Outlast Walkthrough

Outlast isn’t your typical survival horror. Most games in the genre allow you to fight back with whatever you can get your hands on, but this game only allows you to run, hide and survive. Below are some basic tips and mechanics that will help you get acquainted with Outlast and their Inmates and “Variants.”

The All Powerful Camcorder

A lot of areas in the mental hospital are incredibly dark. You will have no flashlight or any other portable light source to help you navigate, which is where your camcorder comes in. When using the camcorder, switch to night vision mode to help you get through the darkness. Night vision amplifies whatever amount of light is available, allowing you to see in low light conditions. This means if there is a small amount of light, you will be able to see just find. However, if there is no light whatsoever, the night vision won’t really help unless you’re a few feet from an object.

Night vision does not run on love. After using it for a set amount of time, the batteries will start to die. The regular camcorder vision doesn’t have this problem, only the night vision. Find batteries around the environment and change them out whenever you need to.

Once you reach a well lit area, you can continue using the camcorder or switch to your normal vision. Your eyes are much clearer and can see colors with less brownish tint when compared to your camcorder’s screen.

Fly You Fools

The main character of Outlast has zero weapons or combat abilities. That means the only thing you can do if you run into a Variant or Inmate is run and hide. Running is simple enough, but if you come across a small obstacle, it’s best to press the jump button and quickly mantle over it. This will give you some extra time while escaping an enemy because they aren’t nearly as agile.

While running, you can press the lean buttons to look behind you. This will allow you to see if anybody is close behind, but it’ll also slow you down a tiny bit, and you won’t be able to see what’s coming up ahead. You may wish to keep your eyes straight forward unless you’re running down a completely straight hall.

Hide and Seek

Simply running from a Variant or Inmate won’t be enough if they are loitering around an objective or near an exit. If they start coming after you, you will need to find a hiding place. There are basically three areas to hide in most of the mental hospital: In a locker, underneath a bed, or inside a ventilation duct. When you see a locker or a bed, press the interact button to get inside or underneath. When you come across a ventilation duct, you will need to jump to get inside.

If an enemy sees you hide in a locker or under a bed, they will pull you out and attack; luckily, the same cannot be said for the ventilation ducts. When an enemy is right behind you and a hiding spot is inside a nearby room, quickly close the door to break the enemy’s line of sight and slow it down for a short time. This will allow you to safely hide without being pulled out.

After an enemy has left you alone, exit from your refuge and continue with your objective. You may want to use the lean buttons to poke your head out of a doorway and see if the coast is clear before continuing on.