WWF Attitude Era Tag Team Championship Deluxe Replica Review – Figs Toy Co

The WWF Tag Team Championship from the Attitude Era was given this deluxe replica release from the Figures Toy Company in the early 2000s.

This particular WWF Tag Team Championship was modeled after the previous versions used in the golden era of the WWF from the late-80s to late-90s. The belt was then given a slight redesign and debuted at Fully Loaded: In Your House on July 26, 1998 and last seen on the November 12, 2002 episode of Raw. WWF switched to WWE in the same year, the brand extension and draft was created for Raw and Smackdown, these titles were made exclusive to Raw and renamed the World Tag Team Championships on September 23, 2002. Meanwhile, Smackdown created their own WWE Tag Team Championships that debuted at No Mercy 2002. If you try to track the lineage from there, you’ll see it gets even more confusing.

The WWF Tag Team Championship deluxe replica (adult version) has five metal plates on a real leather strap. All plates are 2mm thick. Although many of the other deluxe replicas have a Property of the WWF side plate, this particular deluxe replica does not.

The main plate measures approximately 11in x 8 in, the first two side plates are approximately 4in x 2.75in, and the second two side plates are approximately 2.5in x 3.25in. All plates have a light-gold color and shine with a mirror finish. The left side plates are identical in every way to the right side plates.

The main plate features an eagle at the top, just below the WWF attitude logo which has a painted black background with a red underline. Below the eagle is an oval-shaped globe with a painted blue ocean. The word “World” is painted in red over the globe. Below the globe is a painted black banner with the words “TAG TEAM” in gold. Below that is another black banner with the words “WRESTLING CHAMPIONS” in gold. To the left and right of the blue globe are crowns with two wrestlers performing a collar and elbow tie-up inside. A vine-type etching is below these crowns, and found on the borders of the side plates.

The first side plates feature the WWF attitude logo at the top which has a painted background, white WWF, and red underline. Just below the logo are two wrestlers where one is drop kicking the other. The second side plates feature two wrestlers where one is holding the other in a sharpshooter / scorpion death lock submission.

The strap measures approximately 51.5in long by 9in tall, and has a white stitching around the edges. There is a WWF scratch logo tooling stamped around the edges of the belt until the snap boxes. The left snap box houses 8×2 male snaps while the right snap box houses 5×2 female snaps. All the licensing information is printed on a patch which is sewn to the back of the strap.

Although I believe this is a good design for the Tag Team Championship belts, it was an obvious downgrade from the previous all-gold and dual-plated versions. The logo areas were painted in instead of etched, and some of the design detail was removed from the side plates. The worst part is the eagle on the main plate, which has been downgraded from the classic tag team championship.