Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Guide


Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood is the first game in the Assassin’s Creed series to feature online multiplayer. In the online multiplayer you choose one of 16 characters (10 are in game defaults, 1 you can buy from uplay, 1 is a special edition bonus, and 4 are unlocked as you progress). Everyone else in the game chooses a different character, unless the game mode requires the whole team to be the same character. The game assigns you a player to assassinate and a player to assassinate you. The crowd is full of the same characters you can choose at the start of the match. Blend into the crowd and assassinate your targets to earn points, at the same time you must keep from being assassinated.

There are Ranked Matches, Player Matches, Private Matches, and Introductory Session.

Ranked Matches allow you to play alone or with a group of friends. If you play with a group of friends you will not face eachother.

Player Matches allow you to play alone or with a group of friends.

Private Matches allow you to play an unranked match with or against friends. You cannot earn any XP in this section.

Introductory Session is a tutorial on how to play Multiplayer. The very first time you start up the multiplayer you will have the option to start up the Introductory Session.


In multiplayer you must find and assassinate targets. Sometimes multiple assassins will have the same target. Assassinate your target before another assassin does or you will lose your contract. You will also lose your contract if you kill a civilian. You are given two things to find your targets – a compass and a picture.


The picture will show the persona your target is wearing. It could be the priest or the thief or any of the other 17 personas. If the persona uses the disguise ability, he or she may look different than the picture.


The compass will fill as you get closer to your target. If the compass glows, you are in your target’s line of sight. When it is completely full, you should be right next to your target. The compass will also tell you if the target is above or below you. If you have multiple targets there will be blue arrows. Click left or right on the D-Pad to switch between targets.



The detection meter is another major feature when assassinating your targets. The meter shows how much your target is aware of your presence. If the meter is full, you are hidden. You will also gain a 200 XP bonus if your meter is completely full. If the meter is under the first line, your target will be more aware of your presence and your XP bonus will only be 50. If the meter is completely empty, your target will be aware of your presence. The game will tell your target to start running and escape. Your XP bonus will only be 10 points. If the meter is empty, a chase gauge will show on screen. Chase down your target before the gauge empties or your contract will expire. At the same time the enemy will have an escape gauge that is similar to the chase gauge.



In multiplayer you must escape or hide from your pursuers. Pursuers are assassins that must kill you to earn XP. You will never know who your pursuer is. You may have an idea on manhunt since the entire team uses the same persona. If you figure out who your pursuer is, or the game tells you since they’re not being discrete, red arrows will be present on the compass as well. If there are multiple pursuers following you, you will have multiple red diamond shapes on the left side of your screen.

The default escape tool is the stun powder. Use the stun powder to stun your enemy and escape. There are other abilities or perks you can use to help you escape. Check the perks and abilities section to view all of them. Don’t forget the good old fashioned running and breaking the pursuer’s line of sight for escaping. An escape gauge will show on screen when you are being chased. When it is empty you will no longer be chased.

Using Chase Breakers are better than using abilities to escape. Chase Breakers are objects in the map that help you escape. You can identify them by their glowing/shiny white surfaces. Run into or through them to activate them. There are doors that will close behind you for 3 seconds, lifts that will pull you up to the roof tops, hanging lights you can swing around corners with, and hanging platforms that will drop a second after you jump on them.


After the escape you can hide. Hide in hay bales or blend in with crowds that are walking, standing, or sitting on benches. Some are better than others, especially if there are civilians around you that look just like you. Stay hidden until the hidden bar empties.