Saffron City Fighting Dojo

The Fighting Dojo is located at the northeast corner of Saffron City. Defeat all Pokemon Trainers in this Gym to receive a rare fighting Pokemon as a prize! You can also find a Coach Trainer to the right of the entrance. Battle and defeat her to win a new Technical Machine.

Coach Trainer Leona

Machoke ♀ Lv.32 Type Fighting
Thunder Punch Low Kick
Electric Physical Fighting Physical
Electabuzz ♀ Lv.33 Type Electric
Thunder Punch Low Kick
Electric Physical Fighting Physical

Defeat Leona to receive P3,300 and TM23 Thunder Punch. Take a step forward and challenge the four Pokemon Trainers ahead. The Trainers on the right should challenge you before the ones on the left.

Black Belt Hitoshi

Primeape ♂ Lv.31 Type Fighting
Karate Chop Fury Swipes
Fighting Physical Normal Physical
Low Kick Seismic Toss
Fighting Physical Fighting Physical

Defeat Hitoshi to receive P868 and 3 Poke Balls. Immediately after the battle you will be challenged by the Trainer to the left.

Black Belt Aaron

Graveler ♂ Lv.31 Type Rock/Ground
Take Down Self-Destruct
Normal Physical Normal Physical
Rock Slide Earthquake
Rock Physical Ground Physical

Defeat Aaron to receive P868 and 3 Poke Balls.

Black Belt Hideki

Poliwhirl ♂ Lv.31 Type Water
Water Gun Double Slap
Water Special Normal Physical
Bubble Beam Low Kick
Water Special Fighting Physical

Defeat Hideki to receive P868 and 3 Poke Balls. The next Trainer will immediately challenge you to a battle.

Black Belt Mike

Machoke ♂ Lv.31 Type Fighting
Seismic Toss Karate Chop
Fighting Physical Fighting Physical
Brick Break Submission
Fighting Physical Fighting Physical

Defeat Mike to receive P868 and 3 Poke Balls. The final Trainer is the leader of the Fighting Dojo, Karate Master Koichi. Defeat his Poliwrath to receive a rare fighting Pokemon. Poliwrath is both water and fighting, making it weak to electric, flying, grass, and psychic-type attacks. Do not use Pokemon with weak defenses, and definitely do not use ground, rock, or normal-type Pokemon.

Karate Master Koichi

Poliwrath ♂ Lv.34 Type Water/Fighting
Submission Bubble Beam
Fighting Physical Water Special
Body Slam
Normal Physical

Defeat Koichi to receive P952. You can now pick between Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan. Hitmonlee is the Pokemon with higher attack between the two, but it can only learn fighting-type attacks. Hitmonchan has slightly higher defense compared to Hitmonlee, but it can learn various elemental punches. Like all gift Pokemon, the stats will be high but the nature will be completely random. It’s best to save before choosing.

With the Fighting Dojo cleared, continue to the story at Pokemon Tower, followed by Silph Co, and finishing with the Saffron City Gym.