Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered Multiplayer Guide


The Perks available while creating a class in Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered are separated into three tiers. Only one perk per tier can be chosen. The first perk is usually some type of equipment. By default, press LEFT on the D-PAD to switch to this equipment.

Perk 1

Name Unlocked Effect
C4 X 2 Rank 4 This perk adds two packs of C4 explosives to your equipment slot. C4 can be stuck to any surface and detonated remotely. Detonate the C4 by switching to the clacker and pulling the trigger, or by double tapping the reload button.
RPG-7 X 2 Rank 4 This perk adds two rocket launchers to your equipment slot. RPGs are best used against attack helicopters…. or to blast other soldiers. The RPG has an arching path, so they’re not easy to aim with.
Special Grenades X 3 Rank 4 This perk adds two more tactical (special) grenades to your loadout, making a total of three. However, it will not work with Smoke Grenades.
Bomb Squad Rank 14 This perk allows you to see where explosives are located by adding a large marker to your HUD. This is very useful when playing Search and Destroy, as many areas will be booby trapped.
Claymore X 2 Rank 23 This perk adds two trip activated explosive mines to your loadout. The best way to use these are by placing them to the side of an entrance out of view, but point them towards the inside of the room. If they’re pointed from one side of the door to the other, a player can easily walk through the claymore and survive.
Bandolier Rank 32 This perk adds extra magazines of ammunition to your loadout, giving you the max amount of ammo. Only use this perk if you plan on surviving for a long time and don’t want to pick up enemy weapons.
Frag X 3 Rank 41 This perk adds two extra frag grenades to your loadout, giving you a total of three.

Perk 2

Name Unlocked Effect
Stopping Power Rank 4 This perk increases the bullet damage of your primary weapon and sidearm by 40%. It cancels out Juggernaut.
Juggernaut Rank 4 This perk increases your health by 40%. It cancels out Stopping Power.
Sonic Boom Rank 4 This perk increases the weapon damage of explosives. Since explosives have splash damage with a certain blast radius, it basically increases the kill zone within that blast radius.
UAV Jammer Rank 11 This perk prevents you from showing up on enemy radar while a UAV is in the air. If firing an unsilenced weapon, you will still show up as a red dot on the mini map.
Sleight of Hand Rank 20 This perk allows you to reload your weapon faster than normal. This is useful for weapons with a high rate of fire or small magazine.
Double Tap Rank 29 This perk increases the rate of fire for your weapon. If the weapon is fully automatic, the weapon will automatically fire faster. If the weapon is semi automatic, pump action, or bolt action, the trigger can be pulled faster between shots.
Overkill Rank 38 This perk replaces the side arm with a second primary weapon.

Perk 3

Name Unlocked Effect
Extreme Conditioning Rank 4 This perk allows you to sprint for longer distances before getting tired.
Steady Aim Rank 4 This perk increases the accuracy of your hip fire. It tightens the size of your crosshairs, which is best paired with shotguns and SMGs in close quarter situations.
Deep Impact Rank 4 This perk increases the penetration power of bullets. It does not increase the damage of a normal bullet, only increases damage when a bullet is fired through some sort of surface and would otherwise reduce damage.
Last Stand Rank 8 This perk allows you to survive a fatal hit, drop to the floor, and pull out your pistol before dying. This will only last for 10 seconds, or unless you kill yourself before bleeding out. If you don’t have a side arm, you will switch to the M9. If you get killed by a headshot, explosives, or melee attack, you will not fall into last stand. Any damage while in last stand will instantly kill you.
Martyrdom Rank 17 This perk will drop a live grenade with a shorter fuse where you died.
Iron Lungs Rank 26 This perk allows you to hold your breath longer when using sniper scopes. It increases from four seconds to nine seconds. Holding your breath will steady the scope and increase your accuracy.
Eavesdrop Rank 35 This perk allows you to hear the online voice chat of nearby enemy players. It’s only useful when playing competitively.
Dead Silence Rank 44 This perk reduces the sound you make while moving. It’s best when playing slow, stealthy games.