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Weapons have changed a bit in Halo Reach. You no longer have a set accuracy. Instead your accuracy drops as you fire in succession. As you fire again and again your cross hairs will widen up, or “bloom,” and your accuracy drops. There are tons of new weapons in Reach. I will name the weapons, the amount of ammo they can hold per magazine and total (extra ammo plus the mag you’re using), if it has zoom capabilities, and how fast it can reload.

UNSC Weapons 

Slow down your rate of fire to keep your shots accurate. Another new addition to Halo are in the UNSC weapons. These weapons now reload longer if you fully run out of ammo as opposed to having at least one bullet still in your gun. I give the reload times for the gun being fully unloaded and still having at least one bullet (loaded).

M6G – Magnum
-Semi Auto, Side Arm.
-2x Zoom
-8 Rounds per Mag
-48 Rounds Max
-2 Second Reload Time while loaded, 2.1 second reload time fully unloaded.
-5 or 7 Rounds to kill. 4 for the shield and 3 to the body or 1 to the head.

MA37 – Assault Rifle
-Full Auto
-32 rounds per mag
-320 round max
-600 RPM
-1.8 second reload time loaded, 2 seconds reload time unloaded.
-19 rounds to kill. 11 rounds to take down the shield and 8 rounds to kill.

M392 DMR – Designated Marksman Rifle
-Semi Auto, Precision Weapon
-3x Zoom
-15 Rounds per Mag
-75 Rounds Max
-1.6 Second Reload Time while loaded, 2.2 second reload time while unloaded.
-5 or 7 Rounds to kill. 4 Rounds to take down the shield and 3 rounds to the body or 1 round to the head.

M45 TS – Shotgun
-Pump Action
-6 Rounds for a full shotgun
-36 Rounds Max
-5 second reload time for all 6 rounds and the pump.
-The shotgun, like all shotguns, is powerful up close and can kill in one shot but will lose power at distance. It can take over 10 shots to kill someone at it’s furthest range!

SRS99 – Sniper Rifle
-Semi Auto, Precision Weapon
-5x and 10x Zoom
-4 Rounds per mag
-16 Round max
-1-2 Shot kill. 1 to the head or 2 shot kill to the body.
-1.7 Second Reload Time while loaded, 3 seconds while unloaded.

M41SSR MAV/AW – Rocket Launcher
-Semi Auto, Heavy Weapon
-1.8x Zoom
-2 Barrel Rocket Launcher
-8 Rockets Max
-3.6second reload time.
-The Rocket launcher can kill someone with one rocket if you get them directly on. There’s also blast damage which can hurt players if a rocket hits near a player.

M6 G/GNR – Spartan Laser
-Charged, Heavy Weapon
-2.5x Zoom
-The spartan laser uses power, which means you cannot get more ammo for the gun, only find a new gun.
-Each Spartan Laser has 100 battery power.
-Each shot costs 25 battery power and must charge for about 4 seconds to fire
-It takes 1 shot to kill an enemy or vehicle

M319 GL – Grenade Launcher
-One Shot, Heavy Weapon
-1 Grenade can be shot at a time
-16 Grenades max
-2 second reload time
-Kills in one direct shot
-The grenade launcher is a new addition to Halo. It shoots some weird type of grenades at targets, but the grenades will not detonate until they travel a certain distance. This means if you’re too close to a target it will bounce off of the target and explode a second later. It usually bounces off surfaces at any distance that is not an enemy. If an enemy is far enough it will explode on impact when it hits the enemy. It’s best to bounce the grenade off a surface and aim it so it will hit an enemy. It is possible to hold the trigger and release it at any distance to cause the grenade to explode. It will cause an EMP but the damage is lowered and may not kill with one hit. While holding the trigger you will not reload to your next round.

M247H HMG – Machine Gun
-Full Auto, Heavy Weapon
-Infinite to 200 rounds
-Mounted Machine Guns AKA turrets found around campaign and multiplayer. They now overheat so use them wisely. When you detach them from stands you get 200 rounds to use before you have to drop them. While using this weapon you will walk slowly and drop the weapon if you use armor abilities. You can also find the Heavy Machine Gun mounted to the Warthog and Scorpion.

M9 HE/DP – Frag Grenades
You can only carry two frags at a time. It takes two frags to kill someone with a full shield and full health. The frags detonate 1 second after hitting the ground.

H-165 FOM – Target Locator
-Campaign and firefight only.
-Charged, Heavy Weapon
-2x and 4x zoom.
-Use it to mark targets for artillery strike. It takes a few seconds for the target to lock on. When it does lock on a green circle will appear at the area. Artillery strikes usually kill everything in it’s blast zone.

Covenant Weapons 

Covenant weapons usually use plasma or energy to fire. You do not need to reload on those types of weapons, but they can overheat. Since you can’t reload you must pick up an entirely new weapon if you run out or are low on ammo. The Needler and Needle Rifle on the other hand use different types of ammo. They can be reloaded and you can find more ammo. If enough needles are fired on an enemy then they will combine and explode.

T25 DEP – Plasma Pistol
-Semi Auto and can be charged for a big blast, Side Arm
-100 Energy per Pistol. You cannot get more energy, only a new pistol.
-Each shot takes 1 energy from the gun’s overall energy. You can hold the trigger to charge up a plasma blast, but the battery will drain while you hold it. Each blast will take 15 energy, not including any power lost while holding the trigger down. The blast can also temporarily disable vehicles.
-10 shots to kill someone. 3 for the shield and 7 for the kill.

T25 DER – Plasma Rifle
-Full Auto, Medium rate of fire.
-Plasma rifles use energy so you cannot pick up more ammo.
-100 energy per gun
-4 shots for 1 energy
-360 to 540 RPM
-16 shots to kill an enemy. 5 shots to take down a shield and 11 shots to kill an enemy.

T51 DER/1 – Plasma Repeater
-Full Auto, high rate of fire. If it over heats the rate of fire will drop down quite a bit. You can vent it with the reload button.
-The plasma repeater uses energy so you cannot pick up more ammo.
-100 energy per gun
-2 shots for 1 energy.
-18 rounds to kill an enemy. 11 rounds to take down a shield, 7 rounds to kill.

T25 C – Spike Rifle
-AKA Spiker
-Full Auto, medium rate of fire.
-40 rounds per mag
-160 round max
-480 RPM
-1.5 second reload time.
-18 rounds to kill an enemy. 5 rounds to take down the shield, 13 rounds to kill.

T33 GML – Needler
-Full Auto, medium rate of fire.
-The needler is a unique gun. You can shoot around 20 needles at the enemy for them to combine and explode, killing the enemy
-24 needles for a full needler
-120 needles max
-Around 13 needles to kill. 6 needles to take down the shield, 7 needles to kill.

T31 R – Needle Rifle
-Full Auto (Does not count in the full auto commendations), Precision Weapon
-2x Zoom
-Just like the needler, the needle rifle can cause an explosion if there are a enough needles in the enemy.
-21 Rounds per Mag
-105 Rounds Max
-2.45 second reload time.
-7 or 9 Rounds to kill. 6 Rounds to take down a shield, 1 Shot to the head or 3 shots to the body.

T50 DER/H – Concussion Rifle
-Semi Auto, Heavy Weapon
-6 rounds per mag
-30 rounds max
-3 rounds to kill an enemy
-An Explosive type weapon like the grenade launcher. Explodes on impact.

T1 EW/S – Energy Sword
-The energy sword is a melee only weapon that uses energy to kill
-10 energy per kill.
-100 energy per sword
-Once your reticule turns red you can lunge towards your opponent.
-You can now block the energy sword with a well timed melee

T2 EW/H – Gravity Hammer
-8-9 energy per swing
-100 energy per hammer
-The gold club is the exact same weapon as the gravity hammer, it just looks different and has a different reticule.
-The gravity hammer is a big hammer you hit enemies with or you can slam it on the ground. Each time you swing it you use up energy. The energy can hurt enemies if they’re in a close enough radius and will kill anyone with a direct hit.

T33 LAAW – Fuel Rod Gun
-Semi Auto, Heavy Weapon
-2.5x zoom
-5 round per mag
-30 rounds max
-2.65 second Reload Time
-1 shot to kill directly on and can injure with splash damage. If it hits the ground close by, it may bounce.

T52 GML/E – Plasma Launcher
-Charged, Heavy Weapon
-2.5x zoom
-The plasma launcher uses energy instead of ammo
-100 energy per gun
-8.25 energy per ball of plasma
-The plasma launcher has to charge up each shot which shows up as 1-4 balls on the reticule. Up to 4 shots can be charged and fired off to an enemy. The plasma balls can stick to enemies and kill in one blast like plasma grenades. The plasma balls can also stick to surfaces.

T52 SAR – Focus Rifle
-Precision Weapon
-The focus rifle uses energy instead of ammo. Fires a focused energy beam.
-3.5x and 9.5x zoom.
-100 energy per gun
-4 energy per second
-7 energy to kill an enemy.
-12 energy to overheat

T52 DESW – Plasma Cannon
-Full Auto, Heavy Weapon
-Infinite to 200 Energy
-1 Shot per energy
-Plasma mounted weapons just like the machine gun turrets. Can be detached. When detached you get 200 shots before you can no longer shoot it. While carrying the plasma cannon you will be slowed down. If you use any armor ability you will drop the plasma cannon. The Plasma Cannon can be found mounted on floors, ghosts, wraiths, and banshees.

T1 APG – Plasma Grenade
A grenade that has the ability to stick to enemies. Will not stick to other surfaces. Explodes about 1.5 seconds after hitting the ground or enemy.

Armor Abilities 

Equipment is very different in Halo Reach. You no longer pick up items and drop them for effects, but your armor is built with these effects which can be used with the LB button. The effects cannot be used on all game modes, but the game modes that can use them only allow one effect per load out. You get to pick a load out with your two weapons and an armor effect. If you want to switch armor effects you must switch loadouts. You cannot use these abilities while holding objective items like flags or the oddball. The Armor Abilities are:

Active Camo
Become virtually invisible. You must be standing still to turn invisible and stay invisible, but it will only last about 45 seconds. After that you must wait for it to “cool down” so you can use it again or it will only last for a few seconds the next time. When you are cloaked your radar becomes jammed and your hearing becomes muffled. Enemies radar become jammed as well when you’re close enough to them. By “jammed” I mean there are red triangles and circles flying all over the radar.

Armor Lock
Use armor lock to boost your shield and become invincible for 5 seconds. You must hold down the equipment/armor ability button for the ability to be used to it’s fullest potential. While your shield is boosted you cannot move at all. When your armor unlocks you send out an EMP that pushes back all enemies near you.

Drop Shield
Make a bubble shield for 15 seconds that keeps out all types of weapons and grenades for a short time. However, it will break if it takes enough damage. Enemies can walk right into it too. If your health is low and you drop a bubble shield, then your health will regenerate just like getting a med kit It takes about 4 seconds for the ability to recharge so you can use it again.

Press the ability button and a direction to jump and evade. You can use it two times and then you must wait 3 seconds for it to recharge.

Send out a hologram of yourself directly in front of you. It will keep moving until it hits a wall or becomes destroyed.

Jet Pack
Use a jet pack for up to 5 seconds to fly over the battlefield. You must hold down the ability button to keep your jet back boosted, but you can fire the engines in bursts. You cannot use the Jet Pack when carrying a machine gun or plasma cannon.

Sprint around maps by holding down the ability button for up to 5 seconds. It takes about 3 seconds for the ability to recharge so you can use it again. You cannot use your weapon while running; you must stop running and wait half a second to raise your weapon.

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