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Campaign Walkthrough

Homefront isn’t your basic military first person shooter. Instead, you play as a part of a resistance group using guerrilla tactics – somewhat. You will not have access to lots of ammo or even the best equipment. You and your team must find weapons, ammo, and equipment as you play through the campaign. You will always have a teammate with you to get through the levels. Sometimes you will have three teammates. Don’t worry about shooting them. Your teammates will never die or become injured. You can even shoot through them. If you get lost, find your teammates and follow them. Use your compass at the top of the screen to find your teammates, objectives, and general directions if I give them in this guide.

There are 7 levels in Homefront’s campaign. The campaign contains 61 hidden newspapers which unlocks 3 achievements/trophies. They should glow on the ground. If you find one in an area, there are probably several next to it. In addition to the newspapers, there are also 10 QR codes hidden throughout the Xbox 360 version of the game. One is inside the manual that comes with the game. You can watch

this video here to see all locations.

Cliff notes: This guide covers the 61 newspapers, 9 QR Codes, basic campaign walkthrough, and help for all campaign achievements/trophies.

Why We Fight

The game starts out with a cut scene. After the scene, you will find yourself in your apartment. Answer your door to start another scene. After that is over, pick up the pistol and exit the bus. Use your pistol wisely, you won’t find much ammo around right away. Aim for the head to take enemies down quickly.

You should see a big white building that your teammates run into. Around the side of the building is the first newspaper in the game. Pick it up to get your first achievement/trophy.

Follow your teammates into the building to your right. Exit out the back and shoot two KPA soldiers. Pick up the T3AK as your second weapon. You can get two achievements/trophies for killing 25 people with the M9 pistol and the knife melee attack.

Run into the gas station before the vehicle kills you. Inside will be more KPA soldiers. Take them out before they can aim at you. Pick up any ammo you can. You can switch the M9 for the PWS Diablo SMG, if you like. I recommend picking up the PWS because you can find a lot of ammo for it.
Keep moving with your team. You will fight outside the buildings and back in doors. Aim for the head to conserve your ammo. The next building has frag grenades and a few weapons on the floor. The small entrance room before the enemies in the main room contains a QR Code. Enter the room, take out the enemies and pick up the frags. More soldiers will make their way towards you and the gas station. Use the grenades to take out multiple enemies at once. Kill anyone you see until the gas pumps explode. All enemies will die in the explosion. Gather up any weapons and ammo and move on. The next area has anewspaper before the gate.

Walk to the next area to get another objective, “Crawl into the house.” Before crawling in, you can find another newspaper on the floor to the right.

Crawl into the house and wait for the enemies to pass. When Connor tells you, sprint across the street. Take a left after the first blue house to find another newspaper in the window.

Enter the house to find two newspapers. One is in the fireplace and one is up the set of stairs.

Walk out back and climb the tree house to progress. The next area is a basic firefight. Shoot the enemies and move forward to the next area. The next area will have a machine gunner in the second floor of a building. Stay behind cover and shoot him in the head, if you can. When all the enemies are dead in this area, a light tank will bust through the gate. Run to the right to get behind cover, but watch out for one more soldier in the wrecked house. Climb up the ladder to the roof of the house with the machine gunner. Eliminate anyone inside and take the M249 LMG. Inside is some C4. Grab it and throw it on the tank to destroy it.

Jump out of the house and move on to the next area. There will be a few houses around a street circle. Walk to the North East corner around a yellow house to find a newspaper. There is another newspaper on the porch of another yellow house in the South East corner.

Follow your team into a house to find a newspaper in the entrance and another newspaperinside the house in a corner.

Follow your team until you reach the cul-de-sac. A little dialogue will play, then some more fighting. Another M9 pistol will be in the next house. If you haven’t gotten your achievement, try to get it now! Hold off the front door with your M249. Kill anyone in front of the house and the soldiers jumping in the side window. Eventually the soldiers will throw some green smoke inside. Run into the garage and out to another house. Your partners will tell you to pick up some device that controls a drone. Use it to target vehicles and infantry. Destroy everyone on the street to end the level.


This mission starts out with you in a bed. You can only walk through this area. It’s mostly dialogue to boost up the game’s story. Talk to every person you can in this area to earn an achievement/trophy. The first guy is down the stairs and to the left, working on batteries. The next house has a lady cooking and a lady sitting on the couch to talk to. There’s also a newspaper in the small office inside the living room. You can also find a QR Code inside the office.

Exit out of the house to the yard. The yard has four people to talk to and one newspaper at the end near the next house. Enter the house and grab your gear. Climb down to a tunnel to reach the street outside the safe zone. Walk to the left to find another newspaper hidden among the grass in a corner. Another newspaper will be around the corner in a shed.

Follow your team to the main street where a sentry tower is. When you can, walk across the street to find another newspaper to the right. You can earn an achievement/trophy if you can destroy the drone without it injuring you. Make sure that blue light doesn’t spot you. Use any cover you can to get near it. Then destroy it with a frag.

Enter the house after the sentry gun for a little more dialogue. You will need to clear the backyard of any enemies. Shoot through the window to start the firefight. Move out of the house and clear out the yard. Enemies will keep spawning, so move forward to stop them.

When the yard is clear, enter the next house. Your team will open the door to another street. Go to the right and around the side of the house to find another newspaper. A second newspaper will be at the bottom of the flag polls in the middle of the street. And a third newspaper will be inside a bus at the end of the street, not the one right next to you.

Follow your team to the school GYM. They will open the doors for you and talk a little inside. You can find another newspaper in the GYM around some boxes. There is also aQR Code up against the wall near the newspaper, on the foot of the mascot. Exit out of the GYM to a playground. You can find a newspaper to the left in a yard and another on the toys. Enter the next yard to find another newspaper in a kiddy pool. The next street has a bunch of Korean soldiers and a sentry gun. Stay behind cover and take them all out. Move up the street and to the left. Follow your team through the back yards of a few houses. Make your way to the sentry gun and destroy it.

At the other end of the street is another tunnel. Go through it to find a small settlement. Connor will take your guns. Straight forward is a QR Code on the wall of lost souls. Two more newspapers will be here around the street area. Walk across the street to find one to the right. The second is back across the street under a blue tarp.

Follow your team until you reach a turnstile, but don’t enter it. Turn around to find another newspaper. Follow Arnie and get ready for a huge fight. Koreans will come from the front and the top right side. Grab a weapon and climb up the stairs to your left. Take out any gunners you see and move forward. If you don’t move forward, more enemies will keep coming. Make your way to the house and clear it out. Take the beacons on the bottom floor and exit out the building to meet back up with your team.

Walk towards the football field and grab the last newspaper of the chapter. It will be on the floor on the way to the field. You’ll find a lot more Koreans and two sentry towers in the stadium. Walk around the sides killing all Koreans to reach the sentries. Blow them up for more dialogue which ends the chapter.

Fire Sale

This chapter starts off with some dialogue. After the dialogue you will exit the vehicle into a parking lot. There are two newspapers here. One is to the left in some grass. The second is in the middle of the parking lot.

Follow Rianna into a building and up the stairs. Exit out the door and jump down to the balcony. To your right should be another newspaper. Now wait for the white phosphorus to deploy over the Koreans. You can get an achievement/trophy for killing 5 Koreans on fire, or you can get an achievement/trophy for staying where you are.

When you’re ready, start firing at the KPA. Some will fire rockets at you, so look out. After a small scene, make your way to the other end of the parking lot. Don’t touch the fire anywhere in this chapter or you could die.

After another small scene you will have control of the Goliath. Take out any KPA with EMP launchers. The EMP launchers will disable the Goliath for a short time. You can use the Goliath to kill any KPA and any vehicles they may bring. Regroup with your team, but stay away from the Goliath. A helicopter will come at it and fire rockets. Use the Goliath to take it out before it can kill you. A lot of KPA soldiers will come out of nowhere near the Hooters. Fight and kill them all so you can enter the Hooters. Inside, behind a counter, is another newspaper. You should earn the Archivist achievement/trophy here.

Crawl under a gate with your team to find another newspaper behind a soda machine. Enter the store to find a lot more KPA soldiers. You should find an 870 Express Shotgun early on. This is a great weapon for the close quarters. Watch all of your surroundings. KPA will be on the ground floor and up on balconies. Navigate your way through the store until you reach a red counter with a sign above it that says “gamers.” Behind the counter is another newspaper.

Keep fighting your way through the store. Look out for explosive barrels and fire. At the end, you and your team will exit out. You must now run down to a truck and plant a beacon on it before it drives off. Kill any KPA soldiers you see along the way. When you’re close enough to the truck, press the appropriate button to plant the beacon. Your team will tell you to regroup. On the way back is another newspaper inside a small building, almost like a bridge toll thing. Grab it and regroup.

You and your team will now walk back through the store. The entire place will be set on fire. Make it to the stairs to find the last newspaper of the chapter. Now climb up the stairs to the rooftops. You can find another QR Code on the right side of the red wall before you jump off the roof. Jump off and sprint to the trucks. Use the Goliath to target any vehicles as you make your escape.

The Wall

This chapter starts out at the Oasis. After a bit of dialogue, your team will open up a gate allowing you to move on. Before reaching the street, look to your left for a newspaper. Cross the street with your team and break down a gate. You should see a pool with something over it. To the right of the pool in the grass is another newspaper.

Make your way to the next street, but stay behind cover. The KPA will ambush you. Enemies will be on rooftops and in the street. Use your M4 and M110 to take anyone out. Eventually a Humvee will come towards you and your team. Stay behind cover until Goliath comes for help. When he’s available, mark the Humvee. The next area is the “street section” in the description of an achievement/trophy. Make it through here without the Goliath taking any damage. You must kill every RPG soldier on each rooftop. Push you the street to make it through faster. If one RPG hits the Goliath, you won’t earn this award. There should be one on the first building to the right, two on another building to the right, one on a building down to the left, and two on another building to the right at the end of the street. But that’s not all, just a short intermission. The next area has one man on the first house to the right, and one more on the next house to the right. The achievement/trophy should unlock after you kill the men at the end of the street.

Before moving forward, move backwards. There is one newspaper in the back. From the starting point of this whole street scene, enter the garage of the second house on the right for a newspaper. Now head back to the Goliath and towards the last barrier. A tank will bust through. Run to your left after the Goliath punches a hole in the wall. You have to do this quick before the tank kills you. Your team will tell you to go out and mark the tank. Exit through a newly opened gate and mark the tank to the right. To the left is another barrier and a newspaper hidden amongst the trash on the floor.

Follow your team to the end of the street and into a canal. You should see a town being destroyed in the background. In the canal is another newspaper. It’s slightly hidden in the grass in the right corner. Reach the end of the canal to find a few injured people. Another newspaper will be in the left corner near a dumpster. There will be another dumpster to the right. A QR Code will be on the wall to the left of that dumpster.

Exit out to the street to get a new objective. You must lower a barricade for Goliath to pass through. To the right of the activate point is another newspaper in a corner near a dumpster. Eliminate all KPA before lowering the gate for Goliath. It will take a few seconds to lower the gate, leaving you open to gun fire.

Follow Connor into the White Castle. Pick up the shotgun behind the counter and break open the door to the next building. Everything will go into slow motion. Use your shotgun to blow up some gas barrels and take out all KPA. The last newspaper of this chapter is behind the counter in the room to the right. Eliminate the targeted KPA soldiers on rooftops and clear the streets of everyone else. You need to lower the next gate for the Goliath just like before. Regroup with your team inside the building you just left. Walk up the stairs to the rooftop and pick up the RPG. Fire the RPG at the Goliath when told. Next, enter the Humvee down stairs. Use the machine gun as you and your team escape and end the chapter.


This chapter starts off with a small bit of dialogue, then a huge firefight. Eliminate the survivalist to move on to the next area. Stay under cover when fighting with these guys, they will have men all around, some with RPGs. When the area is clear, go to the windmill to the right and look close to the house for a newspaper. Turn around and walk West to the other side of the street. Inside a shack with a US flag on it is another newspaper. Walk further North West to a barn to find a third newspaper.

Meet back up with your team at the gate. Connor will give you an M200 sniper rifle. Walk up the path towards a red barn. Another newspaper will be on the left side of the dirt road in some grass, a bit further to the right of the for sale sign.

Stay hidden in this chapter. You will have to restart from a checkpoint if you are detected. A bit down the road is another newspaper directly to the right of Connor. Follow your team and do exactly what they say. You will need to snipe certain targets when prompted.

Once your each a barn house that you cut through, Connor will tell you to take out a man with your knife. There will be tons of guns to his left and a newspaper closer to the door on the same side. You can also find a QR Code on the wall.

Take out the RPG guy on the windmill and follow your team to the right. When you jump down a small hill, look to your right for another newspaper in the grass.

Walk into the river and follow your team. They will tell you to eliminate all people in this area, no need to be stealthy here! After the area is clear, head to the left near a trailer to find another newspaper.

Follow your team to the next battle zone not far from the last newspaper. The U.S. Will be to the right, and the Koreans will be in the middle. Kill them all and head to the left to find another newspaper up against the fence.

The next area contains more people. Eliminate everyone and look out for the RPGs. There will be men on the ground and on trailers. When the area is clear Connor will tell you to move up and that will be the last of the RPGs. Another newspaper should be on the ground next to a trailer to your right.

Make your way up towards the church. Eventually you will pass a cemetery to your left. In the cemetery is another newspaper. Keep going towards the church to find anothernewspaper. Don’t go after the newspaper right away because there are enemies surrounding the front door. Eliminate everyone and then go after the newspaper to the right of the door. It will be a slightly hidden.

Enter the church and reach the top in 240 seconds to earn an achievement/trophy. There will be many enemies inside, so it’s not recommended to go after this achievement/trophy and the achievement/trophy for survive the entire chapter. Reach the top of the church to find another sniper rifle. Eliminate the targets Connor tells you to, when he tells you to.

Eventually the KPA will catch on and RPG you. You will have to jump down and make your way to the team. Walk down to the red Diesel and walk right to find the last newspaper in this chapter. Fight your way to your team to end the chapter.


This chapter is technically what is known as a “rail shooter.” You won’t have much control over where you’re going. There are no newspapers at all in this chapter. You will fly the helicopter from start to finish, but you will have complete control over it.

Fly forward and get used to the controls. There are two weapons and a missile defeat ability. Click the A (360) or X (PS3) to use this ability. It will attract all missiles away from you for a few seconds. Destroy all vehicles with red diamonds on them. Reach a convoy of tankers. It’s three diesel trucks surrounded by a few escort vehicles. Destroy the escort vehicles and hijack the trucks. To hijack the trucks, you must get near the driver door and press the appropriate button. If you can hijack the tankers in 8 minutes and one life, you will earn an achievement/trophy.

Your objective from now on will be to protect the tankers. You cannot leave their side for too long or the mission may fail. Destroy any SAM turrets that may be hiding in the mountains. Just destroy anything you see with a red diamond on it. If the tankers get destroyed, the mission will fail. If you can destroy all the SAM sites on the harbor, you will earn another achievement/trophy. The Thermal sight helps out a lot. You should see a Y shaped building a little before the ending highway. On the side of it is another QR Code.Make it to the highway and defend the trucks while they plant C4. The sun will be in your line of sight, thermal really helps out here.

Golden Gate

The chapter starts off with you in a small military area. There is a newspaper hidden in the camp. Follow the direction of the helicopter’s tail, the one you need to enter. After grabbing the paper, enter the helicopter and switch to your grenade launcher. Use it to shoot people off the bridge’s legs. If you can get 10 men to fall off into the ocean, you will earn another achievement/trophy.

Your helicopter will eventually land. You and your team must fight your way to the gate. One of your teammates will open it for you. Move forward and stick to the right. A tank will come out of no where. Right towards the small trailers to the right to get cover. KPA soldiers are inside so be ready for a fight. Eliminate everyone inside and make your way to the next one. Eliminate everyone in the next trailer and grab the RPG. Destroy the tank with the RPG to clear the area. Another newspaper is in this area. If you look up to the legs of the bridge, the newspaper is to the left in a pile of dirt and wood.

Meet back up with your team to climb up the tower. There will be tons of enemies on the way up. Keep climbing and fighting. There will be a QR Code after the first few set of stairs. It will be on the left wall before the door to the outside. Walk up a few more steps until you hear someone say some stuff like, “The LT is KIA.” You should see a newspaper on a shelf next to a set of stairs. Fight up to the top of the bridge to find even more KPA soldiers. Clear the bridge to make way for the cavalry. Tons of tanks and Humvees will come and help you out. When the coast is clear, cross the bridge to find another newspaper near the edge.

Regroup with your team to open the gate to the next area. This area contains more KPA soldiers and RPG men. Take out the RPG men so your convoy can advance. There should be a broken part of the bridge to the left here. If you jump from the concrete on the bridge to the ocean, you will earn an achievement/trophy. If you haven’t died up to this part, I’d pass on that. You can earn another achievement/trophy for surviving the whole chapter.

Move up with the convoy until a short scene plays. You should now find yourself under the bridge. Run to cover right away. A helicopter will fly low and try to shoot you. Stay hidden until it passes. Take out any KPA soldiers in your way. Move forward and make a right. You should see a bluish concrete block at the end of the catwalk. Jump over it to find another newspaper.

Make your way back to the top of the bridge. The helicopter should come back again for another pass. Hide behind whatever you can. Jump from the cat walks to the steel beams to make it to the ladder which leads up to the bridge.

At the top of the bridge are more soldiers and two sentry towers. Kill the men and destroy the towers. Pick up the javelin rocket launcher and destroy the helicopter. When that’s down your team will open the gates to the next area. The next area is hectic to say the least. Tons of enemies will be looking straight at you, including an RPG man. Take out the RPG first, then clear the area of everyone else.

Your goal is to clear the area and get to the AA platform. You can climb a small tower on the AA platform to find the very last newspaper in the game! Defend Hopper with all you got. There’s a M200 sniper in the tower. Use the UCAV when prompted to. All you have to do is walk up to it and press the appropriate button. Destroy all vehicles to earn an achievement/trophy.

Get into the Humvee to proceed. Fire at all enemies and Humvees along the way. At the end of the bridge is a Goliath. The Goliath can destroy your Humvee in an instant. Use the missile defense to protect yourself against the rockets. Press the missile defense button each time the red lights turn on in your Humvee. Shoot it in controlled bursts to keep it off you. Shoot the gas truck at the end to end the chapter and game.

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