Outlast Walkthrough



The Courtyard area starts immediately after you leave the Male Ward. Technically, the save starts at the exit. Before you go outside, investigate the desks to the right of the door to find a Document entitled “MKULTRA Program Excerpt.”

Head outside and walk straight forward. A large fountain is in the middle of this area, which should sort of help you navigate around here. Behind the fountain is a small staircase. Up the first set of stairs is a Document entitled “Our Own Personal Calvary.”

Return to the fountain and walk along the stone path to the right (if your back is towards the stairs). This pathway leads to a small wooden shack. Inside is a battery and a key to the Maintenance Shed on the other end of the fountain.

Return to the fountain again and follow the stone path. The Maintenance Shed is opposite of the wooden shack. With the key in hand, enter the shed and head right. Before opening the door, make sure your camera is up. The walrider will make a quick appearance, giving you the Note entitled “The Thing in the Dark.”

Continue forward until you end up outside again. Climb the ladder to the top of the shed. You will need to jump from rooftop to rooftop now. If you fall, you’ll have to climb back up and try again. The first gap is to the right.

After making the first gap on the rooftop, walk forward until you reach the end. Look to the right for another gap that you must jump across. Continue along the path to the left until you reach a small ledge. Walk up to this ledge to shimmy across it.

One more gap must be jumped before you can go back down to ground level. When you do go down to ground level, aim for the boxes to minimize damage.

A small pile of junk is in the corner of this area. Climb up the wooden pallets to get on top of the dumpster, then pull yourself over the chain link fence to go up a level.

Keep moving up the path and towards the right. Follow the fence in this direction if you feel you may get lost. You will eventually reach a gap in the fence you can jump over.

The big Variant is around this area, so try not to die! Walk forward and to the left until you reach another pile or junk you can climb up. From there, shimmy across the ledge around the corner. Once you reach the end and pass the fence, jump down to the new area.

The exit to this area is towards the left. Walk past a gazebo until you find a light near a doorway, but don’t let your guard down. The big Variant will come back. You’ll have to lose him before you can get through. Run around the gazebo you just passed by to get the Variant away from the door. Make a quick circle and return to the lit doorway. You will need to crouch to get through the small hole and away from the Variant. A new objective will appear.

Find Father Martin inside the Female Ward.

Through the fence on the right is a large bloody fountain. Record this fountain to get the Note “Don’t Drink The Water.” Climb up the wooden pallets to the left to gain access to the Female Ward.