Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Guide


The campaign, like modern warfare 1, is split up into three acts. However, there is no intro and epilogue. If you read the descriptions be sure to have played through the game! THEY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!
The levels are like so:

Act I:
S.S.D.D. – Demonstrate proper fire control for the local trainees.
Team Player – Search and destroy enemy forces in Afghanistan.
Cliffhanger – Located and retrieve the ACS module from a crashed satellite.
No Russian – Earn Makarov’s trust.
Takedown – Find and capture arms-dealer Alejandro Rojas, hiding somewhere in the favela.

Act II:
Wolverines! – Locate and protect codename Raptor during the beginning of the invasion.
The Hornet’s Nest – Escape the favela.
Exodus – Assist in the evacuation of civilians and key personnel in the suburbs.
The Only Easy Day… Was Yesterday – Board the oilrig, rescue the hostages, and clear the route to the gulag.
The Gulag – Rescue Prisoner #627.
Of Their Own Accord – Protect the evacuation site at the Washington Monument.

Act III:
Contingency – Help Captain Price reach the Russian submarine.
Second Sun – Get to Whiskey Hotel.
Whiskey Hotel – Retake Whiskey Hotel.
Loose Ends – Find and kill Makarov at his safe house on the Georgian-Russian border.
The Enemy of My Enemy – Escape from General Shepherd’s trap in the bone yard.
Just Like Old Times – Search the Afghan cave network for General Shepherd.
Endgame – Kill General Shepherd.

MUSEUM – This is just the museum shown in the credits. You can try out every gun in the game.

Campaign Story Summary

Highlight the black section to see the summary of the story. Obviously they contain spoilers so I made it black.

A private went undercover (chosen by General Shepherd) in a massacre in Russia with a man named Makarov. Makarov knew he was an American under cover so he killed him and left the body at the scene. The Russian Police then believed it was the Americans that planned the Massacre. So the Russians invaded the US with super stealth planes for payback. Task Force 141 (a multi national army) went working with the Rangers (the Americans) to get all of it straight. They found the bullet Makarov used the kill the Private in the massacre and traced it to Brazil where they went after some people for intel. After that Task Force 141 infiltrates an oil rig to gain access to a fortress known as the Gulag where they try to find a prisoner Makarov is after. The prisoner turns out to be Captain Price.

Meanwhile the Rangers (Led by General Shepherd) are still fighting the Russians in the US. Task Force 141 infiltrates a Submarine Base as a contingency plan for the US. He sets off a 6 megaton nuclear missile in the atmosphere which causes an EMP to occur right over the US. Nobody dies but all the electronics are gone. The Rangers were out numbered but the EMP helped them retake DC. The US campaign ends there saying they’ll be heading to Moscow soon and burn the place down.

General Shepherd gives Task Force 141 intel that there may be one of two places Makarov can be. They split up and head to both places at once. Roach is with Ghost in Russia and Price is with Soap in Afghanistan. Roach and Ghost gather lots of intel from Makarov’s Estate but don’t find Makarov. They head to the extraction area where General Shepherd is. There the General betray and kills them and takes the intel. Price and Soap get attacked by Shepherd’s men in Afghanistan and try to warn Ghost and Roach but they’re too late. Shepherd was working with Makarov from the start. The General’s thoughts was to become a war hero through this world wide disaster. So they find where the General is hiding by convincing Makarov he’s just being used like they were. This became apparent to Makarov because Shepherd’s men started attacking Makarov’s men. Price tells Makarov over a com that Shepherd is now a war hero and has a blank check which he plans to spend all on taking down Makarov. Makarov tells them where Shepherd is hiding and gives them decryption codes for a price. Nikolai picks up Soap and Price in a plane and head to the mountains in Afghanistan. Soap and Price are now wanted men by the US. Soap and Price go to take out Shepherd in a safehouse in the mountains. They find and kill him almost killing themselves at the same time. Nikolai comes to pick them up and says he knows a place where they can hide, and the game ends.