BABYMETAL 2016 Membership Info

Want to join the BABYMETAL “The One” members site? Info and perk inside.

For those that don’t know, there has been a BABYMETAL members site for the past year. To become a member you had to buy a special T-shirt and access code for 4500 Yen. Unfortunately, that membership only lasted from January 1st to December 31st 2015.

A new item and access code must be purchased from A!SMART to become a member for 2016. The item is a hood towel, which is good since certain sizes for the T-shirt sold out relatively quickly. At the same time, who wants a hooded towel?! This product will be available later this month (December 2015) for 3500 Yen.

Why would you want to become a member? Members get early access to BABYMETAL tickets in Japan — although, I’m not sure if this will apply to the world tour. Additionally, only members will be able to purchase select Limited Editions from the A!SMART store. However, you will have to also sign up for a TENSO account to ship the item internationally. Both the A!SMART and TENSO accounts are free, but you will need to provide proof of identification at Tenso and pay an international shipping fee. Of course, you could always buy the limited edition from a third party through eBay, but they usually hike up the prices incredibly quickly. There New Year Fox Festival Blu Ray released in August of 2015 for about $50. It quickly shot up to $200+ on eBay three months later! Limited Edition items have limited quantities. That means if you’re a member, you are still not guaranteed an item!

So if you’re interested, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Create an A!SMART account.
  2. Create a TENSO account.
  3. Provide ID info on the TENSO account.
  4. Set up your TENSO address and information on the A!SMART account. Your Tenso information will be at the top of the page when you login. Remember to click the English options at the top-right corners of both websites to make things easier!
  5. Buy and ship the 2016 membership item to Tenso.
  6. You will receive an email when the item has arrived at Tenso. Pay and ship the item to your house.
  7. Open your package and get the membership code from the package.
  8. Enter the code at the BABYMETAL members site and choose a -METAL name. If you were a 2015 member, click the first option at the members site to reclaim your -METAL name. If you’re new, click the second option below the first option.