Outlast Walkthrough


Prison Block

You will wake up inside of a padded room. Use your camcorder to record the walls and get the “Father Martin’s Cell” Note. Walk to the door and it will be opened by an inmate.

Walk downstairs and listen to the inmate’s stories if you like. Inside the second to last room on the left is a broken wall. Squeeze through the broken wall and climb up the wooden crate to the next floor. Immediately switch on your night vision and record the man on the floor. Recording this man will get you the “Necromantic” Note.

Head down the hall and take a right at the open cell block. The floor is broken up, but you can shimmy around the edge to make it across. Take the next right to get your first objective of the chapter.

Follow blood trails to the exit

Head up two floors until you come to an open door with an inmate hugging the wall. Take a left to find a Document in the shadows entitled “Father Martin, Finger Painter.”

Jump down the hole nearby and follow the halls. Scout out the room on the right, you will need to run here soon and hide in the lockers. Follow the halls to the left until you find another inmate. This one looks dangerous, but he won’t hurt you if you keep your distance. He’ll be beating a security guard on the floor. A battery should be located in the small room behind this inmate.

Follow the hall to the security room in the back. Be prepared, a dangerous inmate will be inside. After opening the door, immediately start running the other direction and hide in the lockers from earlier. You can shut the door when you enter this room to slow him down. After the inmate breaks in and searches the room, he will disappear.

Exit the locker and return to the security room in the back. Press the button on the desk to open the airlock, giving you a new path. The inmate from earlier that wasn’t dangerous will now attack if he gets close enough. He won’t chase you like the last guy, but he will slowly follow you.

Go through the new path until you reach a locked cell door with two dangerous brothers. Jump out the window on your right and climb further right until you come to the open window on the other side of the locked cell door.

Jump through the broken window on the left to enter a security room. On the right side of the room is a Document near a dead security guard. This Document is entitled “Purge Gate Maintenance Memo.” There should also be a battery at the left side of the room.

Jump back through the broken window and follow the blood trails. You won’t be able to open the shower room door that the blood trails end at without a keycard. First you must go through the dark path towards another cell block. Two men will be fighting in the room below. Record them to get a Note entitled “Total Security.” At the end of the path is the keycard for the shower room.

With the keycard in hand you can now access the shower room and continue on. Entering the showers will give you a new objective.

Exit through the showers.

Turn on your night vision and walk through the area. A short ways away are the brothers walking down the hall. To get around them, jump out one of the windows on the right and climb as far right as you can. Jump through the last open window and continue running down the hall.

After opening the door at the end, take a right to a small room with a few holding cells. A Document can be found on the desk entitled “Dr Wernickle Death Certificate.”

Go back down the hall and take the other path to a security room. You may want to open the cell door next to the security room door before entering. Inside the security room is another button to open the airlock. Press the button and wait a few seconds.

A Variant will bust through the window and start chasing after you. Quickly turn around and climb up the vent. Follow the duct outside the security room and run towards the newly opened airlock. You will get blown out the window to the area below.

Find an alternate path to the showers.

You will need to walk back up the stairs on the other side of the room to continue on, but the Variant from earlier will come down to hunt you. Quickly hide under a bed in one of the nearby cells to avoid it. When it passes by, run up the stairs and follow the catwalk to the right. This path will lead clockwise around the locked door to a short hall. Halfway down this hall is a small passage you can squeeze through.

At the other end of the small passage is a small hole on the right. Crouch underneath and enter the cell block up ahead.

To the right is a stacked bed that will allow you to climb up to the second level. Walk around the catwalk and shimmy along the broken path. When you reach the end, jump forward to the other part of the catwalk. After jumping across, enter the cell on the left to find a Document entitled “Dr Wernickle Obituary.”

Climb up the stairs to the next level and shimmy across the broken path on the left. Reach the end and turn on your night vision to find a hole in the wall. Crouch down and enter through the hole to continue on.

A short distance away is another hole, but this time it’s in the floor. Jump down and follow the blood trails to a wall that says Walrider. Record this wall to get the Note entitled “Walrider.” The room to the left is the shower room. Jump down the hole and follow the path to reach the Sewers.