The Second BABYMETAL Album Announced!

The second BABYMETAL album has been announced. Details are very scarce. (Updated with New Songs)

An email was just sent out from the official BABYMETAL Membership website, and an announcement was given at the latest BABYMETAL live concert in Japan. A new album will be available worldwide on April 1st, 2016, “Fox Day.” The name of the album has not been announced at this time.

There is already several listings on A!SMART for this album. Like the firs, the regular edition will contain a CD and the limited edition will contain a CD and DVD combo. Additionally, a special limited edition will be available to 2016 The One Members. The songs have not been announced at this time, but a new song was played at the latest live concert. Phones are prohibited, but someone was able to record a short audio clip and upload it to Instagram.

No news of a blu ray release or if the DVD in the limited edition will be available to different regions. Japan uses region 2 DVDs which play in Japan, Europe, the Middle East, Egypt, South Africa, and Greenland.

A 2016 world tour was also announced in the same email. The tour kicks off on April 2nd, 2016 at the Wembley Arena in London, England.


Several different bundles have been revealed for the US via GoMerch and for the UK via MFLStores. The most interesting is a $250 mystery box from Go Merch. One winner may receive two tickets, air travel, and a hotel to a BABYMETAL concert of their choice within in the US! Go to the links are check out my video below for a list of all bundles.

Additionally, a “preview” of sorts was released on SoundCloud. It is a fan compilation of songs that may or may not be on the second album. They are all fan recordings from various lives, so they are not top quality. Only one, Awadama Fever, has actually been released officially in the BABYMETAL Live Legend 2015 New Year Fox Festival Blu Ray. CLICK HERE to listen to the songs.