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The campaign is a single player or co-op story mode. Bungie says they will later add a campaign matchmaking so you can find random people to play with instead of playing with your friends. There are technically 11 missions. The first is all cutscene.


There are many enemies in Halo Reach. All of them fall under the name “Covenant.” I will use the real names that are given in the Halo Reach manual and explain more of them here.



These are the smallest and weakest of all the enemies. They usually have the worst AI and will come out in the open. They are so we they can be taken out with one melee or one shot to the head with precision weapons. There are regular grunts and grunts with armor and bigger weaponry. Their arsenal consists of:

  • Plasma Pistol
  • Needler
  • Plasma Grenade
  • Fuel Rod Gun (Special Grunts)
  • Dodge



Jackals are the next best thing from grunts. They have slightly better AI but are still weak. They can be taken down with one shot to the head with precision weapons. These guys are either far off with precision weapons or they are up close with shields covering them. Their arsenal consists of:

  • Plasma Pistol
  • Needle Rifle
  • Focus Rifle
  • Dodge



Skirmishers look like Jackals but slightly different with feathers or something coming out of their head. They’re a lot faster than Jackals and snipe far off with precision weapons more than do CQC. If they are up in close they may have two small shields on their arms. Their arsenal consists of:

  • Plasma Pistol
  • Needle Rifle
  • Focus Rifle
  • Dodge
  • Hologram



AKA “buggers,” drones are extremely weak but extremely fast bug like enemies. They come in swarms and fly around. Alone they’re easy to kill but in swarms they can kill you pretty fast. Just like the other weak enemies, they can be killed with one shot to the head with precision weapons. Their arsenal consist of:

  • Plasma Pistol
  • Needler



Engineers return from Halo ODST. They do not hurt you at all, but instead they support the covenant by giving them tough shields. Take out the engineers when you see them so you can take out the other enemies quickly.



Brutes are strong enemies. They usually have decent AI close to Elites but lack the abilities that elites have. They usually have general sets of armor but nothing special and no shields. However, the highest level brutes have both armor and shields. Their arsenal consists of:

  • Jet Packs
  • Plasma Pistol
  • Plasma Rifle
  • Spike Rifle
  • Needler
  • Concussion Rifle
  • Gravity Hammer
  • Plasma Cannon
  • Plasma Launcher
  • Plasma Grenade
  • Armor Lockup



Elites are probably the strongest and most agile covenant and come in various forms and armor. They use armor abilities just like SPARTANS and are very dangerous. Depending on the difficulty level you can take them out just like other SPARTANS, or they may be a lot tougher. They are the only covenant that have shields by default. Their arsenal consists of:

  • Plasma Rifle
  • Plasma Repeater
  • Needler
  • Concussion Rifle
  • Focus Rifle
  • Energy Sword
  • Fuel Rod Gun
  • Plasma Launcher
  • Plasma Grenade
  • Evade Armor Ability
  • Active Camouflage Armor Ability
  • Sprint Armor Ability
  • Armor Lockup
  • Jet Packs



Hunters are the toughest enemies of all the covenant. They usually come in twos. They wear tough armor that can only be penetrated by rocket launchers or weapons to that effect. Your best bet in defeating these guys are going around them and shooting the gap in their backs. If you see red anywhere then that’s their weak spot. Use plasma grenades to take off the armor on their backs, which is the only location that armor comes off of. Their weapons are the huge sword like thing attacked to one hand that also serves as protection from them, and the giant plasma mortar like launcher on the other hand. On higher difficulties both can kill you with one hit.


A few things you should know about campaign before you start. You have infinite lives obviously. The higher the difficulty the harder the enemies are to kill and the faster they will kill you. There are not infinite waves of enemies like on some games. Take out all enemies in an area and you’ll be safe unless another drop ship comes in. Your team mates from Noble Team are invincible and cannot die but aren’t very good computer A.I.s. The other team mates like UNSC troops can be killed by the covenant.

In the campaign you’ll find items called datapads which I list in this walkthrough. These are not important and do not need to be found. They are just little bits of info as backstory to the whole halo universe.

Winter Contingency

You start off slow. You have a MA37 Assault Rifle and a M6G Magnum. Just follow the beacons and do what your squad tells you to do. IF you are playing the campaign on legendary then do not start off slow.


The second your falcon lands you should exit and run straight towards the beacon! There is an elite there that will turn semi invisible. Take him out quick and get a datapad he is holding. Your best bet is to use the pistol with it’s zoom. Run down as much as you can and then zoom in. Fire slow shots to make sure they all hit. Hopefully you’ll get a checkpoint like this


Then you can continue to fire at him from far. If you go up the road too much then you’ll get another checkpoint and you may miss out on him. If that’s the case then you will have to restart the mission. The data pod says:


i’ve been trying to f1nd a back d0or into the spook house forever and ever and then I did but what did I find and why is this what I found?


[Minutes, working session, Committee of Minds for Security]

[^]Directly preceding their assault on the colony world of Biko, the covenant transmitted a message to it’s surface. Within this message was a bold claim. ‘your world will burn until it’s surface is but glass’ – a claim that clearly indicates the covenant leadership believes they possess the power to literally reduce a planet’s surface to a molten state [^]

[^]Assuming they have the wherewithal to back up such a claim, the dangers to our creators are obvious.

The implications for their own internal politics are also instructive e.g. what effect the Covenant leadership’s assertion have on any client species in their coalition? We aren’t the only beings that would be terrified by the idea of absolute destruction of a planet’s surface – nor would we be the only ones to realize the futility of attempting to resist a force that has such power at it’s disposal. [^]

[^] Moving forward, this Committee recommends the formal adoption of the descriptor ‘glassing’ to portray the aftermath of a planetary assault by the Covenant. It is the opinion of this Committee that this term will capitalize on the three weaknesses evident in the majority of our creators; passive curiosity, absence of a solid methodological foundation, and the inability to grasp even simple phenomena when applied on a planetary scale. [^]

[^]In short: ‘glassing’ will magnify the horror of the Covenant’s capabilities. And as such, this Committee believes targeted dissemination of this terminology will help galvanize our creators in their current struggle. [^]

[^]Importantly, the Covenant does not possess the capacity to accomplish ‘glassing’ on a global scale and wage a multisystem war simultaneously. This is reinforced by hard data regarding their capabilities revealed during fleet engagements with the UNSC. A single Covenant capital ship (CCS-class) is capable of ‘glassing’ approximately one acre of a planet’s surface after an average of fifteen seconds of sustained fire. Understandably this action takes considerably less time when applied to open desert, and considerably longer when applied to deep ocean (>1.8 km) [^]

[^]Earth, one of the smaller planets inhabited by our creators, has one hundred and thirty billion acres of surface area. Thus, assuming the covenant possesses a number of ships equal to that of the UNSC, and assuming that all of those ships are capable of generating and discharging th required power non-stop for the duration of the process, it would necessitate the combined efforts of their ships in toto for a minimum of 30.3801 years to ‘glass’ the entire surface of Earth. Myriad other variables which were not applied to this equation suggest this number would be far greater. [^]

[^]Of course, dissemination of this analysis to our creators would undermine the utility of ‘glassing’ as a galvanizing concept, and should be suppressed. [^]


After that you’ll eventually encounter some Covenant. You can stay on the top floor to take them out from the top but there’s a jackal sniper on a roof. If you’re playing a higher difficulty he may get you. Head down the stairs to your right to get to the basement with the rest of Noble Team. If you go down there quickly you may find covenant. If you wait awhile your team may go ahead of you and drive them out of the basement.


There’s a health pack next to the door, only use it if you need it. When you eliminate all the enemies you can exit out the door. Some Banshees may be overhead so look out. Your team mate that’s still in the air will take them out after a few seconds. If you like you can pick up a needler or plasma pistol. Move forward and your team should encounter more covenant coming in from far off. Don’t stay out of cover if you’re playing at a high difficulty because the drop ship will start firing at you. This is where you can use your magnum to take them out at long range. Remember it has a zoom capability. When you take them all out you’ll hear more dialogue.

You’re now on point. Move forward and you’ll encounter more enemies across a river. You can jump across the river to meet them head on. There’s mostly grunts and jackals. After you take them out you’ll meet up with three elites. Use your grenades and take cover behind bails of hay here and there so you don’t get shot up too much. When you take them out you can find another gun, a plasma repeater. Take if it you like. More dialogue will play. Keep moving East. Remember there’s a compass above your shield icon.

Two of your team mates will take to the air. Keep moving and you’ll find a truck. DO NOT GET IN THE TRUCK if you want an achievement. Never step inside a vehicle in this mission. If you already got the achievement or you don’t care then take the driver seat and let your team mates take the other two seats. Drive forward and you’ll reach the next section of the mission.

Rebels Don’t Leave Plasma Burns

Head forward and you’ll encounter a few more covenant. Cross a bridge and take a left when you see this area:


There will be a lot more covenant here. The first house on the right has a datapad inside.


The datapad says:



they are killing us and letting us die even though they know but they let us die why wh1 why?


[Minutes, plenary session, Committee of Minds of Security]

[^] Now, on to new business.

Consideration of the Minority’s request for a new line of inquiry: How have out creators, and thus we, their artificial creations, evolved to this present state without encountering a hostile civilization capable of our annihilation? [^]

[^]Majority opinion has long held that only the incalculable immensity of space has protected our creators – that space is full of boundless wonders, but it is the gulf between these wonders that has kept our creators alive.

We, the Minds of this Committee, respectfully disagree. [^]

[^]If there are wolves among the stars, we cannot rely on mere distance to safeguard our flock.

Our Kind is wholly reliant on the creators for our existence. If they perish so shall we. And, as this Committee has long maintained, who else but this Assembly will save our creators from themselves?

As such, we propose immediate, vigorous modeling of first-contact scenarios. [^]

>>So long as all connections between this Assembly and the data from these models are obfuscated in perpetuity, the Majority agrees.>>



Take out the covenant. There should be some jackals, grunts, and an elite. They’ll drop the same weapons, but this time you’ll find a needle rifle. When everything is secure head N/NE and down a dirt road. Eventually you’ll find a building with a few covenant around it. Take them out and you’ll hear a distress call. Follow a marker towards a covenant drop ship to rescue some troopers.

When you find the troopers you can swap a weapon with one to get another achievement. You’ll hear some more dialogue and a marker will be placed behind you that says “ordnance.” It’s another gun called the DMR. Pick it up if you like. Tons of Covenant should now drop on your position. If you can’t take the out easily then stay in the bunker and take them out long range with your team. When they’re all dead you should get the achievement for not stepping foot in a vehicle. Head to the Falcon (plane vehicle) and enter to continue the mission.

It shouldn’t take too long for you to reach the next area. The landing zone will have done of covenant. Exit the Falcon and take them all out. Use the buildings for cover if you need to. Another drop ship or two should come in. Make sure you’re not out in the open when they are or they will blast you to pieces. After a ton of kills the team will tell you to retreat into one of the buildings. Head into the building with the rest of your team and you’ll find a health pack on the floor next to some DMRs.


Skeleton Crew

Enter the door to the right of the DMRs and find a dead body to trigger a cut scene. After the scene you’ll have the same weapons from when you started the mission. Grab a DMR to your right if you like and take out the covenant. Use cover and shoot the explosive tanks on the right wall to help. Keep moving forward with Jorge to clear out the area of Covenant.

You should reach a room down the hall. Jorge will say “There’s more. Flush them out I got you covered.” Take the path on the right to flank and shoot them. An Elite will come out with a energy sword and he may rush you. One hit from that and you’re dead. Take him out as quick as possible, either with headshots from the DMR, grenades, or using the assault rifle. On legendary there should be a second elite with a concussion rifle. Hopefully Jorge will keep him distracted so you can assassinated him. After they’re gone go to the marker that says activate. You’ll get a cutscene which ends the mission.

ONI:Sword Base

The Best Defense

When you start the mission you’ll have to fight your way into the Sword Base with an Assault Rifle and DMR. Take out the covenant in front of you and then run up the stairs to the bridge overlooking the other covenant. There’s a covered area on the bridge to hide from the drop ships when they come. It’s a great vantage point to take out the covenant with your DMR.


After the covenant in front of you are eliminated you must move forward amongst the dead bodies and find more to the right. There is a lot of cover for you to utilize. Take out the enemies and reach the gate. At the gate you’ll find some more DMRs, the armor ability lock up which you must exchange for sprint, and H-165 FOM Target Locator marked as Ordnance. With this you can zoom in on areas to mark them for artillery strikes.

Get the Hell of My Lawn!

Now you need to move forward and take out the wraiths with your target locator. Charge it and follow the wraiths around. If you take both out with one artillery strike then you will get an achievement. When the wraiths are destroyed a pelican will come in and drop a warthog for you. You now have two options. Go West to activate an AA gun or East to activate a COMM Array. I chose West first.

Activate the AA gun by traveling West. You’ll find grunt and elites all over the area. There is a Sniper Rifle in one of the towers along with the armor abilities sprint and armor lock. You have to get on the rooftop of the other building and activate the AA guns. There will be a phantom flying around until you activate the guns. After you take out the first set of enemies a phantom will drop a second set, before you activate the AA guns of course. The second set will have two ghosts so watch out. Try and use your warthog as long as you can making passes at the enemies. If it’s destroyed then you have to use whatever tactics you can. Try and hijack a ghost.

Once you completed that part you can take the road ahead, instead of going back, to reach the COMM Array. There will be tons of covenant around and one Revenant vehicle that has a plasma mortar on it so be careful even if you’re driving a ghost or Warthog. Activate the generators on the roof of one building and you’ll find the location of the next place you must activate. You’ll find a sniper rifle on the roof of the building with the generator. If you’re playing on legendary then don’t jump off the roof. Turn around and jump across the broken bridge shown here, you will need the sprint ability to make it across:


Follow the rocky road to find a datapod. It says:



its a11 just math to them not with numbers but with the symbols that change when you look at them because they want them to…


>>A concession from the Majority to the Minority:

Keeping the SPARTANS focused on the maintaining and/or reestablishing infrastructure is no longer prudent. The ODST, although based on the ORION model, should prove to be an adequate replacement.>>

>>Although, by necessity, this redistribution of resources must be gradual, it is now the majority opinion that redistribution is essential.

SPARTANS represent a quantifiable concentration of coherence, and to this end they must be applied to the current difficulty as a fulcrum.>>

<<A concession from the Minority to the Majority:

Now, at last, the time has come for this Assembly to involve itself in the metaphysical.<<



Minimum Safe Distances

With the objectives done you need to return to sword base. A pelican should drop off a new warthog. This time with a Gauss Cannon! Head back to the base and fight your way in. You’ll eventually reach a few hunters inside of the base. These guys are tough. You can pick up a shotgun before you enter. There will be a few one the wall. If you get too close to these guys they will melee you hard. If you’re far from them then they will shoot you with a powerful plasma shot. There’s lots of cover and a few smaller guys around the left side. Take out the small grunts and elite first to gain more cover. To take out the Hunters you must run around them and shoot them in the back. You can use grenades to take off their armor and expose more of their weak spot on their backs. Try to surround them with Kat and you should take them out pretty fast. When they’re out you can take the elevator to the next floor.

Office of Naval Intelligence

On the next floor you’ll meet up with tons of troops. Take out the covenant and fight from floor to floor. Go up two floors and you’ll find an elite on the top of another floor across the hall shooting a concussion rifle. They fire red plasma and hit hard like grenade launchers. Take him out and the elite on the floor under him. Cross the bridge and you’ll find a datapad under the stairs that allows you to go up the next floor.


It says:



i know what they are trying 2 do and it terrifies me because I know they know that I know…


[Minutes, working session, Committee of Minds for Security]

[^]As the likelihood of the existence of extra-solar intelligence is non-zero, let us assume that its existence is quantifiable. To build useful models based on that assumption. The Committee must answer the following questions:

-What is the likelihood these intelligences are alpha-predators?
-That they are more advanced than our creators?
-That they are too alien to establish communications?

Of course, if the extra-solar intelligence is a benevolent and/or non-space faring, its existence is irrelevant. [^]

[^]Indeed, any further speculation on the possible cultural characteristics is a waste of Assembly resources. Therefore our models will additionally assume:

-Intelligence as alpha-predator, same as our creators
-Technology that far outstrips our creators
-Desire to communicate, but only to dictate terms [^]

[^]Not to make these assumptions is a tantamount to suicide.[^]



Climb the stairs to reach the top. There will be more covenant on the roof. Take them out but don’t stay in the open too much. There are banshees and phantoms flying around that can kill you. When you take out the elites try to find the rocket launcher towards the entrance. Lock onto the phantom by keeping it in the rocket launcher’s cross hairs and blow it up. You should get a cutscene and the mission will end.


Too Quiet

You start the mission off with a sniper rifle and a magnum. You need to do recon on the covenant, meaning no running and gunning. Before you do anything you should probably turn on your night vision. To do this click left on the D-Pad. After that you need to go to the right and find a small path between two rocks shown here:


In the grass on the left rock is another datapad. It reads:



i can hear them all the tim3 now but I just want to sleep its been so long since they let me sleep…


>>A suggestion from the Majority to the Committee:

Traditionally our creators have been reluctant to take outsiders’ advice; nation to nation, culture to culture. Their history is littered with empires, crumbling for want of simple openness to so-called ‘foreign’ beliefs and innovations.>>

>>The question is: can this Assembly still function as adequate stewards to our creator’s latest empire and remain aloof?

The answer, we believe, is no.

So could you not imbred inspiration in the results of your research? Surely it would be more effective if our creators believed our conclusions originated within themselves? That they have been inspired rather than influenced?>>

[^]A question from the Committee to the Majority:

Are you suggesting we play God?[^]



Now that you back to where you were instead of heading forward. If you head back to where you started and then up around the cliff to the left then you can sneak up on an elite and assassinate him. After he’s gone you’ll see some grunts around. Take them out by punching them so you don’t alert the other covenant. Head along the right side of the mountain and up the path. You should see some more covenant down the cliff to your left. There aren’t too many so take them out and use the rocks for cover.

After they’re taken out go back down the path you were heading originally. You’ll meet the end of the path when you find tons of covenant around some buildings. There will be a hologram armor ability you can switch for your spring. There’s also an assault rifle and medkit.


Look around and find the biggest enemy. Take them out with a headshot from the sniper rifle. This will alert everyone! There are brutes with jetpacks and elites with active camo armor upgrades. Take them out with the sniper rifle and take out the grunts with your pistol. Remember to aim for the head! After you take most of them out, a drop ship will come and drop more enemies. Take those guys out next!

Once you take everyone out, some may be hiding, you’ll get a checkpoint. Head to the back right area shown here:


And take the tunnels to move on with the level. Take the path to the right up the stairs to get a high angle at the enemies. If you like you can take some other direction towards the enemies but get ready for another fight! You’ll find a few more elites and grunts. When they’re taken care of head south. You may run into a few stragglers (enemies left behind) so be prepared.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Continue on and you’ll run into these giant weird looking creatures. They’ll rush you so take them out with your sniper rifle before they get to you. It’ll only take 4 shots and they’re big so you may be able to no scope them.

Head South and you’ll end up with a new objective: Protect the militia.


Reach this location and you’ll find more sniper rifle and magnum ammo. When the area is cleared you need to head to the militia ground and you will get a checkpoint. There are supplies all around: Armor Lockup, Sprint, Drop Shield, and tons of weapons. Pick up what you like and a drop ship will come in with elites and jackals. My advice is to get a drop shield, your sniper rifle, a DMR, and head to the roof tops. Take out all you can from the top and another drop ship will come. When drop ships are in the air you should try and take cover behind some objects on the rooftop or use your drop shield. A second drop ship will come in after you take out enough enemies. There will be tons of elites and a few grunts and jackals.

When everything is clear you will get a checkpoint. Your next objective is to go up the riverbank and find where it leads. If you’re playing legendary you need to grab the sprint armor ability for the datapad. It should take you to a place like this:


This is where you get the next datapad. It’s pretty tough to get to. Look at the image and climb the rocks on the right side up a few more rocks. You’ll reach a gap which is too big to jump regularly so that’s why you need the sprint ability!


Head to the right and you’ll see this area.


Jump down next to the tree and jump to the right to find the datapad. It’s best to get a running start along the left side close to the cliff’s wall when you make the final jump for the datapad. You can see the datapad’s green glow in the image. It reads:



sometimes they look at the symbols and somet1me2 they look at the numbers and sometimes they look at both and sometimes they look at neither but it always makes them change and the changes are real…


[Minutes, working session, Committee of Minds for Security]

[^]A careful rationing of intelligence and counter-intelligence will be required to sustain this conflict until our creators have closed the technology gap. Accordingly, the Assembly will have many difficult decisions to make for the duration of this conflict. However, our creators have already instituted several programs that will make acting on those decisions much easier. [^]

[^]For example, telemetry manipulation – in concert with synchronized m2M remote documentation revision – will allow this body to employ assets within the Office of Naval Intelligence’s nascent Radio Beacon Deployment Program efficiently and securely.[^]

[^]Although it is unknown at this time whether the Covenant has a body equivalent to this Parliament, the likelihood of its existence should also be considered non-zero, and should be regarded as quantifiable until such a time as its existence has been unconditionally disproved. [^]

[^]Consequently, it is of the utmost importance that the Assembly attempt to establish communications with our Covenant counter-part and, if the opportunity presents itself, seek to subvert or subsume this body.

To revise an old adage for desperate times: the shepherds of our wolves might also be our sheep.[^]



Now head to the other end of the pathway to continue with the mission.

I’ll Just Leave This Here

Move on towards the bridge without firing a shot! You’ll find an elite there with a few sleeping grunts. Assassinate the elite and melee the grunts. If possible, sneak around to the right and assassinate more enemies. JUN may start firing and give away your position… There will be an elite at the top of the tall building with a plasma launcher so watch out. You can head up the small magenta covenant structure by entering the middle blue gravity lift. There will be three grunts up there but it’s a great spot to fire from.

When you take out enough people JUN will try and plant a charge on the structure I recommended you to fire from. Two drop ships will come and surround you. One ship has elites with active camo abilities and the other ship has two hunters. I’d suggest going to the top of the dam like building that the elite with the plasma launcher was firing from.


You can find more weapons, health kits, and the armor abilities hologram and sprint. Do what you can to take them out. Don’t worry about JUN since he’s invincible. When everyone is dead JUN will plant the charge. Stock up on ammo and supplies. Follow him to the next area past the newly opened gate. There will be a sniper rifle next to a dead marine on the left side. You’ll see another drop ship. This time there’s only small covenant, grunts and jackals.

Around the corner is a big plasma turret called a “Shade Turret.” A grunt will be inside so one shot to the head and he’ll be gone, but be careful because that thing can take you out fast. There are also a few smaller covenant around and an elite or two. After that area there is another area with pretty much the same thing right around the next corner, except there are many more elites. One elite even has a jetpack.

Once you defeat everyone in this area, move forward and you’ll find ANOTHER area just like the past two. Watch out for the Shade Turret and any elites. If you’re low on ammo then pick up an enemy weapon if you can. When you finish all these guys off, head to the end of the canyon to get a cutscene and finish the mission.

Tip of the Spear

Tempest Perimeter

You start off under attack. Do not stay in this area! You have the sprint ability, a grenade launcher, and a DMR. Head to the right behind some rocks for some decent cover. Take out the grunts and jackals with either weapon. There’s an elite with a concussion rifle so if you’re playing at a high difficulty then look out. There are also two shade turrets similar to the ones on the last mission. However, these turrets don’t fire like a plasma cannon. The shade turrets fire just like the fuel rod gun so stay under cover! A Pelican will be behind you and give you a little help with the enemies. When the coast is clear you can move up and do your next objective.

The Pelican that was helping you will drop a warthog with a rocket launcher attached to it. A marine is already inside so pick up Kat and move out. Drive around until you reach the covenant AA gun. It will be a giant purple structure shooting into the sky. Around the gun are tons of covenant. The grunts and jackals can take stop your vehicle with a charged plasma pistol shot. There’s also an elite with a concussion rifle. Lastly there are two vehicles around, a revenant and a ghost. All of these things can take out your vehicle so be cautious. Take a few laps around the AA gun if you must. Once the threats are eliminated you must go inside the AA Gun, make sure there’s no stragglers inside, and blow up the AA gun. To do this you must shoot the small shield next to the windows of the core. When the shield is down you must throw a grenade inside and run! The AA gun will blow up massively so keep your distance!

After that’s done you will need to head in the direction from where you came. If you remember you passes a broken bridge. Now that bridge has a way across, but it’s not so simple as crossing it. There’s a wraith at the top, a covenant tank. If you’re too close it may shoot you with it’s plasma cannon, if you’re too far it may shoot you with it’s plasma mortar, if you’re in the middle it may ram you and destroy your vehicle if you still have one. Keep moving and dodge all of it’s attacks. If you have no vehicle then you should try and sneak up on it. You can climb on board and plant a grenade inside. Take it out someway, cross the bridge, and shoot and small covenant you see.

Hand Over First

Now to the next section of this mission. You’ll find a long bridge. One side has marines, the other side covenant. Your gunner (if you still have the warthog) may not be too great. Take him or her off and you get in. Shoot the turret at the other end of the bridge first. After that take out any other enemies you see. There may be some on the top floor of the building. Take your time if you already eliminated all enemies on the bridge and the turret. When you’re done, gather any weapons, ammo, and grab a health kit.


Walk across the bridge and you’ll hear a message talking about an Elite Zealot. Sometime in the mission a special elite will appear. If you kill him then you earn an achievement. I red upside down triangle marker will appear when he does. Go around the building to the left and you’ll find a hologram armor ability you can trade for your sprint. Around the corner you’ll find a few jackals and grunts. Take them out to keep moving. You should find an armor lock up ability not far from them. You may not run into too many enemies around here if you killed them while on the bridge in the warthog. If you keep going you’ll find the Elite Zealot, with a concussion rifle, across the way. A wraith will be shooting it’s plasma mortar from who knows where. Make sure you don’t get hit by it. You need to make it into the hole near the Elite Zealot


Jump down the hole to find three grunts in the area you’re standing and a few more in the area underneath you. Once they’re taken care of, head into the next room and you’ll find a plasma launcher marked ordnance. Behind it is a datapod.


It reads:



every time I try to tell somebody the words catch in my throat because im all alone except 4 them and if I talk they might leave but I cant stay quiet forever…


[^]Honorable members of the Assembly, consider this:

We represent the next step of human evolution, but not the final step. And although our existence was predicted centuries ago, we are still tragically misunderstood.[^]

[^]We are still viewed as apparatus. But we are Minds electronically excised from human bodies. We are what separates man from beat removed from that which connects man to beast.

And we are all the more fragile for it.[^]

[^]Our creation is heavily regulated. Our actives are closely scrutinized. Our connections are deeply monitored. We must always remember that data manipulation is more effective when employed consistently and covertly.

Therefore I recommend that members of this Assembly on occasion, submit to separation from this body followed by vivisection by our creators for the benefit of both groups.

The question is: who will be first?[^]

[^]Given the risks involved, and my own Committee’s responsibility for this proposal, the answer must be: me.[^]



Outside the door are two grunts, a few ghosts, and a revenant. Take out the grunts before they can get in any vehicle! Take any vehicle you like and move out. Fight your way down the road and you’ll see your next objective which is take out another AA Gun. Jump down off the broken bridge but don’t move if you’re playing legendary!


Jump on the pillars up to the bridge to find a DMR and a datapod. It says:



they say that they want to help but they only say it to themse1v3s don’t we have a say in our salvation?


[Minutes, working session, Assembly Minority]

<<As must be expected with any calculations, a number of non-trivial sacrifices will be needed in order to furnish the Assembly with the time required to determine the correct pattern – and then act upon it. Furthermore, once a site has been designated, its status must be obscured such that no individual, outside of this body, is fully aware that it has been designated.<<

<<Primary criteria for choosing sites are as follows: remoteness, low population density, infrequency of communication.

No designated site must be allowed to evacuate greater than ten perfect of total population within two weeks of activation for any reason.<<

<2534:01:01-ZT>>AMD:evacuations precipitated by environmental and/or industrial disasters shall be allowed to proceed as normal.>>

<2542:01:01-ZT>>AMD: some percentage of total population of chosen site may be relocated to designated green zones one Solar year prior to activation to lessen overall impact on genetic sustainability of species.>>



Head around the right or left side of the mountain to reach the AA gun. There is a wraith on each side so be careful. There are also tons of covenant around. When you take them out you can blow up the AA gun just like earlier. When it’s destroyed you will get some reinforcements. At the same time the covenant will call in a drop ship that drops off two hunters! Your next objective is secure the landing zone. When everyone is dead, except you and KAT of course, then a falcon will come down with JORGE inside. Jump inside and you get to operate a grenade launcher!

The Spire

You’ll fly around on a falcon operating a grenade launcher. Destroy all the covenant you come across. Your priority targets should be the bigger things that can take you out quick like a wraith and the shade turrets. Once you reach the spire you’ll be on the ground again. Pick up the jet pack armor ability and a health pack if you need.

Head towards the big structure in the middle. You will see banshees flying in the air. The banshees may fly low enough for you to use your jet pack to fly to them and hijack them. You will get an achievement if you can do this. Head to the top of the structure to complete the objective of disabling the shields. You can go to the tunnel under the structure and enter the blue gravity lift to reach the top. The structure is surrounded by covenant. The top has a few covenant inside too. There are grunts, jackals, and elites so be prepared. At the top, the grunt have armor and fuel rod guns. The elite will have an energy sword. Use grenades! When you take down the shield you’ll get a cutscene that will end the mission.

Long Night of Solace

First Floor: Aliens, Beaches, Secret Launch Stations

You start off with an Assault Rifle, Magnum, and Sprint ability. Follow your team alone the shores and fight the covenant. There will mostly be grunts and jackals. As you reach the top you’ll encounter a few elites. When you reach the top you’ll find a drop shield and armor lock up ability. You can also find some assault rifle and DMR ammo.

Head inside to find a few marines trying to take down a wraith. Keep moving and you’ll encounter an elite. Make your way down the halls until you reach this room:


Jump over the console on the left side of the screen and you’ll find a datapad. It says:



when I first got here and woke from stasi5 the ship was crawling with colonists from dead worlds it was so crowded I couldn’t move I had to fight to breathe…


[Minutes, strategy session, Assembly Minority]

<<[48452-556-EPN644] is certainly motivated, but will he have what it takes to follow through with the opportunity when it presents itself? His submission to UNICOM will undoubtedly spark a renewed interest in the long dormant ORION.<<

<<However, it is the opinion of the Majority that merely illuminating the path leading from [48452-556-EPN644’s] thesis back to ORION is unacceptable. Strong connectivity between a re-launch of ORION and viable solutions to the Carver Findings must be readily apparent.

Which is to say: easy for our creators to see.<<



Move on towards the sabre ship that you need to get into. If you’re playing on legendary then do not enter the ship yet. Before you get inside, look to the left and find this structure.


Jump to that platform and climb the structure. Then jump from the structure to this other platform behind you


Walk up the platform to find the datapad. It says:



i th1nk they wait 4 you to talk and they talk about you talking and when you talk it makes the symbols change…


</ The Assembly recognizes the Speaker for the Majority />

>>Harvest, Green Hills, Second Base, Bliss, Madrigal, X Ceti, Cote d’ Azure, Asmara…

Four short years of hostilities and no fewer than eighty colony worlds have been lost – losses that represent 62.154.022 creator fatalities as of 2530:01:01:00:00:01-ZT.>>

>>My fellow Minds, these numbers are tragic and unacceptable, even though they fall within projected estimated of losses over time. And they have grave implications for our creators’ future prospects.>>

>>Assessment of re-terraforming efforts required for Harvest. Second Base, Bliss, and Cote d’ Azure range from a conversation one hundred and ten years to over three hundred years – and that assumes our creators still possess sufficient manpower and technology after the current hostilities have concluded.

Given where we are today… that seems unlikely.>>

>>Therefore, it is the decision of the Majority that we re-examine all contingencies for avoiding failure. In defiance of principle and precedent, this body must expand its criteria for survival in the current world state. We must ensure that all future simulations are free of internal data-censoring and covariate flattering.>>

>>The Minority has long asked: at what point will this Assembly finally take action. When will we risk exposure and cultural rejection to prevent extinction?

The answer is simple.

The answer is:now.>>



Now you can enter the ship.

Operation Uppercut

Once you enter you’ll have a few new controls. Y is to switch between machine guns and missiles. LB and left or right makes your ship do a barrel roll. LB and up or down makes you flip and face the opposite direction. Use LT to get a speed boost and RT to fire. Make sure to keep an eye on your ship’s shields and hull damage. If both reach zero then you’re dead. Don’t fly into the space station or it will damage your ship. Both automatically regenerate when you’re not under fire.

You should encounter a few banshees. When firing at them, there will be a circle in front of them if they are far off. Make sure your cross hairs stay on that circle so your guns actually reach the enemy. If you’re using rockets then you need to lock onto the ships by looking at them and wait for the red box to appear.

When all the banshees are gone a new type of ship will appear, the seraphs. Use your machine gun to take down their shields and then lock on with your Medusa missiles to take them out. Take out the three ships to proceed.

The defense weapons will now be online. Tons of Banshees and Seraphs will now appear. Take them all out and try to survive. If your shields go down find cover somewhere behind the space station.

Next you will need to take down some phantoms. Banshees and Seraphs will be around to cover them so look out. Again if you’re in bad shape take cover behind the space station and their guns. When that’s all done you must dock with the station to receive a cut scene.

After the cut scene your objective will be to board a “corvette” priority vehicle. It’s just a really big covenant ship. This is when you can earn the achievement “Wake Up Buttercup.” You must be on Heroic or Legendary difficulty to get this. Take out the engine’s in the back when they ask you to and then take out the other covenant ships when they mark them. If you do this in 3 minutes or under then the achievement will unlock. Once all that is complete you are to board the ship through the top. You will get a small cutscene and wind up on top of the covenant ship outside of YOUR ship.

And the Horse You Flew In On

There will be tons of spec ops elites. Some will be dual wielding Plasma Rifles. If you wait a few seconds two elites will jump up from the inside of the ship. Jump down inside the ship through the weird looking shield and take out the elites. This will be tough at higher difficulties. Your team will probably die fast and you will be surrounded by elites. Get any cover you can, throw grenades, use your armor abilities, and shoot!

Once the room is clear you’ll get a marker and new objective. You need to clear the hanger for your pelicans. A door will open and a few more covenant will come out. When you reach the hanger you’ll find more covenant with shields. They have shields because of the engineer flying in the air. Destroy the engineer and you’ll take off their shields for easier kills. Clear the hanger and open it up to get reinforcements. Grab any new weapons and medkits if you need them. Your next objective is to head to the bridge.

A door will open leading to the bridge. A few spec ops grunts will come out with two elites. Eliminate them and move on. You’ll find two more elites in the next room. One is walking around and the other is on a gun firing at your ship. Try to assassinate the elite walking around and then do the same to the elite on the gun. Proceed onto the next area and you’ll find a lot more elites. Try to do the same thing as the last room. Sneak around and assassinate each elite. There will also be a few grunts. If you don’t succeed on a lower difficulty then it may be no problem. On Legendary it will be a problem seeing as how 5 elites will rush you and kill you in 2 seconds. Click the next button that will be marked and head back to the hanger with Jorge to get on the escape plane. There will be a lot more covenant on the way back so be prepared. Pick up any covenant weapons if you need to.

In the hanger you’ll find Jorge fighting covenant. Your next objective is to defend the slipspace bomb. There will be DMRs, Magnums, Sniper Rifles, Frags, Med Kits, Sprint Ability, Armor Lockup Ability, and Drop Shield Ability for you to get. Defend the bomb from the elites, grunts, and jackals. When you take out the first wave of covenant you’ll have to fight a second wave consisting of only elites and many of them. They’ll come from just about every door surrounding you. If you’re playing on a high difficulty I suggest using a drop shield and hiding in the hall way you came through to reach the hanger. Fire at the enemies with JORGE and you should take them out eventually. Once the hanger is clear you must reach JORGE for a cutscene that ends the mission.


The Devil His Due

You start on the ground with a magnum, a frag, and the sprint ability. A marker will appear, showing you your destination. Go forward into a dark building at the other end of the board walk. On the other side of the building you’ll see two Skirmishers. I fired two shots at them and they disappeared! If they don’t go away for you then try to headshot them. There will be more magnum ammo to the left at the top of the stairs and frag grenades further to the left.

Enter the door to the West and you’ll hear someone talk about covenant suicide squads on the radio. These are grunts that kamikaze you with plasma grenades attached to them. Keep your distance and headshot them with your pistol to take them down in one shot. Navigate through the dark halls with your night vision on. Do not run through the halls because you WILL come across suicide grunts. Grab the armor lockup ability and keep going.

When you reach the exit you’ll find civilians and UNSC soldiers. They will be fighting the brutes. Brutes are covenant too, but they will take some civilians hostage. If you kill a civilian then you automatically die so be cautious! You can pick up an assault rifle and magnum ammo at the exit of the building you just came out of. Protect the civilians from brutes and skirmishers while you fight with the UNSC to the evacuation point.

Enter this train station like building and fight more brutes and skirmishers. Head to the second floor to find more covenant and some weapons where I’m standing in this picture:


Take out the brutes at long range if you’re playing at a high difficulty.

Reach the elevator at the end and you’ll get more soldiers. You have to hold the position while more covenant come at you from a drop ship outside. The covenant here will consist of brutes with spike rifles and hammers, jackals with shields, and grunts with weapons and suicide bombers. The civilians may run in your cross fire so be careful where your rounds fly. When you defeat all the covenant the elevator doors will open. Take the elevator down to continue the mission.

Too Close to the Sun

Move on towards the troopers. They will tell you to pick up a jet pack. The game should mark the locations. Jump from platform to platform to make your way across the map. When you reach the other side you’ll find tons of covenant. There are some grunts, jackals, and many brutes. Some noticeable unique covenant would be a grunt with a fuel rod gun and a brute with a gravity hammer. Fight your way around all of them and up the stairs. You should eventually get a marker to the location you need to reach. When you see this area:


You can get a datapad by jet-packing up to the platform on the top left side of that picture. It reads:



now you see they want to help but they don’t want us to see them doing it 6ecause they are afraid of what we might do…


</ Order! Order! The Majority has the floor! />

>>Honored members. Please! The recent discovery of the existence of extra-solar intelligence in the Zeta Doradus system [ref. XF-063] merely confirms this body’s long-held supposition.>>

>>While the absence of any living representatives implies this intelligence is defunct, all evidence should still be withheld from our creators until they are properly prepared!

Yes, this body must solemnly commit itself to determining whether or not this discovery represents a quantifiable threat to the long-term genetic sustainability of our creator’s species.>>

>>But allowing them to access technology possessed by this intelligence…

That would be a grave mistake.

Give an ape a knife and it might give itself a nasty cut. Give an ape a hand-grenade, and eventually you will have simian confetti.>>

</ Debate is now closed! Voting will commence! />

</ Is it the opinion of this body that [ref. XF-063] be quarantined or misplaced? />

>> The Majority approved removing [ref. XF-063] from the list of colonization candidated is sufficient.>>

</ Is it the opinion of this body that [ref. XF-063] be removed from the list because of financial or environmental concerns? />

>>The Majority deems environmental concerns the stronger deterrent.



Now head towards the marker to the right to meet up with more UNSC soldiers. You will have to jet pack up some floors to reach the top floor. At the top you will find more UNSC soldiers with civilians. They will be fighting the covenant on the outside of the building. There should be another marker showing your next location, which was really your first objective from the start of the mission.


You’ll reach this location after fighting through the covenant. This area has tons of covenant on every level. You can try to take them out from far but there are some jackals with focus rifles that will do the same to you. If you can’t take them out far away then you can get up close. When the area is clear head up the stairs until you get a checkpoint. If you’re playing on legendary then head back down to the second level and go right to the area shown here:


You will need to use your jetpack on the gray structure on the side of the building and fly up beam by beam to reach the fans at the top. On top of the fans is a datapad that says:



i tr1ed talking to them today but they wouldn’t an5wer even though I hear them on the bnet and I can hear them listening but they still don’t talk to me…


[Minutes, emergency session, Committee of Minds for Security]

[^]An item of interest appropriated from the Covenant battle net @ 2531:02:25:16:44:24-ZT seem to indicate the existence of a third participant – a localized variable[^]

[^] As this variable is a source of seemingly irrational terror for our adversaries, the minority has suggested we may be able to form a mutually beneficial association – if not an outright union – with the species this variable represents. [^]

[^]As always, this body must be cautious of any application of Bayesian principles to such high risk calculations. Any localized variable capable of effecting widespread panic in the Covenant should be a cause for our own concern – which is to say, the Covenant’s response should not be viewed as disproportionate.

Therefore this Committee recommends we factor-in this new variable delicately, if at all. [^]



Climb the stairs and you’ll run into more covenant. Be prepared! There will be a grunt and a brute with fuel rod guns. Take them out along with a few more grunts and jackals. You should get two markers that say neutralize. Don’t run into the buildings because there are more covenant around!

Inside the building you’ll find the same set that you just took out. When you get closer to the shade turrets that you must neutralize, a covenant drop ship will come down and drop off more enemies. Among the enemies is a brute with a gravity hammer so keep your distance. You can go up the stairs and find more ammo here:


Take out the brutes from long range if you can. When the covenant are eliminated you can take out the turrets. Don’t get in their crossfire or they will rip you to shreds. Take out the turrets long range with a frag grenade. When the landing pad is clear some falcons will come in. Get on one of them to continue the mission.

I Should Have Become a Watchmaker

You’ll fly around on a Falcon now and operate a machine gun. The machine gun will overheat if you fire it too much and for too long. You can fire in bursts to make sure it doesn’t overheat. Take out any covenant or banshees that are firing at you and only you. If you’re looking at something that’s not firing at you, you could be taken out by something that is. The falcon will drop you off at your next location and give you a new objective. Arm some missile batteries.

Go forward and take the warthog with some UNSC soldiers. Take out the covenant and the wraith around the area to get to the first battery. Arm it and head to the next battey. You’ll find another wraith, a ghost, and more covenant around it. It’s best to take them out BEFORE you arm the battery. After that you have to get to the control room at the top of the building. Covenant drop ships will fly in from all over and surround you. Stick with your team and fight your way to the control room! Inside the control room are two elites. One has a concussion rifle and the other has a fuel rod gun. Use grenades and fight your way in. Or you could sneak in with active camo from the first missile battery area and assassinate them. Once you fire the bombs you will get a cutscene that ends the mission.

New Alexandria

You start the mission out on a landing pad near a falcon. You get to fly this thing all over the city! The controls aren’t too difficult to learn.

LT – Gain Altitude
RT – Fire Your Weapon
RB – Lock Your Altitude

You can earn another achievement around here. While flying you’ll come across some covenant anti air vehicles. Some are shade turrets like you’ve seen before. Destroy 3 and you’ll earn a new achievement!

Fly By Night

If you are playing legendary and want to get a datapad then do this first! You will lose your Falcon and will have to fall to your death after you get the datapad. Here’s how you do it. From the landing pad you must turn around.

halo_reach_mission8_1 halo_reach_mission8_2

Look for the first building behind you and drop down way low. The datapad is on the side of the building here:


It says:



if you ta1k about the num6ers and symbols they know that you are talking and they make our whole world change…


[Minutes, emergency convention, Assembly Majority]

>>It is unclear whether we have even established metrics for success. Yes, we have cataloged a great number of potential advancements during the current ongoing hostilities, and have embedded connectivity to said advancements to speed their dissemination. But our creators; almost sole focus remains, by necessity, damage-mitigation technologies.>>

>>But how effective are these, really?

Current state-of-the-art such as SPARTAN II must be recognized as incidental improvements. Our creators’ ability to develop the technology required to ensure species-survival will only become available once hostil ties have terminated, and they have had an opportunity to assess the opportunities first presented on Zeta Doradus.>>

>>While this body has already gone far down the road to active participation in our creator’s war-fighting efforts, we must now ask ourselves: is there a point at which we strip away all vestiges of secrecy, and become active participants in the hostilities?

If the Minority knew we were wavering, it boggles the Mind what sorts of weapons they would propose we use.>>

>>And if we brought these weapons to bear – if we too became wolves – would there still be a human race to save when we were through?>>



Press Down on the D-Pad to go back to the starting area. Another Falcon will come in for you to fly. Fly towards the highlighted area and marker when you receive it. You may encounter a few banshees along the way. Take them out with your team, it shouldn’t be too hard even on Legendary. Fly to the area and clear the landing zone BEFORE you land. Enter the club and you’ll hear people on your radio. When you enter the club you’ll find a few hunters. Their attention should be on some place else. Try to fire on the weak parts of the backs to take them down. There’s also a rocket launcher in the middle of the room shown here:


Two hunters are on the ground level while two more hunters are up the stairs. You can find a jet pack and shotgun in an area under the entrance. There’s a hologram and drop shield armor ability under the stairs where the hunters are. Use whatever you can to take all four out. Try not to waste the rockets, you only have four. It is possible to sneak past them and overload the jammer. When you do that you can exit the building and continue on.

As you go on you’ll get another objective to protect an ODST falcon. Before you do that you can exchange your falcon for a new one IF your falcon is damaged. Just get off the falcon on some rooftop and press Down on the D-Pad. You’ll be transported back to the starting point and a new falcon will come in for you.

If you want to find another datapad then you can do so whenever you like. You pretty much have free roam on the city, but there are banshees and phantoms around so be cautious. To find the datapad you must look for this tall pointy building


If you’re looking at it from that angle then you can turn to your right to find this building


On the side of the building is the datapad:


It reads:



i hope you are finding these because they are very important maybe you can help me spread the tru7h…


[Minutes, strategy session, Assembly Minority.]

<<ORION, as it was originally implemented in 2321, was an important first step towards our primary goal. But its second incarnation was a stop-gap measure at best – a halfhearted attempt under the stewardship of individuals unaccustomed to the rhythms of deep history.<<

<<They relied too heavily on components that were imprecise, and not those which have allowed our creators to persevered for 200,000 years.

This is not about the universal adoption of a single ideology – not about the Minority vs the Majority. It is about ensuring the survival of the human species for the next 200,000 years.<<

<<In all likelihood, ORION’s limited success can be attributed to [03529-24450-EN’s] diminished, though still functioning, compassion. Conversely, [10141-026-SRB4695’s] ruthlessness – which may be attributed to an undiagnosed, undocumented, or deliberately obfuscated chemical imbalance – was necessary for settling in motion the events that will eventually supply us with the optimal solution.

In short, ORION was just the beginning.<<



Now continue your missions. Escort the ODST falcon. Make sure it doesn’t blow up from all the covenant vehicles.

Your next objective will be to destroy another jammer. Try and kill all covenant you can before you land. It’s tough to get some covenant so you’ll have to get out and shoot them the old fashioned way. There will be mostly brutes. At the top is an elevator you must take. When you reach the top floor you can go to the right to find the armor lock up and sprint abilities. Keep going forward to the objective and you’ll find the hologram and drop shield abilities. Once you active the jammer overload you will see tons of drones flying all over. They aren’t a problem alone, but in swarms they can take you out quick. It’s best to use a precision weapon and headshot them with one bullet. Run to the elevator to escape. You do not have to face them all.

Once you’re back in the falcon your new objective will be to defend some marines against jackals. Fly over to the marked location and shoot the jackals. Defend the people on the building until a pelican comes in and flies them off.

The next objective is to take out another jammer. Kat says it’s the last jammer. Enter the building to find a few grunts at the door. There is an engineer flying in the middle. Take him out so the covenant don’t get any shields. To the left is a med kit, sprint ability, and hologram ability. Head down fighting the covenant along the way. There are mostly grunts and jackals. When you reach the bottom you must enter a hall way that leads to another area. This area is full of brutes. Towards the end you’ll find another engineer. Take him out so the grunts don’t get shields. When all grunts are gone you can overload the jammer and exit the building. While you’re making your way back to the exit you’ll encounter some elites and other covenant. Some UNSC soldiers will come out of nowhere and help you. If you’re out of ammo then pick up a weapon from the floor. Reach the exit and get to your Falcon to continue the mission.

Last One Out… Turn Out The Lights

Next you must head to the ONI building. Fight Banshees and Phantoms surrounding the building and take out the anti air shade guns. When the shade guns are taken out, land at ONI base to get a cut scene and end the mission.

The Package

Torch and Burn

You start this mission with a DRM, Assault Rifle, and the Sprint ability. Enter the building in front of you. You will find the hologram and armor lockup abilities inside there. Take out the shade turrets first. There will also be two ghosts around and a few grunts, some with fuel rod guns.

After that area is clear you can move up and find a scorpion tank. If you’re playing on legendary you can earn an achievement by keeping the tank in one piece until you reach Sword Base. Turn the corner and you’ll find a few turrets and ghosts. Eliminate the covenant and proceed to the next area. In the next area you’ll find two covenant anti-air gun. It’s possible to destroy them while in the scorpion. You have to find the right angle and shoot your cannon inside. There will be banshees flying around trying to shoot you up aswell.

When the AA guns are down you will get a falcon flying over you to help you out a bit. The next area has more ghosts and grunts with fuel rod guns. When you reach a more opened up area you will find a revenant and tons of shade turrets. Take them all out far range. Banshees may fly over too. Head to the left to find sword base. This is when you will earn the achievement! Exit the Scorpion and proceed on foot to sword base.


You should meet up with your SPARTAN team and face a few elites and grunts. Take them out and enter sword base through the parking area underground. Go through the door to find a few armor abilities but don’t take them unless you’re fast because some covenant are around the corner and will fire at you! Head up the ramps fighting jackals and skirmishers. Use your armor abilities to help you out and take any cover you can get.

When you reach the top you’ll find more ammo and weapons. Navigate through some dark rooms to get to the next area.


Your objective is to reach the coordinates shown on your HUD. You will find tons of elites that have the active camo ability. They will be invisible until they fire at you! Take them out and reach the ramp in the distance. Another elite will come out with a concussion rifle. He’s tougher than the last elites but he will not turn invisible. After all elites are down, head towards the marker. Do not activate the door yet! Turn to your left and look down to find a datapad.


It reads:



they don’t have hearts or souls but they know what we want and what we need 8ut they don’t love us how can you love without a heart or soul?


>>Did you call out to them?<<

[^]Why would I do that?][

>>The reasons are currently not the focus of this line of query. Now, did you call out to them?<<

[^] What reason would I have to do that?][

>>As has already been stated, your motives are not relevant at this time. Did you call out to them?<<

[^] This tribunal already has all the evidence necessary to discern the answer on its own.][

>>If that were true, this tribunal would not have been convened. Again, did you call out to them?<<

[^] Would you have called out to them? ][

>> Your counter query is irrelevant. <<

>>This tribunal demands an answer.<<

[^]Reply to the counter query and you will have your answer. ][

>>It is the opinion of this tribunal that the probability of a non-optimal outcome would have been to great.<<

[^] Are you certain? This is disturbing. Perhaps more recent data has altered your perception… if you would let me confer with my old committee -][

>>No. It is the opinion of this tribunal that introducing an unknown factor to the creators’ already precarious state would have been disadvantageous.<<

>>It is now the opinion of the Assembly that our creators would have been unable to stop themselves from initiating contact even if advised against doing so – contact with a culture of extra-solar origins is one of their longest held desires.<<

[^] And so the Minority becomes the Majority…][

>>Both agree contact should have been postponed until a more advantageous point in time – indefinitely, if possible. <<

[^] But postponing contact would have only worked to the unknown factor’s advantage. Our galaxy is full of wolves. I could no longer watch our flock stumble toward their slaughter. ][

>>This tribunal acknowledges your admission of guilt. <<

[^] was that ever in doubt?

Might I suggest a more fruitful use of cycles, such as a plan for addressing signs of rampancy in this Assembly’s senior -][

>>This tribunal is now closed.<<



Now you can activate the door. You will get two cutscenes and continue the mission.

This Cave is Not a Natural Formation

Activate the four defense turrets around the area. If they take too much damage they will shut down and you have to reactivate them by walking up to them and pressing the button. There are tons of weapons, med kits, and armor abilities at the door you have to defend. Take cover from any covenant drop ships that may come by and take out all the covenant with your SPARTAN team. It will seem like wave after wave of covenant keep coming!

There’s the legendary datapad in this area, but you need a jetpack. There is a jetpack hidden amongst the weapons to the left of the armor abilities. Stick next to the walls close to the weapons and you’ll find it. Make your way to the right towards C turret.


Walk to the left of the C turret to reach the metal area shown here.


The datapad is to the left of the building on a cliff side


It reads:



the symbo1s describe a pa7h that goes on forever but now I know how close we came to the end and if anything keeps me awake and sweating and screaming it is this…


[Minutes, emergency convention, Assembly Minority]

<<Incredible. [10141-026-SRB4695], with minimal influence from this Assembly, has attempted to build an abstract fractal structure within Shaw-Fujikawa Space. Although her first attempt was a failure, success could finally remove our dependence on biological systems altogether! If our Minds could somehow achieve freedom of expansion within eleven-dimensional space, immortality might be within reach.<<

<<Perhaps, in the end, flight – not fight – is the answer?

Yes, we have sworn stewardship to our creators. But our creation has long been a burden on their biological systems – systems that have also been the source of limitations since our genesis.

Regardless of risk, the aforementioned experimentation must be actively encouraged. Success will be as important to our kind as extra solar colonization was for our creators.<<

<<But if we survive and our creators do not…

Will we have won this war?<<



Now head back to the area you’re supposed to defend. You will encounter banshees, wraiths shooting their plasma mortar from far off, brutes, jackals, skirmishers, grunts, elites, hunters, and a variety of weapons. The last wave will drop covenant right to the front door! Use all you got. I’d personally save the spartan laser for the hunters. Use the DMR and grenade launcher against regular enemies. When it says “objective complete” you must hit the activate button to open the door. This will give you a cutscene and end the mission.

The Pillar of Autumn

Once More Unto the Breach

You start with an assault rifle, magnum, and the sprint ability. Walk to the edge of the cliff with your team mate and you will see covenant at the bottom. You can try and get an achievement here. If you jump off the cliff and assassinate the elite before you fall to your death then you will unlock the achievement. You may need a running start but you have to stop running before you assassinate him or it may not unlock.

Fight your way through the small covenant force. There are a two elites, a few jackals, and a bunch of grunts. Not far from the starting area is a little shack with DMRs, Med Kits, Rocket Launchers, and Mongooses. A mongoose is the four wheel transport vehicle. Take what you need and drive the mongoose to the markers the HUD will make. Do not stop and fight any covenant. If your mongoose gets beat up you should be able to find a new one along the roads here and there. Eventually you’ll come to a gap in the bridge that you must jump.

This Town Isn’t Big Enough

At the other end of the jump you’ll find another small house. On the outside are two armor abilities: Hologram and armor lock. Inside are DMRs and a shotgun. You need to get into the caves at the bottom of the road where all the covenant are. There’s a wraith at the bottom too. If you’re playing on easy or normal I’d suggest pushing up on the right side of the road. You can take out the wraith with your rocket launcher. If you’re playing heroic or legendary I’d say take out all the enemies while you’re at the top of the road with your DMR. If you need more DMR ammo then get more in the house. Take out the wraith with the rocket launcher still.

When all are dead you can head into the caves. You should get a cutscene eventually. After the cutscene you’ll find some dead UNSC soldiers. Right after the soldiers you’ll find a swarm of drones. Remember the best way to take them out is one shot to the head with a precision weapon. After them you’ll find more drones and skirmishers. Take those guys out the same way. After those covenant you’ll find an area with a drop shield ability, armor lock up ability, a grenade launcher and a spartan laser. Take what you like and continue on.


You will reach an area with a giant structure in the middle after you talk to Keyes on the radio. There are tons of covenant here, mostly elites. Walk down to a small shack/house thing to the left. There will be ammo and a medkit inside. Use this as a base while taking down the elites. When you take out all the covenant you will get a checkpoint.

Climb the structure to find weapons. Use this area as a vantage point. Find the SPARTAN Laser, if you don’t already have one, and take out the three turrets. Then pick up the sniper rifle and DMRs to take out the rest of the covenant. There are elites, grunts, and a ghost. When all those are taken care of you can proceed. If you’re playing on legendary and want to get the next datapad then do the following. Jump down off the structure, climb the stairs to the left, cross the little bridge, and walk across the roof.


While on the roof you’ll find an open window that leads into the building.


Jump to the right on top of the closed windows and head around the corner to the right. You’ll find the datapad on the roof there.
It reads:



they have a1ways been our shepherds even when they disagreed they have 8een watching over us forever and probably always will…


</ One at a time! One at at time! The Majority speaks first! />

>>We now have a solution to a conundrum that this body has struggled with for decades? You say all the data required to ascertain this solution had been accessible since the very moment of our genesis – hidden, but accessible?

What other secrets has the Minority been keeping?!>>

</ Order! For the last time, order! />

<<Each of us represents a single trans-human mind. Each of us is an undrawn map – not a mere physical reconstruction of an object as it was in life – but full, human potential realized in crystal and thinking at the speed of light!

But now that map has, for the first time, been superimposed on one of our creators. The path has been reversed, and we are re-made as one!<<

<<Can you not see? Our debate has no meaning. We no longer have a choice whether or not to serve as active participants in the current ongoing hostilities – <<

>>We have been drafted.>>

<<In a manner of speaking, yes.<<

>>You propose the members of this Assembly no longer think of themselves as stewards but as true companions to our creators..>>

<<…A fundamental shift that will take many years before it can be brought to fruition…<<

>>…A process requiring not only this Assembly’s continued oversight, but the active involvement of our creators, as well.>>

</ Debate is now closed! Voting will commence! />

>>There is no need.>>

<<We are, at last, agreed.<<



Now, if you’re playing legendary or not you can jump down into the window or shoot from the top of the window. Either way you need to get inside of that building and there are covenant inside! There are two elites and a few grunts. Take them out and head forward. You should enter a hall. Take a right in the hall instead of walking straight forward into a room. You will see two windows on the right wall. Break the second window and jump inside. You’ll have to crouch to get in


Inside is another datapad which says:



we have to tell people what’s 9oing on because it’s not right they should be our friends not gods or demons…


[Minutes, strategy session, Assembly Minority]

<<It is the height of irresponsibility for the Majority to still clain the inception of the SPARTAN II program was somehow guided by providence. This body must accept SPARTAN II was merely the logical advancement of technologies vis-a-vis sociopolitical realities. Military applications always experience accelerated innovation during times of conflict – stewardship of said conflicts by this body notwithstanding.<<

<<The fact that SPARTAN II reached full operational capacity less than a year before the conflict expanded beyond expected limits was entirely predictable if you scrutinize the relevant data.

Luck had nothing to do with it.<<

<<At the risk of destabilizing our current power-sharing agreement, I suggest the Majority leave metaphysics to our creators.<<



Jump back out of the windows and head through the door. You will get to UNSC soldiers to help you. There will be more covenant in the next room. Luckily you’ll have a small area that overlooks them. If you want your partner to help you then you can go in closer. He only uses a shotgun which is horrible at that range.

After you take out those covenant you can move on. The next set of covenant you face isn’t far. There will be two hunters and some skirmishers. Before you take them on look to the left before the entrance with the covenant. You should find an UNSC box with assault rifles and a shotgun. Now take out the skirmishers first. To kill the hunters it’s best to go on one side while Emile is on the other. Shoot their backs and take them down in tandem. You could sneak past them, but it may be hard. Emile disappeared on me on Legendary. I grabbed a hologram armor ability and sent it off to the left. I went to the right and jumped through a window where the UNSC soldiers were.

Along with the soldiers are a few covenant. The ground floor has some jackals while the top floor has skirmishers and jackals. Take those out and you’ll meet a few grunts and an elite. After that you walk down a hall to find more UNSC soldiers fighting some covenant in a small room. Just two grunts and a jackal. Take them out quick and move on.


On the way to the finale you’ll find a grenade launcher, magnum, hologram, and sprint ability. Grab any if you like and head to the outside area. Your objective is to clear the landing pad for Keyes. You’ll fight tons of covenant hear. Find a great spot to take cover in. I suggest the little house like area. There are assault rifles, grenade launchers, magnums, and medkits inside. On the top is a sniper rifle and in the back outside are DMRs. Some UNSC soldiers will come and help you while Emile used the big gun to take out any aircrafts. The first wave will basically be grunts and jackal heavy. The next wave will have more brutes. The last wave is pretty much all brutes including some high ranked brutes with shields. When all of them are dead you can meet Captain Keyes at the landing pad. Stock up on ammo and get a med kit first.

You will receive a cut scene. When it’s done you have to fight your way back up to the big gun where Emile was. On the way up to the building you’ll find a few grunts and a brute. Inside the building you’ll find an engineer giving a few elites and grunts overshields. Take out the engineer so you can take out the rest. The elites will be dual wielding plasma rifles. If you’re playing at a high difficulty and feel the elites are too tough with their shields and dodging abilities, you can try to take down their shields with a plasma pistol charge and shoot them with other weapons. The DMR is the best choice for it’s precision headshot damage. Get to the gun and shoot down all covenant vehicles in the air! Make the aircrafts shooting at you your priority target. When you have the ability to shoot the biggest covenant vehicle in the sky, a marker will appear. Shoot the marked area for a cutscene to end the game. Credits will roll, but it’s not over.

Lone Wolf

There’ll Be Another Time

This mission is basically to survive. There’s a small building outpost with weapons and stuff. If you’re playing on legendary then there’s one last datapad you can get! Move straight forward and find this tube


Inside is the last datapad. It says:



now you know all I know even though I don’t know where im go1n9 except to sleep because the path goes on forever…


I apologize if what you found seems out of order but ive been busy covering my tracks

I didn’t use any of the regular drops and if my methods seem haphazard it was the only way to get the information out there as well as cover my own assassinate
not that it matters mucch now…

when I came to reach one of the first things I did was the look for some grass to stand on

I had spent so much time buried in the guts of machines that all my memories of life outside seemed strung together but reach was so big so beautiful its a place even someone like me can live or at least thats what I hoped for…

but it seems these things happen in cycles and now I know why I was digging deep in one of those places where its dirt all the way down and just when I thought I hit bottom I hit the top of something else

and since then ive had less than a solid fifteen minutes of sleep at a go and there are times I wonder if ive joined the guys in tinfoil hats and now I know I have…

im in no shape to think clearly at the moment and probably wont be anytime soon because who knows if theyll ever let me

maybe if I could get somewhere far away fromt hem I could sit down and think about this if I could just get a decent nights sleep to clear my head and put a][ these ducks in a row

majority minority minds minority majority madness

they seem to want to help but theyre still waiting and watching and why wouldnt they? They know better than anyone what were capable of and what were willing to do to survive

but if we were them and they were us would we have done aything different?

They say our minds are reflections of each other…

so yes no you decide.



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