Lavender Town

Lavender Town is a small, eerie city in eastern Kanto. It is located between route 10 (north), route 12 (south), and route 8 (west). The first time you enter town, you’ll see a Cubone run into Pokemon Tower.

Before following the Cubone, heal your team at the Pokemon Center at the northwest corner of town. A woman sitting on the left couch in the Pokemon Center will offer to trade her Alolan Diglett for your Kantonian Diglett . Alolan Diglett are ground/steel-type instead of pure ground-type. This woman will trade as many Diglett as you like!

The Poke Mart is located at the southeast corner of town. Since there isn’t a gym in Lavender Town, there won’t be any new items for awhile. Your next stop is Pokemon Tower at the northeast corner of town. Speak with the old lady in the lobby before heading upstairs to receive the Formal Set. These are some black clothes for both you and your Partner Pokemon.

Head up to the second floor to find your Rival. Before the two of you go searching for the Cubone, he’ll challenge you to a Pokemon Battle.

Rival Battle

Pidgeotto ♂ Lv.27 Type Normal/Flying
Quick Attack Wing Attack
Normal Physical Flying Physical
Sand Attack
Ground Status
Gloom ♂ Lv.27 Type Grass/Poison
Razor Leaf Acid
Grass Special Poison Special
Sleep Powder
Grass Status

Let’s Go Pikachu Starter

Jolteon ♂ Lv.28 Type Electric
Thunder Shock Quick Attack
Electric Special Normal Physical
Pin Missile
Bug Physical

Let’s Go Eevee Starter

Raichu ♂ Lv.28 Type Electric
ThunderShock Quick Attack
Electric Special Normal Physical
Thunder Punch
Electric Physical

Defeat your Rival to receive P2,240. Your Rival will tell you about the Cubone from earlier and suggest going up stairs to look for it. First, grab the Elixir to the south and the X Attack to the north on this same floor. You can also battle a Coach Trainer just before taking the stairs up.

Coach Trainer Holly

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Geodude ♀ Lv.28 Type Rock/Ground
Rock Slide
Rock Physical

Defeat Holly to receive P2,800 and 5 Candies for your Partner Pokemon. Now you can head up stairs, but you won’t be able to reach the top floor. Every time a ghost touches you, you’ll be sent back down to the first floor. There’s also a ghost blocking the staircase to the top floor. Regardless, the Cubone went back down stairs and westward to Route 8.

Return to Lavender Town and prepare for the next stop in your adventure. The main objective is west to Route 8, but you can also go southward into Route 12 until you reach the sleeping Snorlax blocking the road.