McDonald’s Black and White Burgers

McDonald’s has a new Halloween promotion with Black and White sandwiches!

McDonald’s in Japan has a new Halloween promotion for 2014 featuring two tasty looking black and white sandwiches. Some people are saying McDonald’s is just doing this to compete with Burger King’s recent KURO Burger that has been making its way around the internet, but McDonald’s in China has featured a similar pair of black and white sandwiches in the past that come in a single set.


This new Halloween promotion in Japan is slightly different. Here are the details I’ve gathered from various websites. If I’ve made a mistake, or if you know any more information, feel free to tell me in the comments below.

The first sandwich is called the Squid Ink Burger (Ika Sumi Ba-Ga イカスミ バーガー). For 370 Yen, you get a black bun, two beef patties, yellow cheese, spicy yellow sauce, fried onions, and squid ink sauce.

The second sandwich is called the Camembert Chicken Fillet (Kamanbe-ru Chikinfireo カマンベール チキンフィレオ). For 370 Yen, you get a white bun, fried chicken fillet, lettuce, and Camembert cheese. It looks like it has some other sauce on the bottom, but I can’t really tell.


I’d really be interested in trying these two out, but unfortunately it’s only in Japan at the moment. What are your guy’s thoughts on McDonald’s Black and White Burgers? Would you try them? Would you try one and not the other?