Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Guide


In Battlefield Bad Company 2 you can play multiplayer online with or without friends.

Quick Match
When you go to the quick match option you get to choose the playlist, map, and whether you want hardcore turned on or off. Then you search for a match.

Play With Friends
This section is to play online multiplayer with friends. You can join a friend already playing in a game, create a team of friends and find a match online, or you can start a private match with up to 23 friends. The minimum amount of friends you can have in a private match is 8 (4 vs 4).

Online Stats
Under the multiplayer section there are a few sub sections where you can look at your stats. The weapons and gadgets section shows how many times you used a weapon and gadget, how close you are to unlocking other weapons and gadgets, and if you have any stars on those weapons. The leaderboards show your rank compared to other people all over the world on your particular system (PS3/360/PC). Under the stats section you can see your online stats such as kills, deaths, accuracy, favorite weapon, favorite vehicle, and scores on kits and rank. Along with those stats you can see the awards and dog tags yu have earned.

Multiplayer Systems

Bad Company 2 has 50 ranks, similar in name like Bad Company 1, and like previous battlefield games there are bronze, silver, and gold versions of each rank. They are all unlocked by ranking up with experience points which you earn doing various things. You start out with no ranks and level up to private and on. The game’s ranks do not match the emblems like real life Military names and emblems.

Skill Level

In Bad Company 2 there is a skill level for every person that you can view on the leaderboards. It is separate from score, rank, and time played and is based on actual skill instead of amount played. The level goes from 1-200. The higher the number the better the skill. The skill level is determined by the amount of points you get in a matter of time and your kill death ratio.


In Bad Company 2 you are given one of 4 base kits to play in the multiplayer. They are Assault, Medic, Engineer, and Recon. Each kit can choose certain guns, specializations, and gadgets. Some gadgets and weapons are only for a certain kit, for example you can only get the SAW M249 in the medic kit and no other kit. Some weapons and gadgets can be used in all kits like the 870 COMBAT. Each weapon and gadget’s availability is listed in the weapons section of this guide. For each kit you get to choose a Primary gun, Secondary Gun, gadget , and three specializations. Along with the choose able things you are also given a combat knife one frag grenade, and one certain gadget depending on your kit. Assault (Ammo Box), Engineer (Repair Tool), Medic (Medic Box), Recon (Motion Sensors). I’ll give you some examples:

Assault Kit
AEK-971 VINTOVKA / M9 / 40MM Grenade Launcher / Red Dot Sight / Ceramic Armor / Alternate Weapons Package

Engineer Kit
SCAR-L Carbine / Tracer Dart Gun / RPG-7 / Red Dot Sight / Marksman SMG Training / Improved Warheads Package

In the multiplayer you cannot pick up other people’s weapons or exchange them for your weapons. You can pick up other people’s entire kits in exchange for the kit you’re currently using. All ammo that was used up in their kit will still be gone. If you run out of ammo you will need to find a team mate who can throw down an ammo box so you can get more ammo back. You cannot pick up ammo anywhere else.

By using kits you can earn kit experience which is the same as regular XP to rank up, but these unlock more weapons in one of the four kits. You can get points by killing enemies, doing objectives in objective matches like destroying M-COM stations, or using your kit in the way it was meant to such as dropping ammo or med kits or repairing vehicles.