Fanime 2017

Fanime 2017 Day 4

Day four of Fanime was shorter than all the other days. The gaming room closed down by 2pm (which is when I arrived at the convention, so it might have been earlier), the exhibit and artist alley closed down by 3pm, and the convention all together shut down by 8pm.

I only stood around the convention for a short time to meet up with the few people I recently became friends with. We walked and talked for a bit, and then I bought a few items for two of my sisters since their birthday is coming up a the beginning of July. I also ran into another girl that I had met at the BABYMETAL concert last year. Her smile was like a burst of sunshine.

I spent the rest of the day in my hotel room playing video games and watching stuff online. I was hoping some friends were still in town so we could hang out, but everyone had left by day four.

My hotel was booked for one more night because my train didn’t leave until Tuesday May 30th at 6:40pm! I was hoping to get a late check out so I could sleep in, but the hotel front desk said no. I had to get up early and check out by noon. I then waited for over six hours before I could leave San Jose. In that time I played some games, read some manga, and started writing up this post.

All in all, I had a really good time at Fanime. I did expect more from the convention given what many friends had told me, but it was far from a bad time! I spent way too much money on lodging, so I didn’t spend nearly as much on junk for myself from the dealers hall like I wanted to. I would definitely like to go again next year, but who knows what will happen in that time.

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