Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Guide

Subject 16’s Glyphs and Puzzles

Throughout the story mode you may find special glyph which give you puzzles. Complete the puzzles to unlock a bit of “the truth” which is in video form. If you ever see a red eye on a landmark’s picture, the landmark will hold a secret glyph. You can only see the glyph if you’re using eagle vision. I will show you the glyph locations and give the answers to the puzzles. I believe there are as many puzzles as there are glyphs, unlike Assassin’s Creed II which had many different puzzles. The puzzles may not match the glyphs in the order I write them. There are ten glyph locations, so there must be atleast ten puzzles.

Glyph Locations

There are 10 glyphs in all of Rome. You can find them in the following map:


Santa Maria Del Miracoli and Santa Maria Di Montesant

The glyph in this location is on the side of the long tower that leads to a viewpoint.

The Pantheon

The glyph in this location is in the inside of the building and above the door.

Palazzo Senatorio

The glyph in this location is on the side of the building shown in the map.


On the tower that marks a viewpoint


On the North West Wall, all the way up top.

Caserma Di Alviano

This is on the East wall outside the mercenary barracks.

Rosa In Fiore

On the North side of the wall.

Castel Sant’Angelo

Inside the gates. You can get this one during a Sequence 4 memory.

Castel Praetoria

Inside the gates of a French Camp. You get this one during a Sequence 6 memory.

Acquedotto Claudia

On the north side of the aqueduct. You have access to this area in Sequence 7+. To get to it you must repair the aqueduct to the East. Then climb the ladder on the rooftop to reach the top of the aqueduct. Place yourself over the glyph, then drop down and grab it before you hit the ground.