WCW World Heavyweight Championship Ultra Deluxe Replica Review – Figs Toy Co

The WCW World Heavyweight Championship was given this ultra deluxe replica release in the early 2000s. It features intricate details and impressive weight.

Even though WCW went out of business after being purchased by Vince McMahon in 2001, WCW replicas continued to be manufactured by the Figures Toy Company and licensed by the WWF/E. This ultra deluxe replica is the same in design as the regular WCW Championship Replica by Figs Toy Co, but features plates twice as thick as the regular replica, a numbered certificate of authenticity, and a real leather strap.

Also known as the Big Gold, this WCW Championship ultra deluxe replica features three solid, 4mm thick plates. They are all gold-colored, have tons of floral etching, have a shiny mirror finish, and are completely flat. Although the plates are 4mm thick, the etching isn’t any deeper than the 2mm replica. The Main Plate measures approximately 11.5 x 13.25 in or 29.5 x 34 cm. Both of the Side Plates measure approximately 4 x 5.12 in or 10 x 13 cm.

The crown, globe, wrestlers, and all 16 faux rubies are extra relief pieces that are attached to the three plates. The faux rubies and metal pieces around them are screwed into the plates from the back of the belt. Replacement pieces can be purchased from the Figures Toy Company or Wrestling Super Store.

The top of the main plate is etched with the words “WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT WRESTLING CHAMPION,” and the crown relief piece is below these words. The crown features four faux diamonds and two faux rubies. Behind the faux diamonds are etchings that make it look as if the diamonds are shining into the gold.

The globe relief piece is below the crown on the main plate. North and South America are featured front and center with a bit of Greenland or Europe on the right-edge of the globe. Three tiny lines make up each segment of latitude lines throughout the globe.

A removable nameplate is attached to the bottom of the main plate by two screws from the back. Extra blank or etched nameplates can be purchased from the Figures Toy Company or Wrestling Super Store.

Four sets of wrestlers are bolted onto the three plates. Two are on the main plate, and one is on each of the two side plates. All four sets of wrestlers show incredible detail, from their hair, to their fingers, and even their singlets can be seen!

The strap itself is approximately 54 inches long and connects together with 8×2 male snaps and 8×2 female snaps. Thin black stitching is around the border of the entire leather strap. Manufacturing and licensing information is imprinted on a patch which is sewn onto the back of the strap.

The ultra deluxe replica of the WCW World Heavyweight Championship is amazing. It is hefty with incredible detail. The only negative is the fact that the etching is shallow. The latest WCW Championship replica from the WWE Shop has deeper etching for greater floral detail, but it is far lighter, a more orange gold, and doesn’t have nearly the same detail in the relief pieces. For me, this is the superior official replica of the WCW Big Gold. Of course, there are unofficial replicas that have more detail, but are far more expensive.