. Makes bullet grouping closer by 23%. 28000 Medic Score to Unlock.
  • Medic Kit Improved Range(MEDK R+) – When you drop a medic kit with this specialization, the healing power can reach further by twice the range (to 7M). 21000 Medic Score to Unlock.
  • Extended Shotgun Magazine(SG UPGR) – Increases the ammo a shotgun can hold, but not total ammo. Unlocked at Rank 9.

Specialization 3 Slot

  • Improved Warheads Package(V WARHD) -Increases the power of vehicle’s primary weapons by 25%. 3600 Vehicle Score to Unlock.
  • Active Armor Upgrade(V ARMOR) – Increases how much damage your vehicle can take by 25%. Unlocked with code or 1100 Vehicle Score
  • Electronic Warfare Package(V ELECT) – Allows the person in the tank to see enemies, C4, and Explosives on radar within a 20 M radius of the tank. Unlocked with code or 2400 Vehicle Score
  • Quick Reload Package(V RLOAD) – Increases reload time on vehicle primary weapons by 15%. 5000 Vehicle Score to Unlock.
  • Smoke Countermeasures Package(V SMOKE) – A 6 launcher smoke grenade system that pops smoke around the entire vehicle, takes 20 seconds to reload. If you use it with helos then they pop flares instead of smoke which removes tracer darts. 6500 Vehicle score to Unlock.
  • High Power Optics Package(V OPTIC) – Increases accuracy and range on armored vehicles. 8000 Vehicle Score to Unlock.
  • Alternate Weapon Package(V ALT W) – Increases range and accuracy on mounted weapons on vehicles. Unlocked with code or 10000 Vehicle Score to Unlock.