Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered Multiplayer Guide

Basic Controls and Gameplay

For those new to the franchise, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a bit of an arcade shooter with a slight realistic feel to it. Weapon damage is greater than some more fictional-style shooters, and accuracy is relatively high. There is no bullet travel, meaning when you pull the trigger, you will hit whatever you’re aiming at, though there is a bit more to it than that.

The basic control of each soldier is the same. Players can run for a certain distance before getting tired; however, using the Extreme Conditioning Perk can increase this distance. In addition to firearms, every player can use a knife melee attack to instantly kill their opponent.


Aiming down the weapon sights is the most accurate form of shooting, but firing from the hip (not aiming) is best in close quarter combat. While firing from the hip, a weapon can hit anywhere within the crosshairs shown on screen. The most inaccurate form of shooting is while moving. Moving will increase the size of the weapon’s crosshairs.

There are three positions: standing, crouching, and prone (laying on the ground). You will move both slower and quieter while crouching compared to standing, and the same goes for prone compared to crouching. Accuracy while shooting will also increase while crouching and going prone.

Surfaces and Penetration

Bullet-based weapons can injure and even kill enemies through surfaces. Thin surfaces, such as sheet metal and wood, give the least resistance. Thicker surfaces, such as concrete, give more resistance and lowers the damage more than thin surfaces. Unfortunately, it seems all surfaces protect against explosive weapons.

Radar / Mini-map

Each multiplayer game includes a mini-map on the top left corner of the screen. This will only be removed while playing hardcore-style game modes. Teammates are marked by blue arrows, while enemies will be marked by red dots.

Firing a weapon will not only give away your position with the loud bang it creates, but a red dot will mark your location on the mini map unless a silencer / suppressor is used on the gun. Once UAV is called in, all players will be marked on the mini-map by a red dot unless they are using the UAV Jammer Perk.