Halo 3 Guide

This is a short guide mainly for the Multiplayer of Halo 3.

This Halo 3 guide was written long ago, so excuse any grammar mistakes and all that. You can find the original guide on IGN here.


This walkthrough mostly covers the multiplayer of Halo 3 with a little info on other game modes. Halo 3 was released September 25, 2007 in North America and Australia and was released September 26, 2007 in Europe. Developed by Bungie and Published by Microsoft it is of the first person shooter genre and is rated ESRB:M 17+, BBFC:15, OFLC:M for Australia and R16+ for New Zealand, and PEGI:16+. Halo 3 runs on the Halo Engine with Havok Physics and runs at a native resolution of 640p. It was released only for the Xbox 360 Console.Halo 3 features single player campaign, online multiplayer, co-op campaign, and up to 4 players co-op online or local multiplayer. It is one of very few games to allow many people on one console to play online.

The Basic Controls

The basic controls show how you use your character in the game. In certain modes like Theater and Forge you will have to use different controls. In those section I will tell you the different controls.A – Jump
B – Melee
Y – Switch Gun
X – Use Throwables/Pick Ups
RB – Hold to Pick up New Weapons, Tap to Reload
RT – Fire Weapon
LB – Switch Grenades if you have more than one in stock
LT – Throw Grenades
LS – Used to Move, Click to crouch
RS – Use to move upper body and look in directions, click to zoom in
Start – Pause
Back – Score Online
D-Pad Used in Other Modes (will explain on those modes)

Game Mechanics

Halo 3 uses simplistic mechanics for playing the game. You play as a futuristic cyborg marine or alien wearing a suit of armor. You will always have a shield unless you play on a special game type. In order to kill other players you have to take down the shield and then injure them enough to kill them. Some weapons are so powerful that they do both. You can jump high distances and even fall from higher distances without being hurt. Some distances can be too far making you fall to your death. All weapons, minus the shotgun and mauler, do the same damage at range that they do up close. Few weapons do extra damage when shooting the head. You cannot shoot through walls. There are some barriers here and there that will protect you as much as walls but you can see through them. That’s more or less a rundown of the game mechanics.

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