Outlast Walkthrough


Return to the Administration Block

Your Return to the Administration Block will instantly begin after leaving the Female Ward. Walk through the halls over, under, or through any obstacles. Eventually, you’ll run into the big Variant once again. Run into a room on the left with an open ventilation duct. Jump in quickly to make your escape.

Once in the vent, turn on your night vision to find a side path to the right. Take this path down into a room with a Document on a desk. This Document is entitled “Billy’s Dreams.”

Jump back up the vent, follow the path to the right and push the dead body out the end. Enter the library on the left before continuing on. Inside the library is another Document on a desk. This Document is entitled “The Spirit Breach.” Exit out of the Library and follow the hall to the right. An inmate will talk to you through a locked door, which will activate your new objective.

Retrieve the key from the Recreation Hall.

The door to the Recreation Hall will be locked, but you can get around it through a hole in the wall inside room A210. Go through the hole, climb up the ladder, and shimmy across the ledge passed the gate.

Continue along the path until you reach a theater-type area. A short movie will start to play on the big screen. Record this movie with your camcorder to get a Note entitled “The Wernicke Exit Interview.”

Walk to the back of the Recreation Hall and enter the room on the left. Go through the room and follow the hallway in the back. A Document entitled “The Spirit Breach” will be on top of a box at the very end.

Turn around and head up the staircase. Follow the path around some debris until you reach the projection room. Interact with the door for a quick little scene. Back track a short ways to see a new door open up.

Step onto the balcony and shimmy along the edge to the left. When you get close enough to the projection room, leap toward the balcony and grab the key inside. A new objective will appear.

Find Father Martin on the 3rd Floor.

Get back down to the ground floor of the theater. When you walk towards the back doors, the brothers will break through and follow you around the area. Try to side step them around the tables and run out the doors they broke through. Return to the stairwell and unlock the door.

Follow the path up to the third floor. You will travel through a cafeteria followed by a hallway. Enter the first door on the right and record the praying inmate. This will give you a Note entitled “Static Prayer.”

Continue down the hall and squeeze through the crack on the right wall. A number of bedrooms are lined up along this hall. A Document can be found on a desk in room B329. This Document is entitled “The Gospel Of Judas.”

Head to room B326 next to find an exit of sorts. Walk out the window and shimmy across the ledge to the open window on the left.

Follow the hall towards the chapel on the right. Inside is Father Martin next to the elevator key. Pick up the key and watch what happens to the Father. Make sure you record this event to get the Note entitled “The Passion Of Father Martin.”

Exit out of the chapel and climb up the vent to the right. When you drop down, you will come across the big Variant again. Quickly run down the hall to the right and enter the last room on the left. The Variant will chase you down and bust through one of the two doors. Hopefully, you can run out one of the doors while the Variant is breaking down the other.

The objective here is to get around the Variant so you can run down the hall he originally came from. Take a right to reach the original hall, then enter the last door on the left. This door will take you back to the cafeteria. Quickly run up and jump through the small vent into the kitchen. Jump down and take the elevator to the final area.