Homefront Guide

Game Modes

Homefront ships with three basic game modes for multiplayer – Team Deathmatch, Ground Control, and Battle Commander. There are 6 available game modes to choose from online. This area explains what each game mode is.

Team Deathmatch

Two teams of 12 face off in a match to the death. The winner must reach the score limit before the time limit ends. If neither team reaches the score limit, the team with the highest score wins at the end of the time limit. The score limit is 12000 Points/120 Kills. The time limit is 13 Minutes.

Ground Control

Three objectives are placed on the map. Two teams of 16 fight to take control over them. Stand in the area to secure the sector and earn 250 BP. The more sectors your team has control over, the faster your team’s score bar will fill. The team who has a full bar first wins the round and pushes the other team back. The first team to win two rounds wins the game. If one team wins the first round and the other team wins the second, the third round will be pushed back to the first three set of objectives. Ground control has the biggest maps. The three sectors can move to the left or to the right at the second round.

It takes 20 seconds to secure a sector by yourself. More teammates at the sector will capture it faster. Both teams can see how fast or how close a team is to capture a sector.


Allows you to play Team Deathmatch and Ground Control with two small teams. Two Teams of 8.

Battle Commander

Unlocked at Level 7.

Battle Commander is more like a special set of rules or a custom game for Ground Control or Team Deathmatch. Choose to play either game mode under Battle Commander.

Each team will be assigned a computer controlled Commander that will give you missions. Every mission is to eliminate a priority target. The target may be a player, a drone, or a player inside a vehicle. These priority targets are called instigators. The players who are told to eliminate the instigator are called “hunters.” Hunters are given the general location of an instigator, but never the exact location. Eliminate the instigators for XP/BP bonuses. Anyone can eliminate them, but only the hunters are given their general location.

To become a priority threat, you must go on a kill streak. Every instigator starts out with one star. Earn kill streaks with weapons, vehicles or drones to rank up to another star and unlock special abilities. Your drone’s battery will refill after each star you earn. With each star you earn, more enemies will be assigned to eliminate you. You can have a max of 5 stars. With each star you earn, you will earn a special award.

Stars – Enemies Alerted to You

* – 2 Enemies

** – 4 Enemies

*** – 6 Enemies

**** – 8 Enemies

***** – All Enemies

Stars – Awards

* – Flak Jacket: 25% Increased health towards bullets.

** – UAV Scan: Enemies show up on your mini map if they are in the area.

*** – Increased Run Speed

**** – Increased Weapon Damage

***** – Wallhack: All enemies marked.

Stars – Infantry Kill Streaks

* – 3

** – 5

*** – 8

**** – 11

***** – 14

Stars – Vehicle Kill Streaks

* – 2

** – 6

*** – 10

**** – 14

***** – 19

You can also mark enemies with your parrot for 5 stars.

Stars – Marks with Parrot

* – 5

** – 15

*** – 25

**** – 35

***** – 45

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