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Homefront is a military like first person shooter. If you’ve played Call of Duty, you will find this game very familiar. You can rank up to unlock more weapons. You can then unlock attachments for those weapons by earning a set amount of kills. There are even “perk” like special abilities for players and vehicles. Homefront does contain vehicles, but they are used a lot more differently than other popular vehicle warfare games like battlefield. Each section of this guide covers everything you need to know about Homefront’s multiplayer. This game does need a special pass to rank up past level 5 in the multiplayer. Either buy the game brand new or you will have to buy an online pass through the store for $10.

Homefront does not have any type of split screen available. There is only online ranked multiplayer matches and private matches. Private matches can be between you and anyone you know online.

Custom Loadouts

Just like many other games, Homefront allows you to create a custom loadout for multiplayer. The loadouts must be made before a match in the armory. Four classes will be available at the start of the game. Two loadouts will be unlocked for customization at later levels, but you can still use those two loadouts in game.

Each custom loadout contains:

1 Primary Weapon

1 Attachment for the primary weapon

Camouflage for the primary weapon

1 Special Explosive

2 Purchase Slots

Infantry Abilities

Choose whatever set up you like to create the perfect class. Some infantry abilities and weapon purchases are geared more towards offensive play. Some are geared more towards defensive play. Mix and match to find the perfect balance. This guide will help you choose the correct weapon, purchase weapon, attachment, and infantry ability.

XP/BP Explanation

XP and BP are the two main parts of Homefront’s Multiplayer. They are both awarded the same via kills, but they have different functions. Experience Points (XP) carry over and increases your rank. The final amount of XP earned at the end of the match is the amount of BP plus a match bonus. Battle Points (BP) are used to buy certain things during a game, such as RPGs or vehicles. Each match starts you out with 500 BP. BP carries over from life to life, but it does not carry over from match to match.

XP/BP Bonuses

You are awarded XP/BP bonuses while playing Homefront’s multiplayer. Do any one of these things to get the XP/BP Bonus. Some bonuses may have a + next to them. The + means you are given this amount in addition to the normal amount. If you get a kill, you are awarded 130. If you get a kill with a headshot, you are awarded 160 (130 + 30).

Kill (130)

Kill an enemy.

Death Streak (100 and 20)

You are awarded 100 points after dying 4 times in a row. Each death after will award you 20 points.

Assist (50)

Injure an enemy and have your teammate finish them off.

Headshot (+30)

Kill an enemy with a bullet to the head.

Melee Kill (+30)

Kill an enemy with the knife melee.

Avenging Teammate (+30)

Kill an enemy who recently killed one of your teammates.

Revenge Kill (+30)

Kill an enemy who killed you previously.

Saving Teammate (+30)

Kill an enemy who is injuring your teammate.

Defense (+70)

Kill an enemy who is trying to take your objective in Ground Control.

Capture Objective (250/200)

Capture an objective in Ground Control. You are awarded 250 in Ground Control and 200 in Battle Commander GC.

Winning Round (100)

Win a round in Ground Control.

Kill From a Vehicle (70)

Kill an enemy while you’re in a vehicle or using a drone.

Copilot Assist (30)

While inside a vehicle, have your passenger kill an enemy.

Marked Enemy (30)

Mark an enemy for you team while using the parrot drone.

Drone Assist (70)

Have a teammate kill an enemy you marked with your parrot drone.

Vehicle Destroy (150-400)

Destroy an enemy vehicle.

Humvee: 150

Light Tank: 250

Heavy Tank: 400

Airstrike Drones: 250

Helicopters: 400

Drone Destroy (130)

Destroy an enemy drone.

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