Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Guide


In multiplayer all players have 100 points of health. Each bullet for each gun has a set amount of damage. I will give the max amount of damage a bullet from each gun can do in MPPB (Max Power Per Bullet). Stopping power increases the damage and juggernaut decreases it by 40%. Range is another big factor by each weapon. The more range, the better the bullet damage stays the same over long distances. For instance, shotguns have great power but extremely low range. Sniper Rifles have very high range and power, making them almost always one shot kills. Headshots of all guns increase damage by 40%, but with sniper rifles they are increased 50%. Shotguns do not have damage multipliers. On sniper rifles the body and neck also gives damage multipliers. All guns have three mags of ammo total, except for LMGs which use two.

Assault Rifles

Only assault rifles can use Grenade Launchers. They can also use Red Dot Sight/Silencer/ACOG Scope. Assault Rifles are best for medium to long range. They have medium bullet penetration through walls and nice firepower.

  • M16A4 – Three round burst fire Assault Rifle. High power. In single player it is fully automatic. 30 Rounds/Mag. 40 MPPB
  • AK-47 – Fully automatic with high power and high recoil. 30 Rounds/Mag. 40 MPPB
  • M4 Carbine – Fully automatic with low recoil and lower power. 30 Rounds/Mag. 30 MPPB
  • G3 – Semi-Automatic AR. Very Accurate. 20 Round/Mag. 40 MPPB.
  • G36C – Fully automatic AR. Small recoil. 30 Round/Mag. 30 MPPB
  • M14 – Semi-Automatic with high power. Kicks a little more than other Single Fire weapons. 20 Rounds/Mag. 50 MPPB.
  • MP44 – Fully automatic WWII Gun. Not compatible with any attachments. 30 Rounds/Mag. 40 MPPB.

Sub Machine Guns

SMGs are all effective in close range combat. They have high rates of fire and are all fully automatic. SMGs have low bullet penetration. They can use Red Dot/Silencer/ACOG Scope

  • MP5 – Fully automatic with decent accuracy for a SMG. 30 Rounds/Mag. 40 MPPB.
  • Skorpion – Fully automatic with great accuracy. 20 Rounds/Mag. 50 MPPB.
  • Mini-Uzi – Fully automatic with high recoil. 32 Rounds/Mag. 30 MPPB
  • AK-74u – Fully automatic with decent accuracy. 30 Rounds/Mag. 40 MPPB.
  • P90 – Fully Automatic with a big mag. 50 Rounds/Mag. 30 MPPB.

Light Machine Guns

LMGs all have huge box mags with high bullet penetration. They don’t always have the best accuracy and are all fully Automatic. They use Red Dot/Grip/ACOG Scope

  • M249 SAW – High Rate of Fire with good accuracy. 100 Rounds/Mag. 30 MPPB.
  • RPD – High power and good accuracy. 100 Rounds/Mag. 40MPPB
  • M60E4 – Low ROF and accuracy, but high power. 100 Rounds/Mag. 50MPPB.


Shotguns have high power but are effective only as really close range which can give a x8 multiplier boost. All shotguns use Red Dot and Grips

  • W1200 – Pump action shotgun.7 Rounds/Mag. 40 MPPB
  • M1014 – Semi-automatic combat shotgun. 4 Rounds/Mag. 30 MPPB

Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles use a sniper scope by default and can use an ACOG scope once unlocked. On certain maps you are automatically put in a Ghillie suit if your primary weapon is a sniper rifle. All snipers are best at long range. Snipers have medium to low bullet penetration.

  • M40A3 – Bolt-action sniper rifle. 5 Rounds/Mag. 70 MPPB, 75 MPPB with ACOG Scope.
  • M21 – Semi-automatic sniper rifle. 10 Rounds/Mag. 70 MPPB
  • Dragunov – Semi-automatic sniper rifle. 10 Rounds/Mag. 70 MPPB.
  • R700 – Bolt-action sniper rifle. 4 Rounds/Mag. 70 MPBB.
  • Barrett .50cal – semi-automatic sniper rifle. 10 Rounds/Mag. 70 MPPB.

Side Arms

Side arms can be used with or without a silencer from the start. However, the desert eagle cannot use silencers. None can use camoflauge, and all are best at Close Range.

  • M9 – Semi-automatic with a high capacity. 15 Rounds/Mag. 40 MPPB.
  • USP .45 – Semi-automatic with medium capacity and power. 12 Rounds/Mag. 40 MPPB
  • M1911 .45 – Semi-automatic with medium capacity and power. 8 Rounds/Mag. 40 MPPB
  • Desert Eagle – Semi-automatic with high power. 7 Rounds/Mag. 50 MPPB.


Only one attachment can be used at a time in multiplayer.

  • Silencer/Suppressor – When attached to a gun, the player cannot be found on the radar unless UAV Recon is up. Muzzle flash and sound on the guns are also reduced. Unlocked after 75 Kills on Assault Rifles and SMGs. In single player it can be attached to sniper rifles.
  • Foregrip – Reduces recoil for shotguns and LMGs. This attachment replaces perk 1. 75 Kills for LMGs to unlock and 50 Kills on Shotguns to unlock.
  • Red Dot Sight – Replaces iron sights with precision reflex sight. There are two versions but only one is used in the multiplayer. The Tasco Red Dot Sight is in single player on the G36 and M4A1. The Sightmark Sure Shot Red Dot Sight is used in multiplayer. Unlocked after 25 Kills with each gun, excluding sniper rifles.
  • Grenade Launcher – Sometimes called a “noob tube” by players, Fires one of two grenades that explode on impact after a certain distance. If the grenade hits the person at a close enough range it will not explode and kill the other player. The Attachment is only for assault rifles and replaces perk 1. There are two versions, the GP-25 found on the AK-47 and the M203 found on all other GLs. Default unlocked.
  • ACOG Scope – Replaces iron sights with a scope. When aiming down the sights, the player’s perspective will zoom in and field of view will be reduced. When attached to guns, the view is swayed more and the range of bullet damage is increased. Sniper Rifles range is reduced with ACOG scopes. Unlocked after 150 kills on Assault Rifles, SMGs, LMGs, and after 100 Kills on Sniper Riles.
  • EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight – Another version of a red dot sight. It has a circle around the red dot and takes up the whole screen’s view. Single player only
  • AN/PEQ-2A – Infrared Laser visible only when using Night Vision Goggles. Single player only. Commonly found on the side of M4A1s.

Other Weapons

  • Knife – One hit kill melee
  • Mini Gun – Only Available on the mission “Heat” on single player campaign. It can overheat and there are two separate buttons to spool the gun and fire the gun. There are infinite bullets.
  • Mark 19/Mk 19 – Grenade Launcher attached to the Black Hawk Helicopter on the mission “Shock and Awe” on single player campaign. You can fire infinite grenades but the launcher will overheat.
  • Mounted Machine Gun/M2 Browning Machine Gun – A mounted machine gun that looks similar to the M249 SAW. It has infinite ammo and can be found attached to some cars on single player levels and on walls of certain maps in multiplayer. Those maps include: Ambush, Backlot, Chinatown, Downpour, Overgrown, and Pipeline.


  • C4 – Remote detonated explosive. Ability to stick on walls.
  • Claymore – Laser triggered explosive mine
  • Flash bang – Blinds and deafens the enemy depending in the distance of the flash bang.
  • Stun Grenade – Slows down the enemy considerably for a few seconds depending on the distance from the stun grenade.
  • Smoke Grenade – A grenade that creates a smoke screen
  • Frag Grenade – Fragmentation grenade. You can “cook” a grenade by holding down the grenade button. After a count of 5 it will explode and may kill you if it’s close enough.
  • RPG-7 – Rocket Launcher with an arching trajectory.


In Modern Warfare you can choose different Camouflages to put on your guns. They can only be put on all primary weapons. They include:

  • Default – The Default color of the gun. Default unlocked.
  • Desert – Default Unlocked
  • Woodland – Default Unlocked
  • Digital – Unlocked with 25 headshots.
  • Blue Tiger – Unlocked with 75 headshots, 50 for shotguns.
  • Red Tiger – Unlocked with 150 headshots, 100 for shotguns.
  • Gold – Unlocked after completing all headshots of every gun in each category. For instance complete all assault rifle headshots and you unlock gold camo on the AK-47 only. Assault Rifle: AK-47, Submachine Gun: Mini-Uzi, Light Machine Gun: M60E4, Shotgun: M1014, Sniper Rifle: Dragunov, Pistol: Desert Eagle (when you get to rank 55)