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Skillshots are the core feature of Bulletstorm. You must use your surroundings and different weapons to pull off various Skillshots to earn Skillpoints. Basic Skillshots are Blue, Normal Skillshots are Yellow, and Advanced Skillshots are red. Skillpoints to not lower, no matter how many times you perform the Skillshots. The Skillpoints will gain more points if you do them with team mates or do the same Skillshot to multiple enemies at one time. Each weapon has their own set of Skillshots. Campaign and Echoes have special skillshots which can only be found in certain levels.

Secret Campaign/Echoes Skillshots

Pancake (50 Sp)
Crush an enemy between a heavy object and the wall. Can be done on Act 1 Chapter 2.

Mass Extinction (50 Sp)
Stop on an enemy with the robotic mechaton. Act 2 Chapter 2.

Kill-O-Watt (50 Sp)
Kick an enemy into a building in the tiny town. Act 2 Chapter 2.

Fish Food (50 Sp)
Kick an enemy into certain lakes. Can be done in Act 2 Chapter 2.

Floater (100 Sp)
Kick an enemy into a river on a certain Act 2 Chapter 3.

Grinder (100 Sp)
Kick an enemy into a giant wheel on the dam. Act 2 Chapter 3.

Man Toast (100 Sp)
Kick an enemy into the red reactors. Act 2 Chapter 3.

Tenderize (50 Sp)
Call the elevator and smash some enemies. Act 4 Chapter 3.

Ding Dong (100 Sp)
Leash a door on The Collapsed Building Echo level. Also found in campaign Act 4 Chapter 3.

Halloween (100 Sp)
Put a nom parasite on an enemy’s head, then kick them into an electrical environment (Shocker skillshot). Act 5 Chapter 3.

Steady Hand (100 Sp)
Kill a burnout extremely quickly by a shot to their orange spots. Act 5 Chapter 3 is one place this can be done.

Dino-Sore (50 Sp)
A story related skillshot. Shoot the giant dinosaur in the back of the head when in the helicopter. Act 5 Chapter 3.

Outburst (50 Sp)
Kick an enemy into the electrical radiation storm.

Sucker (100 Sp)
Kick or leash an enemy into a giant fan.

Forced (100 Sp)
Kick or leash an enemy into a force field. Act 6 Chapter 3 and Act 7 Chapter 2.

Ejeculated (25 Sp)
Pull the air lock switch to send enemies out of the rescue ship. Act 7 Chapter 2.

Weed Killer (350 Sp)
A story related skillshot. Kill the giant plant boss. Act 4 Chapter 2.

Minced Meat (250 Sp)
A story related skillshot. Kill a giant burnout by kicking him into a helicopter. Act 5 Chapter 2.

Grilled Meat (250 Sp)
A story related skillshot. Kill a giant burnout with electrical wires, then leash something onto him. Act 6 Chapter 3.



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