Fanime 2017

Fanime Day 3

For the third day of Fanime I broke out another new cosplay. I was Trainer Red from Pokemon again, but this time it was the updated version from Pokemon Sun and Moon. I got a new hat, new shirt, and a Z-Ring to complete the outfit. My pants were also a bit tighter compared to the older version.

During the day time I went to the exhibit area and bought a few things. One was a five-tailed fox plush, just like the one I use for my otaku logo. I thought it was pretty crazy how they just happened to have a five-tailed fox! There’s usually a nine-tailed one, or one with a single tail.

While looking around at swords, I thought about a cosplay I’ve been wanting to do for a few months now. I ended up buying one of Ichigo’s zanpaktos. I believe it was the version he had after obtaining bankai. I hope to cosplay Ichigo during next winter.

The last big thing I did on day three was head to the rave a second time! I stood out pretty late the night before, but I wanted to stay out even later for the third night. While dancing, one of my contacts fell out and got lost in the rave. It wouldn’t have been a big deal if it was a circle lens to make my eyes look some way they normally don’t, but it was actually a regular contact lens that allowed me to see! I had to go off to the bathroom, take out my other contact, and put my glasses on.

When I returned to the rave, I ran into a group of girls I had met at the BABYMETAL concert last year. They remembered me and one of them even gave me a hug. They were incredibly friendly just like last time.

I also ran into the same two girls from the night before who I chatted with for a short time. We all danced together until they had to leave around midnight. We exchanged numbers and said we’d meet up the next day.

After midnight, I continued dancing for a few more hours. Before the night ended, I saw a girl who had to be the absolute cutest girl I had seen in my entire life. I looked at her and she looked at me. I tried talking to her, but the music was incredibly loud, and I didn’t want to get too close without introducing myself or something. I wrote a short text message on my phone and asked her for her name. She said it was Sam. I then asked where she was from, and she said San Jose. We danced for a short time, but then some guy came by and took her from me. I think it was her boyfriend, which crushed my spirit. I wanted so badly to give her my phone number so we could talk some more outside the rave, but I didn’t get the chance. I went back to my hotel shortly after.