What is Chibi?

This is another word that’s used differently between countries. Here’s more information on Chibi.

Chibi (Hiragana: ちび; Katakana: チビ) is a Japanese slang word that refers to a short person who is cute due to their small stature. This word is often used for kids, but it can also be used for shorts adults. This definition of Chibi is mainly used by fans of Anime and Manga in Japan.

However, like many other Japanese words related to Anime and Manga, Chibi has taken on a slightly different meaning in other countries. Most people in English speaking countries use Chibi to refer to the super deformed characters with massive heads and small bodies. This style is often used in Anime and Manga during funny or cute scenes, but it’s rare for an entire series to use this type of character style.


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