Burger King’s Black Burger

Have you seen Burger King’s Black Burger? There are actually two different kinds!

Burger King in Japan has been promoting two new black burgers since September 19, 2014, but I could have sworn I’ve seen these same burgers from Burger King last year.

The KURO Burgers (KURO is Japanese for black) come in two different styles. There is the KURO Pearl which has black buns that are blackened from bamboo charcoal, black cheese, black pepper in the beef patty, and topped with squid ink sauce. The KURO Diamond costs 210 Yen more, and is basically the KURO Peal with Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, and some mayonnaise. At least, I’m guessing that white sauce on top is mayonnaise and only on the KURO Diamond.

These fancy new burgers have been making their way around the net for awhile now, but a few websites don’t always have all this information. I made a vlog on it awhile back, but I decided to make an accompanying article for those that like to read! Please leave a comment below telling me if you’d be interested in trying these KURO Burgers.