Saffron City

Saffron City is the largest town in Kanto, set directly at the center of the continent. Unfortunately, the guards positioned at each of the four gates will prevent you from entering. To gain access to Saffron, speak with Brock at the Celadon Condominiums to obtain a cup of Tea. Use this to quench the guards’ thirst and enter town.

The Pokemon Center is located at the southwest corner of town, and the Poke Mart is located one street down from the northeast corner.

After healing at the Pokemon Center, speak with the woman at the back left corner of the lobby. This lady will trade her Alolan Raichu for your Kantonian Raichu. Alolan Raichu are Electric/Psychic-type Pokemon, while the original Raichu is purely Electric. The only way to get Raichu in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee is to catch a Pikachu from the Viridian Forest and evolve it with a Thunder Stone – which can be purchased from Celadon Department Store for P5,000.

The building to the east of the Pokemon Center is Mr. Psychic’s House. Speak with him to obtain TM40 Psychic.

The huge building at the center of town is Silph Co. They are the huge company that produces Poke Balls, the Silph Scope, and even created the digital Pokemon Porygon! The first time you visit Saffron City, you probably won’t be able to enter Silph Co. A member of Team Rocket will be guarding it until you clear the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town.

The Copycat lives with her parents at the far northwest corner of Saffron. Investigate the closet near her bed to find a hidden Moon Stone. This item resets at midnight, allowing you to get one every day! If you have a Clefairy in your party, the Copycat will give you TM08 Substitute.

Two Pokemon Gyms are located at the northeast corner of town. The Fighting Dojo is on the left and can be challenged at any time; defeat all Trainers to receive a rare fighting Pokemon. The Saffron City Gym is on the right, but won’t be accessible until after defeating Team Rocket at the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town. The Saffron City Gym is the only one of the two that must be cleared to earn another gym badge.