Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Guide


In Modern Warfare 2 there are different forms of Multiplayer. All can be found on the multiplayer second. There are three sections from the main menu, Spec Ops, Campaign, and Multiplayer. Under Multiplayer you can find: Xbox Live/Playstation Network, Split Screen, and System link.

Xbox live/Playstation Network
Xbox Live/Playstation Network is the regular online multiplayer everyone plays and the majority of this guide covers all of it. ONLINE MULTIPLAYER IS ONLY ONE PLAYER ON THE SAME SYSTEM. Here you can create your own classes, rank up online to unlock things, view the barracks and leaderboards, and choose the playlist you want to play. You search for games with a 50ms ping by default. Or you could set up your own private match with online friends using your own rules and online unlocks just like you can do on split screen. Other friends can join in the game if you allow them while the game is ongoing. All you do is set join in progress allowed option. On the xbox you have to pay a subscription in order to play video games online.

Split Screen
Split screen has changed a bit from Modern Warfare 1. In Modern Warfare 2 you can play on the same system and the same screen against some friends. If you keep the online unlockables off you can raise in rank to unlock your own things offline. If you turn on your online unlockables then you can use everything you have unlocked from the online multiplayer. However, if you turn them on you cannot gain XP, raise in rank, or unlock anything. To turn them on you go to the game setup and find Xbox Live/Playstation Network Unlocks. In the game setup you can also find maps, game modes, and special game rules. In the game rules you can choose special rules like headshots only, low or high health, time limit, score limit, friendly fire and much more. After you choose all your options you can start up a private match between you and your friend(s) on the same system.

System Link
System link is when you hook up the same systems to eachother (xbox to xbox or playstation to playstation) and play private games with eachother. You can join a game (if any are available), create a game, create a class, choose your callsign and killstreaks, and look at the barracks.

Multiplayer Customizables

In Modern Warfare 2 they took custom ability to a whole new level. There is so much you can do to make your class new and unique. Along with the classes are the callsign and kill streaks which you can choose from and customize.

Custom Classes
In Modern warfare 2 the custom class set ups are a bit different than past Call of Duty games. You get to choose one primary weapon (with one attachment unless you have bling), one secondary weapon (with one attachment unless you have bling pro), one equipment, one special grenade, one death streak, and three perks. There is more info on each of these in the weapons section, perk section, and death streak section. To make the best custom class available you need to think about what type of person you want to be. Each class can have it’s strengths and weaknesses which you can try to enhance and cover up. I will explain some classes:

Custom Class
Primary Weapon
Secondary Weapon
Special Grenade
Perk 1
Perk 2
Perk 3
Death Streak

Intervention w/Heartbeat Sensor/Silencer
PP-2000 w/silencer
Sleight of Hand Pro/Scavenger
Stopping Power/Cold Blooded Pro
Steady Aim Pro/Ninja Pro
Final Stand
This is a good sniper class. Snipers are meant to be stealthy and kill fast and sneaky like. For core (regular matches) it’s best to use the heartbeat sensor to know if someone is coming up behind you. Claymores also help out when you’re sniping since you can’t see behind you. Sleight of Hand Pro helps to zoom in fast and stopping power helps to kill with one shot. Steady Aim Pro is to help with holding your breath. For Hardcore it’s best to use a silencer on your sniper rifle with scavenger to add more ammo. You can even get more claymores from the dead. Cold Blooded and Ninja perks help with the stealth aswell.

M4A1 w/Red Dot Sight or Holographic Sight
Cold Blooded
Steady Aim/Ninja/Commando
This is a regular Assault class. Assault rifle classes are more run and gun. The Red Dot Sights really help your view when aiming. If you’re aiming far range then use an ACOG Scope. Many people use stopping power, however assault rifles are strong and accurate (M4 is more accurate than powerful) and thus don’t need extra damage. While running and gunning it’s best to flash or stun around corners to not get shot up, regular frags or semtex are also useful. Scavenger is best for more ammo since you can run out of ammo pretty fast with assault rifles. The third perk can be any of those three since they’re all useful for assault rifles. The best death streak for run and gunners are painkillers to make sure you don’t get spawn killed. Martyrdom can work good too if you’re running more than gunning and get killed next to the enemy. The grenade may kill the person who killed you.

Riot Shield
Machine Pistol
Blast Shield
This class is for the more conservative shield/tank class. You use the riot shield to protect you from regular shots. The blast shield is to protect you against blasts, especially if you get stuck by semtex. Stun grenades slow down the enemies so you can go in for the kill. Riot shields weigh you down a lot so lightweight and marathon help out with that. Commando helps with the range of your melee distance when bumping with the riot shield.


A new edition to MW2 is the “callsign” which shows up when someone kills you. You can choose one of 570 titles and one of 97 Emblems to customize your callsign. You can get these by ranking up, using different weapons, or playing a certain way. You start of with the F.N.G title and Dog tags emblem.