Homefront Guide

Purchase Slots

Each custom loadout allows you to choose two items to purchase in game. You can only purchase them once you reached the required amount of BP. Once you have the required amount of BP, you can instantly purchase the item anywhere in a multiplayer game.


Drones are small remote-controlled machines. Each one can be used for different situations. If you are killed when controlling one, the drone will be destroyed. Drones can be destroyed by bullets, explosives, or one knife/melee attack. You cannot capture sectors in ground control with them.

All drones have battery power. The batter power is the amount of time you have with a drone before it self destructs. The more your drone does – moving and shooting – the faster the battery power runs out. I will give an average for battery time in the drone stats.

The health I give is a rough estimate based on the damage I learned from the weapon stats. Remember, a player’s health is 100 points.

MQ50 MG Wolverine

500 BP to use.

A battery powered land drone. Armed with a machine gun. Each bullet of the machine gun does 25 damage.

Health: 300 Points

Battery Life: 10 Minutes

AQ-11 Buzzard

800 BP to use.

Unlocked at Level 28.

A battery powered air drone. Armed with two unguided rockets.

Health: 240 Points

Battery Life: 100 Seconds

RQ-10 Parrot

250 BP to use.

Unlocked at Level 6 or with pre-order code.

A battery powered air drone. Used for recon only. Fly in the air and mark enemy targets for your team. You can mark multiple enemies and earn points for each mark, but the marks will only last for a few seconds. The enemies will know they’re marked by a warning on their screen.

Health: 240 Points

Battery Life: 65 Seconds

MQ60 AT Rhino

400 BP to use.

Unlocked at Level 21.

A battery powered land drone. Used for anti-vehicle play. Armed with lock on and unguided rockets. One rocket fires once ever three seconds. When locked on, it fires 4 rockets at a time. Not intended for infantry. 12 rockets can take out an attack helicopter.

Health: 200 Points

Battery Life: 15 Minutes


Airstrikes call in special aerial drones which you can control from the ground. Each drone has a short battery life which allows you to fire a missile or two. The drones can be destroyed.


1300 BP to use.

Fire two guided missiles from the air to the ground. The missiles can be controlled the entire way down.

Cluster Bomb

1600 BP to use.

Unlocked at Level 44.

Fire a single guided missile that explodes before hitting the ground, covering the area in explosives. Anyone in that area will instantly die. Can destroy heavy tanks.

White Phosphorus

1300 BP to use.

Unlocked at Level 17.

Fires a single guided missile that explodes, covering a small area in fire. Anyone in that area will instantly die. Can destroy light armored vehicles.

Rocket Launchers

RPG Launcher

250 BP to use.

3 unguided Rocket Propelled Grenades that explode on impact. You can use the RPG even after you die and respawn.

Proximity Launcher

250 BP to use.

Unlocked at Level 31.

4 unguided rockets that blow up when close to enemy vehicles. The proximity launcher is slightly weaker than the RPG. You can use the Proximity Launcher even after you die and respawn.


Flak Jacket

300 BP to use.

The Flak Jacket gives you body armor for one life. The body armor protects you against bullets only. It adds an extra 25% to your overall health – if my calculations are correct.

Personal UAV Sweep

400 BP to use.

Unlocked at level 4.

Call in an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that spots all enemies on the mini map, if they are in the area. It will last your entire life. It cannot be shot down or shared with your teammates.

Ammo Resupply

200 BP to use.

Unlocked at Level 36.

Allows you to resupply your ammo, grenades, and special explosives instantly.

Thermal Goggles

250 BP to use.

Unlocked at Level 49.

Can be purchased once per life. Allows you to toggle on or off a pair of thermal goggles.

Infantry Abilities

Infantry abilities are special abilities that can give you an advantage in different fields. Each ability has a point amount to it. When you start out, you can only choose abilities that equal up to 4 points. At level 25, you can choose abilities that equal up to 5 points.

1 Point Abilities

Drone Be Gone!

Faster drone speed.

Tactical Reload

Faster reload speed by 2x.


Quicker speed into aiming down sight. This is when you bring your weapon up and look down the iron sight or any other optic you have.

My Buddy

Longer drone battery duration by 2x.

Unlocked at Level 8


Hidden from UAV sweeps

Unlocked at Level 23


Large drone explosion on death

Unlocked at Level 34

Situational Awareness

Enemy gamertag appears when shot.

Unlocked after Title Update

Short Fuse

Reduced Cook Time on frag grenades.

Unlocked after Title Update

2 Point Abilities

Thick Skin

Increased drone health by 3x.

Now That’s A Knife

Increased melee range with quicker recovery

Penny Pincher

Purchase slot weapons cost 20% less

Unlocked at Level 5

Grave Robber

Pickup ammo dropped by dead soldiers. Equal to one grenade, one special explosive, one 40MM grenade, and one magazine of ammo. Walk over the dead body to grab.

Unlocked at Level 18

Steady Aim

Less recoil when aiming down sight

Unlocked at Level 26

Utility Belt

Gives 2x (4) special explosives. Does not include regular frag grenades.

Unlocked at Level 38


Larger blast radius for explosives

Unlocked at Level 42

Quick Healer

Faster Health Regeneration

Unlocked at Level 47

EMP Tactician

Deal more damage against EMP’d vehicles

Unlocked after Title Update

Bomb Suit

Take less damage from explosives

Unlocked after Title Update

3 Point Abilities

Straight From the Hip

Reduced weapon deviation when shooting from the hip – not aiming down your sights.

Fist Full

Gives 2x (4) grenades. Does not include special explosives.


Increased experience gains

Unlocked at Level 13


Increased explosive damage

Unlocked at Level 30

Ice Cold

Invisible on Thermal Views and Airstrike Sensors

Unlocked after Title Update

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