Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Guide

Experience Points

When playing the online multiplayer section of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood you will earn experience points by doing various things. You use those points to rank up and unlock various items like weapons, perks, abilities, etc. Depending on what you do, you will earn bonuses. The bonuses are split up into 4 sections:

Kill Bonuses

Kill bonuses award points for different style kills.

Discreet (+50 pts)
Kill with a DISCREET approach, by entering high profile just before assassinating your target.

Silent (+200 pts)
Kill with a SILENT approach, stay out of high profile while near your target.

Incognito (+300 pts)
Kill your target without using high profile. Your detection meter must never decrease.

Acrobatic (+100 pts)
Kill your target from an acrobatic position, such as while climbing or crouching.

Drop Kill (+150 pts)
Kill your target from a ledge.

Focus (+150 pts)
Stay next to your target for at least 3 seconds with the assassinate button displayed above the target’s head before dealing the death blow.

Hidden (+200 pts)
Kill your target while hidden in a group, on a bench or in a haystack.

First Blood (+50 pts)
Perform the first kill of the session.

Revenge (+50 pts)
Kill the Templar who killed you last before anyone else.

Poacher (+50 pts)
Kill your target with another pursuer less than 10m away.

Savior (+50 pts)
Kill your target, who is close to killing their target (when they are less than 10m from their target).

Grounded (+50 pts)
Kill your target while the target is on the ground.

Mid-Air (+100 pts)
Kill your target in the air with the HIDDEN GUN.

Poison (+200 pts)
Kill your target with POISON.

Intercepted (+50 pts)
Another Templar kills your poisoned target before the poison has its effect.

Action Bonuses

Stun (+200 pts)
Stun your pursuers with the Stun button.

Escape (+100 pts)
Escape one pursuer while in a Chase.

Double Escape (+50 pts)
Escape two pursuers while in a Chase.

Triple Escape (+100 pts)
Escape three pursuers while in a Chase.

Close Call (+50 pts)
Escape a pursuer less than 10m away.

Chain (+50 pts)
Perform an escape and a kill, one after another, in less than 10 seconds.

Lure (+100 pts)
Cause your pursuers to kill a decoy or a civilian disguised as you while next to you (with a full compass).

Variety (+200 pts)
Earn 5 different bonuses.

Greater Variety (+400 pts)
Earn 10 different bonuses.

Extreme Variety (+600 pts)
Earn 15 different bonuses.

Team Bonuses

Team bonuses are bonus points earned in team game modes.

Co-Op Kill (+100 pts)
Kill a target locked on by your teammate.

Co-Op Stun (+100 pts)
Stun a pursuer locked on by your teammate.

Diversion (+150 pts)
Kill a target who has been chased by your teammate and not by you.

Rescue (+150 pts)
Stun a pursuer who is chasing your teammate.

Multi-Kill (+200 pts)
Your team kills two targets in a row in less than 10 seconds.

Knock Out (+200 pts)
Your team stuns two pursuers in a row in less than 10 seconds.

End Bonuses

End bonuses are bonus points given for match ending scenarios.

Podium (+200 pts)
Finish 3rd, 2nd or 1st in a match.

Average Kills (+300 pts)
Have the best kill/death ratio in a match.

Survivor (+400 pts)
Die the least in a match.

Untouchable (+1000 pts)
Never die in a match.

Good Start (+100 pts)
Your team has finished first in the first round.

Team Win (+200 pts)
Your team has won the session.


There are various challenges in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood that grant you between 100-1200 experience points upon completion. Each of the challenges are broken up into 4 categories: Ability, Assassination, Navigation, and Session Challenges. Some challenges require you to complete a goal a set amount of times. For example: the challenge “Lead By Example” requires you to take the lead 10 times in order to receive the 250 XP bonus. There are three sets to each challenge. Complete the first requirement to unlock the next.

XP isn’t the only thing you can earn from completing challenges. There are also special upgraded abilities you can learn if you complete all three phases of certain challenges.

Leveling and Unlocks

There are 50 Levels in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. Each rank grants you a new ability, perk, persona, kill streak, or loss streak that can benefit you in online multiplayer.

A – Ability
P – Perk
PS – Persona
KS – Kill Streak
LS – Loss Streak
GM – Game Mode

Levels. XP Required (XP Total): Unlocks

  1. 0XP: No Unlocks.
  2. 1,550XP (1,550XP): Disguise (A) / Profile Set 1
  3. 1,700XP (3,250XP): Sprint Boost (A)
  4. 1,950XP (5,200XP): Extra Precision (LS) / Streak Slot 1
  5. 2,300XP (7,500XP): Alliance (GM) / Profile Set 2
  6. 2,700XP (10,200XP): Smoke Bomb (A)
  7. 3,250XP (13,450XP): Streak Bonus +100 (KS) / Streak Slot 2
  8. 3,850XP (17,300XP): Hidden Gun (A)
  9. 4,500XP (21,800XP): Reset Cooldowns (LS)
  10. 5,250XP (27,050XP): Ability Slot
  11. 6,250XP (33,300XP): Firecrackers (A)
  12. 7,400XP (40,700XP): Advanced Wanted (GM) / Extra Color 1 (PS)
  13. 8,550XP (49,250XP): Streak Bonus +300 (KS)
  14. 9,800XP (59,050XP): Morph (A)
  15. 10,500XP (69,550XP): The Blacksmith (PS) / Profile Set 3
  16. 10,500XP (80,050XP): Throwing Knives (A)
  17. 11,000XP (91,050XP): Score x2 (LS)
  18. 11,000XP (102,050XP): Streak Bonus +250 (KS)
  19. 11,450XP (113,500XP): Templar Vision (A)
  20. 11,550XP (125,050XP): Enhanced Autobash (P) / Perk Slot 1
  21. 11,950XP (137,000XP): Charge (A)
  22. 12,400XP (149,400XP): Wall Runner (P)
  23. 11,600XP (161,000XP): Advanced Gear (PS)
  24. 12,550XP (173,550XP): Decoy (A)
  25. 12,500XP (186,050XP): The Thief (PS) / Profile Set 4
  26. 12,450XP (198,500XP): Mute (A)
  27. 13,050XP (211,550XP): Resistance (P)
  28. 13,050XP (224,600XP): Boost Cooldowns (LS)
  29. 13,400XP (238,000XP): Poison (A)
  30. 13,550XP (251,550XP): Blender (P) / Perk Slot 2
  31. 14,000XP (265,550XP): Streak Bonus +750 (KS) / Profile Set 5
  32. 14,050XP (279,600XP): Long Lasting Disguise (A)
  33. 14,400XP (294,000XP): Fast Getaway (P)
  34. 14,550XP (308,550XP): Long Lasting Sprint Boost (A)
  35. 14,850XP (323,400XP): The Footpad (PS) / Extra Color 2 (PS)
  36. 15,200XP (338,600XP): Strong Smoke Bomb (A)
  37. 14,900XP (353,550XP): Deadly Gun (A)
  38. 15,950XP (369,500XP): Chase Expert (P)
  39. 16,950XP (386,450XP): Strong Firecrackers (A)
  40. 18,150XP (404,600XP): Overall Cooldowns (P) / Superior Gear (PS)
  41. 18,950XP (423,550XP): Power Morph (A)
  42. 20,050XP (443,600XP): Silent Hunt (P)
  43. 21,100XP (464,700XP): Long Lasting Knives (A)
  44. 22,050XP (486,750XP): Strong Templar Vision (A)
  45. 23,250XP (510,000XP): The Mercenary (PS)
  46. 23,600XP (533,600XP): Strong Charge (A)
  47. 25,350XP (558,950XP): Long Lasting Decoy (A)
  48. 27,250XP (586,200XP): Strong Mute (A)
  49. 29,550XP (615,750XP): Fast Acting Poison (A)
  50. 34,250XP (650,000XP): Extra Color 3 (PS) / Elite Gear (PS)