Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Guide

Character Creation

When playing online multiplayer there are a variety of things to choose from to customize your character. At the beginning of each match you can choose a character model. Next, if you’ve unlocked it, you choose a profile set which is a set of abilities, perks, kill streaks, and loss streaks that help you get the upper hand in all matches.


In the online multiplayer you choose one of 17 characters/personas (10 are in game defaults, 1 you can buy from uplay, 2 are special edition bonuses only, and 4 are unlocked as you rank up). Everyone else in the game chooses a different character, unless the game mode requires the whole team to be the same character. The crowd is full of the same characters you can choose at the start of the match. The first picture show the regular color/color 1/color 2/color 3. The second picture is gear with default color, Default/Advanced/Superior/Elite. The personas are:

The Priest
Uses a Dagger.

The Doctor
Uses a Syringe.

The Prowler
Uses a Hidden Blade.

The Nobleman
Uses a Claw.

The Courtesan
Uses a Fan Blade.

The Barber
Uses a Shaving Razor.

The Executioner
Uses an Axe.

The Engineer
Uses an old school Compass.

The Captain
Uses a Sword.

The Smuggler
Uses a Hidden Blade.

The Hellequin
Purchase with uplay.
Uses Two Daggers.

The Blacksmith
Unlocked at Level 15.
Uses a hammer.

The Thief
Unlocked at Level 25.
Uses a dagger.

The Footpad
Unlocked at Level 35.
Uses a dagger.

The Mercenary
Unlocked at Level 45.
Uses a short sword.

The Harlequin
Pre-Order/Special Edition Bonus
Uses two daggers.


The Officer
Pre-Order/Special Edition Bonus
Uses two daggers.