Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Guide

Creating a Class

When creating a class you get to choose one primary weapon, one side arm, a special grenade, and three different perks. However, certain perks fall under perk 1, perk 2, and perk 3 sections. When adding a grip to a LMG/Shotgun or a Grenade Launcher to an Assault Rifle it takes up the perk 1 slot. You also get one frag grenade automatically. Commonly used classes are as such:

USP 45 w/Silencer
Smoke Grenade
Frag Grenade
Claymore x2
Stopping Power or UAV Jammer
Iron Lungs

Ghost Class

MP5 w/Silencer
USP 45 w/Silencer
Flash Grenade
Frag Grenade
Bomb Squad
UAV Jammer


Perk 1 Slot

  • Bomb Squad – Detect C4/Claymores from a distance and through walls
  • C4 x2 – Two Blocks of Composition 4 that are remote detonated, can bed detonated by pressing reload twice. Can stick to any surface.
  • Claymore x2 – Two Claymore Mines that are motion detonated. Set down right in front of you.
  • RPG-7 x2 – Two RPG-7s, Rockets that can be shot off with arching flight patterns.
  • Special Grenades x3 – Three Special Grenades. Only available with Flash and Stun Grenade
  • Bandolier – Three extra mags of ammo for your guns. Two for LMGs.
  • Frag x3 – Three Fragmentation Grenades.

Perk 2 Slot:

  • Juggernaut – Health increased by 40%
  • Sleight of Hand – Faster Reload
  • Sonic Boom – Increased Damage Radius on Explosives (Frag, Claymore, C4,
  • RPGs, Grenade Launcher)
  • Stopping Power – Increased Bullet Damage by 40
  • Double Tap – Increased rate of fire. Does not apply to side arms, M21, Dragunov, Barrett, G3, or M14
  • UAV Jammer – Makes the player unseen on UAV Radar
  • Overkill – Ability to Carry Two Primary Weapons, no sidearm, no two same guns

Perk 3 Slot:

  • Deep Impact – Increased Bullet Penetration (bullets go through walls with less damage loss)
  • Extreme Conditioning – Sprint for Longer Distances
  • Last Stand – Pull out your pistol before dying. When you get hurt enough to die you fall to the ground and pull out a side arm. If you have no side arm you switch to the M9 automatically. If you get killed by a headshot you don’t fall into last stand.
  • Martyrdom – Drop a live grenade when you die. Grenades from Martyrdom take half the time to explode than regular thrown frag grenades.
  • Steady Aim – Increased Hip Fire Accuracy
  • Dead Silence – Reduces Foot Step Noise
  • Iron Lungs – You can hold your breath longer to steady sniper riles. From 4 to 9 Seconds.
  • Eavesdrop – Hear enemy voice chat (unless the other team is in a party chat)


During the matches you can get 3 different kill streak bonuses. When calling an air strike, the kills you get will be added to your kill streak. If you die before you call a helicopter, the helicopter’s kills will be added to your next kill streak unless you die once more. After the initial 7 the game says 10 Kill Streak, 15 Kill Streak, and onward for every 5 kill streaks until you die. They apply to all playlists.

  1. UAV Recon: After 3 kills you get UAV for 30 seconds which shows everyone on the radar who doesn’t have a UAV Jammer
  2. Airstrike: After 5 kills you get to place an air strike anywhere on the map. Three fly overs of bombs depending where you drop it.
  3. Helicopter Support: After 7 kills you get a helicopter which is controlled by a computer. It kills enemies with a machine gun and can be shot down.