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You have the ability to select vehicles while playing any match. Earn enough BP to spawn directly inside a vehicle. You must be dead in order to spawn inside of a vehicle after the class selection menu. It seems only two vehicles from the same category, and on the same team, can be on the map at a time.

Teammates have the ability to jump inside vehicles, and you can exit any time you like. Players can also spawn directly inside a teammate’s Humvee or Tank from the spawn menu. If you exit, a teammate or enemy can take your vehicle. Just like infantry, vehicles have special abilities. You must rank up to a certain level to unlock the ability options for each vehicle. The vehicle names may change, depending on the faction you are assigned to.

All vehicles can use the sprint function to move faster for a few seconds. All vehicles can also use the “missile defeat” function. Missile Defeat allows your vehicles to dodge any incoming enemy missiles/rockets. Bullets can harm all vehicles, with the exception of tanks.


Abilities Unlocked at Level 10

M1151 Humvee used for both factions.

400 BP to use.

The M1151 is a 4 wheel drive armored car that seats two players. The person who buys the Humvee is the person who drives it. The passenger can use the machine gun mounted on top. The machine gun can turn 360 degrees to cover all sides, but will overheat if fired for 4 consecutive seconds. The player in the machine gun position will be open to any enemy fire. The machine gun does 16.5 damage per bullet.

2 RPGs / 3 Proximity Launchers / 1 C4 will destroy the Humvee from any side.

Light Armor Vehicles

Abilities Unlocked at Level 15

LAV Piranha used for both factions.

1400 BP to use.

The LAV Piranha is a light tank that can seat two players. The driver controls the main cannon. The main cannon fires automatically, until it overheats. It will overheat at 17 consecutive shots. The passenger controls a rocket launcher that fires one rocket every second or so.

The main cannon takes two rockets to kill an enemy, but the secondary cannon can kill with one rocket.

3 RPGs / 3 Proximity Launchers / 3 C4 will destroy the Light Armor Vehicles from any side.

Heavy Tank

Abilities Unlocked at Level 22

M1A3 Abrams used for USMC / T-99 Battle Tank used for KPA

2000 BP to use.

The heavy tanks are heavily armored vehicles. Only explosives can penetrate their exterior. The tanks seat two players. The driver operates the main cannon, which can fire one round a second. The passenger operates a heavy machine gun attached to the top. The machine gun can turn 360 degrees to cover all sides, but will overheat if fired for 4 consecutive seconds.

The main cannon will kill anyone in a small radius with one shell. The machine gun does 12.5 damage per bullet to infantry.

6 RPGs / 9 Proximity Launchers / 5 C4 will destroy the Heavy Tanks. If you fire rockets on multiple sides, it will take more rockets to destroy the tank. Tanks have armor plating on multiple sides. Destroying one side’s armor plating will not destroy the others.

Scout Heli

Abilities Unlocked at Level 29

AH-700 Scout used for both factions.

2000 BP to use.

The AH-700 is a light helicopter. It seats one and uses a mini gun. The mini gun can has a high rate of fire which deals 20 damage per bullet to infantry. It will overheat if used for 5 consecutive seconds.

1 RPG / 3 Proximity Launchers will destroy a Scout Heli. Be careful when firing under it. The heli can fall on top of you and injure you severely.

Attack Heli

Abilities Unlocked at Level 27

AH-64 Apache used for USMC / Z-10 Chimera used for KPA

2800 BP to use.

The Attack Helicopter only seats two people. The driver fires 8 rockets from it’s rocket pods. The rockets have the ability to lock onto enemy vehicles, but only two rockets will fire at locked on helicopters. The passenger fires an auto cannon, similar to the one on the LAV.

1 RPG / 4 Proximity Launchers will destroy the Attack Heli.

Vehicle Abilities

Just like infantry abilities, you can only use a set amount of points for your vehicles abilities. 3 Points are available from the start. 4 Points are available at level 50.

1 Point Abilities

Full Tank

Longer vehicle sprint times, usually by 3x.

Unlocked at Level 10.


Faster Turn Speed.

Unlocked at Level 10.

Speed Boost

Faster Top Speed.

Unlocked at Level 33.

2 Point Abilities

Faster Reload

Faster reload and cooldown for vehicle weapons by about .25x.

Unlocked at Level 10.


Shorter EMP durations.

Unlocked at Level 11.

Missile Defense

Faster cooldown for Missile defeat.

Unlocked at Level 41.

3 Point Abilities

Big Stick

Increased vehicle damage.

Unlocked at Level 10.

Ejection Seat

Auto-Eject on vehicle destruction.

Unlocked at Level 20.

Monkey Wrench

Passive vehicle repair.

Unlocked at Level 10.

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