Fanime 2017

Fanime 2017 Day 0

I took two trains from my town to San Jose on Day 0, May 25. There was even a three hour lay over between the two trains. I passed the time by playing some Pokemon and listening to music. When I arrived, I walked to the convention center about a half mile away to register early. It was incredibly easy and quick since they allow self registration at one of many laptops. My badge was printed out, and I grabbed the info booklet.

Right as I was leaving, I ran into my friend Heza-Chan. She’s also a YouTuber and cosplayer, but has been cosplaying for far longer than I have. She even makes her own costumes! I definitely recommend checking her out at

Next, I took Lyft to my hotel. That was actually the very first time I used any ride sharing app. It went much better than I expected. The guy was super nice, and he gave me some tips on Lyft and San Jose in general.

My first hotel was the Spring Hill Suites. It wasn’t a very big room, but it was divided in two to make it seem a bit bigger. There was a lounge area with a couch, and a desk with a glazed glass panel separated the room. The bed was on the other side of the desk, and the TV was pretty much in the middle of the two sides so you can view it from either the couch or the bed. The two best things of the room was that it included a fridge and microwave, and that the shower and toilet were separated by two small rooms. I hate sharing a room with someone and having to wait for the toilet while they take forever to shower or get ready! One downside, other than the location, was the lack of room service. They did have some food at the bar and allowed me to take it to my room, but it wasn’t the best of food.

I prepared that night for the very first day of the convention. The Fanime 2017 book didn’t have as much info as I had hoped, but it was better than nothing.