Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Guide

Kill Streaks

In Modern Warfare 2 you will be able to customize your kill streaks. You’ll be able to choose 3 of 15 Kill Streak Rewards, each with their own set kill streak. If you get a killstreak from a care package it will not count towards your killstreak currently going on unless it’s a pave low. If you die and call in a killstreak the kills the killstreak gets will not count towards your current killstreak. But if you call in a killstreak the first time you’re alive and get it then the kills it gets will count towards your killstreak. In MW2 you can call in multiple air killstreaks now. But there are still some that will never be two of at the same time. There can’t be two AC-130s or two chopper Gunners. There can be two harriers and a helicopter in the air at a time. But only one helicopter.

3 Kills to Activate
Call in a UAV to scan the map and reveal enemy locations. Now able to be shot down. Lasts 30 seconds. +50XP For shooting one down. UAVs have 700 Health.

Care Package
4 Kills to Activate
Air drop a random kill streak or ammo. All killstreaks except for the nuke, care package, and emergency airdrop can be called in. Call it in by throwing a red smoke grenade. A heli drops the package from the sky and can land outside the map or on buildings you can’t reach. The care package can be picked up by anyone once it hit’s the ground, including the enemy team. The care package can also kill, if it lands on a player. You can capture it fast if you called it in, slow if your team called it in, and very slow if it’s an enemies. You can shoot one down but get no XP. It’ll drop the care package still. All killstreaks minus the pave low do not count towards your ongoing killstreak. In hardcore you will not know what the enemies care package is until you pick it up and use it. In regular you can just stand next to it and see it.
The probability of any given item is as follows (according to PC code):
14.78% – UAV
14.78% – Ammo
13.04% – Counter-UAV
10.43% – Sentry Gun
10.43% – Predator Missile
9.57% – Precision Airstrike
6.09% – Harrier Airstrike
6.09% – Attack Helicopter
4.35% – Pave Low
4.35% – Stealth Airstrike
2.61% – Chopper Gunner
2.61% – AC-130
0.87% – EMP

4 Kills to Activate
Blocks an enemy UAV and disables their radar for 30 seconds. It can also be shot down. +50XP. Counter UAV has 700 Health.

Sentry Gun
5 Kills to Activate
Air drop a sentry gun (just like a care package) that fires at moving enemies in it’s line of sight. The head swivels on the stand to find enemies. The gun automatically fires at enemies in its line of sight, but it can be destroyed by enemy fire or one melee to it. Once deployed, the player who placed it can pick it back up and redeploy it somewhere else if it’s not destroyed. If not destroyed it will break down after awhile. It lasts around 90 seconds. +100XP for destroying. It has around 1000 Health, but will be destroyed in one melee attack.

Predator Missile
5 Kills to Activate
Fires a controllable missile at a designated target area. User is vulnerable while using. You can make the missile go down faster by pressing the fire button. It can also target other airstrikes (including friendlies) and sometimes hits AC-130 right when it’s deployed.

Precision Airstrike
6 Kills to Activate
Initiates an airstrike on a targeted area just like the Airstrike in Call of Duty 4. However, the user can now control the direction the airstrike comes from.

Harrier Strike
7 Kills to Activate
Deploys a small airstrike (two fly overs) followed by a hovering harrier that will attack enemy players for a short time with a mini gun. Has the ability to take out enemy helicopters while both are in the air. Takes one stinger/Javelin/Predator Missile to shoot down. +300XP For shooting one down with a launcher. +400XP for shooting it down with a gun. It lasts about 60 seconds from the time you call it in. Sometimes javelin or stinger missiles will miss the Harrier. Harriers have 3000 health.

Attack Helicopter
7 Kills to Activate
Call in an Attack Helicopter, also known as a Cobra or Hind. The attack helicopter moves around a lot more than the Harrier, which just hovers. Takes one stinger/Javelin/Predator Missile to shoot down. +200XP for shooting one down. Attack Helicopters have 3000 Health.

Emergency Airdrop
8 Kills to Activate
Call in a Cargo plane that drops four care packages.
The probability for each one of the crates is:
12.0% – Ammo
12.0% – UAV
16.0% – Counter UAV
16.0% – Sentry Gun
14.0% – Predator Missile
10.0% – Precision Airstrike
5.0% – Harriers
5.0% – Attack Helicopter
3.0% – Pave Low
3.0% – Stealth Bomber
2.0% – Chopper Gunner
2.0% – AC 130

Pave Low:
9 Kills to Activate
Call in a heavily armored Pave Low (helicopter). Takes two stingers/Javelin or one Predator Missile to shoot it down because of flares. You may get lucky and shoot it down with one. +400XP For shooting one down. Pave Lows have 3000 Health.

Stealth Bomber
9 Kills to Activate
Call in a stealth airplane invisible on radar but you can heard it coming. It drops a large amount of bombs where you want it to.

Chopper Gunner
11 Kills to Activate
Deploys a Apache attack helicopter that the player controls. User is vulnerable while controlling it. It’s hard to aim but locks onto targets while shooting. It also deploys flares if being shot at. It takes about two stingers/javelins or one predator missile to shoot it down. +300XP for shooting one down. It lasts about 70 seconds. Chopper Gunners have 3000 Health.

11 Kills to Activate
Deploys an AC-130 gunship that the player controls. User is vulnerable while using the plane. It’s really hard to shoot down since it shoots flares but isn’t in the air that long. You also have to reload after a certain amount of shots unlike the campaign/spec ops AC-130. 1 Shot for the 105mm with a 5 second reload time, 4 shots for the 40mm with a 3 second reload time, and around 10 shots for the 25 mm guns with a 1.5 second reload time. It takes three stingers/javelins/AT4s to take it down because of two sets of flares or one predator missile. +400XP For shooting one down. Lasts 40 seconds.

15 Kills to Activate
Deploys an Electromagnetic pulse that disables the enemies’ HUD, radar and any other device that uses electronics (Red Dot, Holo Sight, Thermal Scope, the red + Part of the ACOG Scope, Heartbeat Sensor, Remote Detonation of C4, Motion Detonation of Claymores, Javelin, Stinger, and Killstreaks that are set up minus the nuke.) While the EMP is active killstreaks cannot be called in. If you have an killstreak up in the air and you use the EMP it will still blow it down. It lasts 1 minute.

Tactical Nuke
25 Kills to Activate
Calls in a Nuke that lands after 10 seconds killing all players, and ends the game leaving your team the victor even if you were losing. The Nuke timer replaces all timers and stops the kill/death scores on all matches once it’s called in. So if there’s one more kill for a win and a nuke is called in, the game will not end until the nuke hits leaving the nuking team the winners.

Death Streak Perks:
A new edition to Modern Warfare 2 are deathstreaks. They are chosen in the classes just like perks. Only one per class.

4 Deaths to Activate
Copy the class (Weapons, Non Pro Perks, and Attachments) of the enemy that killed you last. To use look at the killcam when you die and it will say press Y/triangle to copy loadout.

3 Deaths to Activate
Gives triple health for ten seconds after respawn. Knives still kill with one hit.

4 Deaths to Activate
Drop a live grenade when killed. The grenade take about half the time as a regular grenade. Around 2.5 seconds

Final Stand
4 Deaths to Activate
Crawl around on the ground with any weapon before dying; full recovery if no damage is taken for 20 seconds. Here you can use your primary weapon and even switch to your secondary weapon and use your equipment and special grenades. Once you get put into final stand, and stand back up (if you survive) you will not be put back into final stand until you respawn unless you get a kill. If you get a kill you will have to die 4 times in a row again to use it. Just like Last Stand, if you get headshotted or blown up then you immediately die and don’t go into final stand. If you get stand back up after being put into Final Stand then your third perk will read “None” to the enemy’s killcam.