Halo 3 Guide



Vehicles are used quite a bit in most maps. Free For All/Small maps usually don’t have any vehicles or just one small vehicle. The bigger vehicles show up on bigger maps with more people. The biggest vehicles don’t show up online, but all of these vehicles show up in the campaign.

UNSC Vehicles



The Mongoose is a small two person vehicle. It is used more for getting around than anything. It offers no protection and has no weapons on it. The player on the back can use whatever weapons he has. The player driving can only drive and honk the horn.


halo_3_warthoghalo_3_warthog_turret halo_3_warthog_gauss_cannon

The Warthog is a medium three person vehicle. There are three versions which appear in the campaign. One is just for transporting people and has no weapons on it. One has a mounted machine gun on it. The third has a mounted Gauss Cannon attached to it. One man has to drive the vehicle and do nothing else. The next person can get in the passenger seat and use whatever weapons he has but doesn’t have a very good field of view. The last person can use the back weapon. The Machine Gun Turret uses the same machine gun turret you can find mounted to surfaces here and there. The Gauss Cannon is harder to find. It is best used against other vehicles since it destroys vehicles the fastest with a semi auto burst of energy that fires around one round a second.



The Hornet is an aerial vehicle that can hold three people. The driver can fire two missiles with LT, use a machine gun with RT, use the Left Stick to move around, and use the right stick left and right for view and up and down to gain and lose altitude. The passenger ride on the side and can use their own weapons.



The Scorpion is a Tank that can seat 2 people online and many people in the campaign. One drives the tank and uses the main cannon on it. Another rides in the turret position in the front of the tank and uses the Machine Gun. That player is more exposed than the other player.


halo_3_elephant1 halo_3_elephant2

halo_3_elephant3 halo_3_elephant4

The elephant is more of a transport vehicle. It can hold tons of players and comes equipped with a Mongoose on board and two detachable Machine Gun Turrets. Only one player can drive it.



Pelicans are campaign only flying vehicles. They are for transport only. They can transport troops or other vehicles.

Covenant Vehicles



The Ghost is a small covenant hover vehicle. It seats only 1. The driver can boost it’s speed for a short time and use it’s plasma cannon attached to it.



The Banshee is a covenant flying vehicle. It seats only 1. Unlike the Hornet it cannot hover in one spot but must keep moving. It has a plasma cannon attached to it along with a stronger version of the fuel rod gun. The Banshee has unique maneuver capabilities. It can do barrel rolls in mid air.


halo_3_wraith halo_3_aa_wraith

The Wraith is a two person covenant tank. The driver controls the main cannon that shoots the most amount of plasma over any plasma gun in the game. The passenger controls a plasma turret on the front. In the campaign there’s an Anti Air Version of the wraith.



Phantoms are campaign only vehicles that are used for transport. There are usually two types of plasma cannons attached to the front and sides of it.



The Scarab is the rarest and strongest of all vehicles, not just covenant vehicles. It is immensely huge with a special scarab gun mounted to the front, another plasma type gun mounted to the back, and two plasma cannons attached to the sides. Scarabs usually hold a few Brutes and grunts. Luckily it’s campaign only. The only way to destroy it is to destroy it’s power core in the back. You have to get on board to reach it.

Brute Vehicles



The chopper is a one man Brute Vehicle. It isn’t too fast but it’s big wheel can crush small vehicles without damaging itself too much. It’s not too easy to control and has a special chopper weapon on the front similar to a plasma cannon.


The Prowler is a rare Brute Vehicle. In the campaign it can hold up to 4 people. In multiplayer it can only hold two. One must be the driver and only drive. The other person controls the turret at the front of the Prowler that is similar to the plasma cannon. On the campaign two other people can sit on the sides and use whatever weapons they have.